The Last Stand for Alex, Villans rejoice

Last stand for Mcleish and a few players.

At Norwich I have no doubt that we will see the end of a number of people currently involved at Villa. We know for certain Guzan, Cuellar and Heskey will be in their last games for the club. I also suspect we may see the last game for either Collins or Dunne (whether on the bench or not) and maybe Warnock. It will be the end of an era for some.

Then of course I have no doubt it will be the last game on the sidelines for Mcleish and Grant. Today Mcleish admitted he has emailed Faulkner for a meeting. Not heard of a phone ? or was an email a forlorn attempt to prevent the obvious happening ? Mcleish his gone and his last team selection will be

Cuellar Collins Dunne Lichaj
Nzog Herd Clark Warnock
Gabby Heskey

We are not safe (though only a football miracle can send us down) so maybe this is sensible and safe looking for the record number of PL draws. If Mcleish was feeling brave then why give some a last hurrah and not just play those certain to be at Villa Park next season. It will be the first game for a long time that we can be relaxed in. For those of us not going streams may be impossible to find. For those of you going, enjoy and imagine a certain team in Blue may get a few mentions.

End of a horrible season. time to review it next week and I suspect yet another draw may be forthcoming. However I would put a fiver that by Sunday 8PM it may well be that Mcleish is no longer manager and in a very dark season, finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

BYE Alex you will not be missed.

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117 comments on “The Last Stand for Alex, Villans rejoice

  1. All this talk of changing manager only for selling papers they know we are pissed off with the twat that we have. Big C bang on mate he is not going anywhere, I think you are all seeing pink elephants and wishing father Christmas has come early, Villa fans me included we will be stuck with him for a few months into next season, why because we have the wrong owner, the wrong board and no one to change it, I wish Carl Chinn and his family was active like they was in the 70s and 80 s we would be seeing a massive response from the press and the fans all we have is a prat called Colimore jumping from one fence to another. Oh bring back my football team… Please.

  2. Ive just read all of the teamtalk article the emailed meeting ties in with next seasons plans.As i said the poor season was anticipated as mcleish says.He is talking like he will be around for definate next season and what is the reason for you thinking he wont be.Alot of talk is floating around about mcleishes transfers and RL wants him to spend wisely next season.I really think that instead of seeing what is infront of our faces and what has been said by the top brass at AVFC alot of people are clutching at snipits and making 2+2=5 because of wishfull thinking.UTV

    • Its not that people are making something out of nothing. This has been a poor season, what Randy Lerner is trying to achieve is clearly not relegation. In fact that goes the opposite direction to what he would want in terms of finances as it would be a severe financial blow. Most people are just looking at the facts and logically presuming Mcleish’s position is untenable.

      However, it is not just this presumption and you may not believe any journo is without a hidden agenda, but many journalists i.e Mat K have gone from being totally convinced that Mcleish is staying despite all the fans views to thinking he has run his course. This has all happened prior to the Bolton wanderers game. In which relegation posted a serious threat. Mat K originally said that the only way Mcleish would go is if we got relegated. Now if certain teams hadn’t exceeded expectations against the big teams, we could most certainly have been in that bracket. It would be only logical for Lerner to see that as close enough and strive to protect his investment.

      Mcleish is coming out with presumptuous quotes because he hasn’t been told where his future lies yet, due to the board wanted to not create any unnecessary pressure in a time of struggle and he is staking his claim. Not just that but he is being diplomatic and avoiding directly answering the question. If he was safe, for the sake of the team and the manager the board could easily come out and say “Mcleish is staying” and it would be over and done with.

  3. Nothing but newcastle site reports thatAlex mcleish is in for leon best,danny guthrie and danny simpson.

  4. There’s no real indication anywhere that McLeish is leaving anytime soon. All this talk that Norwich will be his last game is just so much wishul thinking.
    We’re stuck with him until next season’s disasters start.

