9 comments on “‘King’ Carlos Day – Sunday 13th May

  1. Probably in the minority here but I can’t understand why Cueller is given ‘cult’ status. Yes he has never caused any trouble but as a footballer he is ungainly & awkward & for the money paid for him has been poor.
    I find it interesting that there is a huge sway to wear wigs ect, but last week when we had the chance to let the manager know our feelings nobody really bothered.
    Sunday should be used as one last chance to let McLeish know that we want him gone.
    Lets focus on the Manager instead of a very average footballer.
    McLeish OUT.

    • I agree, I met Cuellar once and he was a nice kid, very pleasant. But lets be honest he is average at best and been a flop for the £7.8m we paid for him.

      • he makes mistakes but the difference betweencarlos and the rest of the squad is he tries in pretty much every game the effort is there to see. Now if every other player in the squad gave just a fraction of what he did then we would not have been riding this season by the seat of our pants.

    • Totally agree GarethVilla.

      The very fact that in the four years he has spent at Brum B6, he has never been able, under three different managers, including the one that bought him, to nail down a regular starting position in his preferred position. That has to tell us something, surely?

      Never been a favourite of mine. Might be a nice chap, friendly and super affable, but so is my next door neighbour, and he’s no premier league quality central defender either.

      I’ll be at Norwich, I’ll support and corage both Carlos and Emile in their final Aston Villa outings, but sad and/or sorry to see him (both of them actually) depart?

      No way Jose. And that’s as spanish themed as I’m gonna get.

    • He’s one of many “cults” at B6 at the moment.

  2. Go Bless King Carlos. U can’t please all of the people all of the time!
    Thanks for your efforts, commitment, loyalty, gangly running, floppy arms, vital clearances, and entertaining tweets.
    Best of luck in the future chap, maybe we’ll meet again in the CL!!!! (I know we’re dreaming!!!).

  3. Great idea. Always loved King Carlos, he gave his all, and was great to the fans.

    Although it’s a pity it’s not going to be ginger wigs and Scottish flags.

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