    • I mean to talk about next season in the way AM is and RLs in the press saying he wants mcleish to spend wisely.Connections to mcleishes targets which were identified at xmas and the same ones are popping up on different sites even newcastle sites.Why talk about it if it wasnt going to happen no point.Also RL,PF wouldnt scoff they would of put him out of his misery by now.I think they like his bottle.

    • This is all very cynical. Lerner will want to protect his investment, he won’t just stick with the manager to piss us off. That could cost him a considerable amount cash.

      • I don’t believe that Lerner looks at this the same way as a fan does: his record at the Browns suggests that he’ll settle for continued mediocrity in terms of results and achievements on-field, as long as the TV and sponsorship money comes in.

        McLeish’s job was simply to stay in the Prem while Lerner and Faulkner slash costs as far as possible. Unless there are some freak results on the last day, job done for this season; McLeish gets to keep his job a bit longer…

        • He won’t be getting much TV or Sponsorship money if we get relegated next season. Its not just about this season’s finances. Its a massive financial risk going through this kind of season again.

          • That’s just the point – all that mattered was staying up this season; next season will probably be just as crap, but if your only ambition is survival, then mission accomplished, at least for another 12 months.
            Sadly we’re now like Wigan, or like Bolton and Blackburn were for the last few years – just scrape enough points to stay in the PL and forget about any other ambition.

      • RL isnt sticking with him to piss anyone off RL is sticking with him because he likes him fans protests or dislike of mcleish doesnt come into it.The protests have not atcheived anything.The fact you think they have is ludicrous.RL has said openly he is backing mcleish,transfers are being talked about and plans for pre season.As much as we dont like it we have to understand RL has made his choice.

        • I don’t think the protests have achieved anything. Im trying to look at it from Randy’s point of view and realise how much money he is loosing in keeping Mcleish, if every position dropped is worth 750,000 then we have lost 4.5 mil on league positions since last season. Relegation would cost about 20 sacking Mcleish who could get us there probably about 4 (I’m guessing here)

          R.L hasn’t said anything intrinsic about Mcleish staying past the end of the season, only that they are looking only at the horizon and now past that and that he was being supported for the rest of the season in efforts to stay up.


          Im not saying Mcleish is definitely going. I think he will, but I’m not a mind reader. I just think it is just as, if not more daft to say fundamentally that he is staying than to say that he is going.

    • I agree Ardent.
      And whatever, he certainly won’t be gone on Sunday, in which case I’ll take your fiver Ian.
      I’d be very interested to know why Ian and Fear are so confident he’s going though.

      • I think Ian and fear are just speculating which like I’d they are entitled to do of course.

        • I think Ian and fear are just speculating which like us they are entitled to do of course.

          • Both seem extremely confident though; almost as if they know for a fact.
            I hope they’re right, but seriously doubt it.

          • I know NOWT as a fact, I have no idea where Fear gets his info from but can make a sensible guess.

            What I do know is that the clubs ‘statement’ told me he had no future at the club. Him hiding away at games told me he was going (forget this taking attention off himself).

            Why would Faulkner be away for the last game of the season, out of the country, unreachable except for email ?

            what we know is after bolton some strange things happened in the tunnel.

            what we know is all the journo’s so loyal suddenly turned against him and said he was off or wanted him gone

            what we do know is the club are leaking money whilst he stays at the club, money even though we have new kit deals etc we can not afford to lose

            the conclusion for me is simple enough

          • “Why would Faulkner be away for the last game of the season, out of the country, unreachable except for email ?”

            I must admit this SEEMS convenient.
            Surely PF can’t be so chicken that he has to dodge things though????

            “what we know is after bolton some strange things happened in the tunnel.”

            Do we Ian?
            I’ve heard nothing about this (missed loads lately because of work :-()
            What went on then?

          • yes, remeber after the game, we heard about private meetings etc. The journo’s tweeted at the time how strange it was.

            As for PF being out of the way, it is an away game, he is at all the games at home, why would he miss this one for a ‘business meeting’ ?

            Nice to be uncontactable eh at this stage ?

          • Especially Norwich, I am sure PF is from there and supported them as a child

          • “what we know is after bolton some strange things happened in the tunnel.”

            Glad you said that thought it was just me who didn’t have a scooby!

          • Yeah akot of the Journo’s were tweeting about AM’s no show at the post match conference (eventually turning up at about 11pm) – Then some reported Lerner and Faulkner were speaking to him in private in the tunnel area directly after the game.

            Might have been nothing at all, but still seemed strange.

      • Just look at the Browns: fans permanently pissed-off with the owner, no sign of any ambition, just making up the numbers in the league. Some people who were up to date with American football warned us about this when Lerner took over, but the initial euphoria when Deadly left, as well as the spending in the first few seasons, blinded us to the nature of the beast.

    • McCleish quoting Ferguson saying he has done great job of keeping Villa up is definately talk of a desperate man.

      • The man is a pathetic BS / Spin merchant. Suppose knowing he will struggle to get another job he needs to do what he can to keep himself in ginger hair dye and red face paint.


  5. Anybody read Neil moxley daily mail article on Internet about fergie telling mclown he has done a good job keeping us up as the sides below us have better players. It goes on to say that mcleish had called meeting next week to discuss squad issues. Fergie saw mcleish at reserve game yesterday. U couldn’t make it up but bottom line is mclown is staying end of.

    • Yep, quoting ferguson like that, is definately the last throw of the dice of a desperate man.
      You wouldn’t see Pardew for example telling reporters “Alex Ferguson said i’ve done a great job getting Newcastle on the cusp of CL qulaification”

      • exactly, it is like saying

        Hey guys I am leaving but want another job, Fergie thinks I am great, employ me !!

        • U cud be rite Ian it could also mean that fergie saves face as he virtually appointed him himself. Or it could mean that fergie is giving him a vote of confidence to influence Lerner to keep him. Only time will tell.

          • what it is, is a anecdotal story that can not be disproved but no way Mcleish would have said without Fergie’s approval. If that is his defence, then simply he has none.

            Once again he deflects all the blame and does not admit to one mistake, EVERYONE makes mistakes.

          • Im amazed he went to watch reserves tbh. Now it’s become clear that he just wanted to suck up to fergie.

  6. “he has done a good job keeping us up as the sides below us have better players.”

    What an utter load of bollocks.

    Sadly, Lerner probably believes it.

    • Sadly, i think that there’s at least a half-truth about the quality of our squad; let’s face it, we’ve sold the best players and most of what’s left would struggle to keep a place in most other PL teams.
      McL may be pretty clueless, but we need to face facts about the players too.

      • Yeah the young lads most feel well motivated with their manager running to the press telling them how shit they all are and how great he is.

        Is this a man Randy Lerner wants man managing his young players?

        • “Pass the Buck Alex” has been the ruin of Albrighton this season, the lads looks totally drained of confidence and devoid of any self belief.

      • You really think Wolves, BB, Wigan etc have better squads?
        Very surprised at that, but each to their own.

        I’m more inclined to think about players that have gone backwards under this manager (Gabby, Bent, Albrighton, N’zog spring to mind. Coincidence?
        I doubt it and that’s where I think the real problem is.
        AM doesn’t know how to handle decent players.
        He only knows how to deal with dross with no flair, the likes of players we’re being linked to.

        • Exactly, if a decent manager (Martinez, Lambert, Hughton) had Villa’s squad for this season, i guarentee we would not be even close to relegation.

          • top 10 no Question with the rest of the mediocre shite

          • Squad too small, quality missing in key places… we’re mid-table at best even with a proper manager. And watch the likes of Stoke or even WBA out-spend us during the close season?

        • I don’t want to go off-topic and start a debate about the players – although of the ones you mention I’d say only Bent would really attract much attention from the rest of the PL!

          My point is that we know that the manager is pretty useless, but it’s too easy to blame one man for everything at the club; Villa are not in a good shape at the moment, and the faults run from the Boardroom through to the training ground. McLeish is Randy’s scapegoat – and unless the owner brings people with real football knowledge and experience into the higher reaches of the club, then we’ll continue to struggle under any manager.

          • “My point is that we know that the manager is pretty useless, but it’s too easy to blame one man for everything at the club; Villa are not in a good shape at the moment, and the faults run from the Boardroom through to the training ground. McLeish is Randy’s scapegoat – and unless the owner brings people with real football knowledge and experience into the higher reaches of the club, then we’ll continue to struggle under any manager”.

            Absolutely spot on Ardent Villain.

          • glensider – I’d like to see AMcL gone as much as anyone else, but I’m appalled by the naivety of the notion that everything will somehow be better next season just by one change [& I’ll not be holding my breath waiting for an announcement].
            If Lerner really relied on a competitor to recommend a manager last time around, then we’re in much deeper trouble than people realise.

          • I hear you my friend, and I’m in complete and utter agreement with every word you say.

            McLeish is the easy (and obvious) target, but our problems and failings run way, way deeper than can ever be resolved by merely sending the manager and his cronies packing.

            Yes, his dismissal would be a start, the first step in the right direction, but Lerner and Faulkner had better do their homework correctly this time around, and after installing the ‘right guy’, had better be prepared to back him financially, otherwise this hole that Lerner keeps digging for us with his post O’Neill directives is going to be a hole from which their will be little chance of escape.

          • It really only needs the one change – As long as that change is the right one.
            Who has football knowledge on Norwich’s board? Delia Smith?
            Don’t get me wrong i would love to see changes at the ‘adviser’ levels, but just getting the manager right would be a 100% improvement over what we currently have.

          • If Lerner has to ask Ferguson [or Wenger, Harry, etc] for advice, how do you expect him to appoint the ‘right one’ next time?

          • I dread to think who Lerner will saddle us with next Ardent Villain.

            I have absolutely no faith or trust in his management selection process.

          • Third time lucky?

            The fact that he tried to get Martinez last season and supposedly sounded out Accelotti and changed his mind over McClaren, suggests he does at least have some idea.

          • Well I disagree, although obviously a new manager, the RIGHT new manager, would be a very important start.

            However, with regards to the Villa Park hierarchy right now, Lerner, Faulkner, the boardroom (and I use that word very loosely), its a complete and utter case of the blind leading the blind.

            That scenario cannot be allowed to continue.

          • Coulnt agree more ardent the squad is midtable at best even if we had mourinho in charge.

  7. And get rid of that total waste of space Krulak as non-executive director. Get some football savvy people into the boardroom, Villa men, not people who five minutes ago had never heard of AVFC.

    Replace him with a Dennis Mortimer, a Tony Morley, Kenny McNaught, or similar, Villa folk through and through.

    • Would love to see Big Ron in the boardroom.

      • We think so much alike. He would be a first class addition.

        The experience and know how that the guy possesses would be worth its weight in gold to the VP boardroom.

        • …plus he’s local – near enough to show his face at games, talk to local journos, etc. He’d be the sort of person who could easily rebuild bridges between an absent owner and fans.

          • Wouldn’t happen while Ellis is still there in any capacity, they hate the sight of each other.

          • Does Deadly have any influence with Lerner these days?

          • I think he still as a word in his shell like from time to time whether or not he takes it on board well????

          • I can’t imagine Deadly having done anything to encourage the appointment of McLeish, quite the reverse?

          • Ron would be great – He is 73, but would be good with the media, fix the communication with the fans, knows the villa tradition and would be a great sounding board for Lerner.

          • 73 is hardly ‘old’ these days, and I can imagine Ron getting himself around a bar with journos and fans!

  8. Has anyone else said it? I’ll take that £5 bet on McLeish still being manager by Sunday 8pm. I promise! You have my email right as lord of the website?

  9. hope u right really worries me that lerner will stick with him (even if it loses millions which it will) use money 2 sack him it will be back in a week in season tickets and other stuff shirts ect, guess we will find out next week

  10. Mc twat….F*** off……finally!….go and play championship manager on pc, will have more luck

  11. Youd only put on a fiver on it? Lol

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