Speculation – AVB for Villa

Silly season alert.


I suppose being linked with a new manager is a GREAT sign that Mcleish is going. we have seen Poyet today and now Andres Villas-Boas has been linked in the Spanish site FICHAJES.NET – LINK. Google translation is

After an agonizing season in which the Aston Villa has failed to certify the stay until the last day, the villains want to build an ambitious project in which no repair expenses and have thought of André Villas-Boas as the cornerstone.

In Villa Park and has been ruled continuity McLeish at the helm and the first efforts will focus on seeking a first class coach on which they hold the new project. The favorite to take on that responsibility is André Villas-Boas.

The Portuguese coach has not lost its reputation despite the poor season he signed for Chelsea and, as discussed in England, Aston Villa are willing to offer him a millionaire and five-year contract to convince him to join his project.

Portugal site Abola.PT also reports the same – LINK

The Aston Villa, now 16. Runners Premier League is the latest club to be suggested as a possible destination for Andre Villas Boas, next season. According to the site Fichajes.net , the club prepares for Birmingham offer a contract for five seasons and an ambitious project to the Portuguese coach. Carlos Gonçalves, entrepreneur André Villas Boas, is sparing in words when confronted with the future of coach. “Right now we are on vacation in Brazil. It’s early. We will have time to talk about it, “said the agent to the site gazzettagiallorossa.it , by the way of news that put the Portuguese coach of Rome, from next season.

A quote from the agent could of course resort to any vacancy AVB is linked with.

I do not believe we are in any way in the market for AVB with the wages he would want and spending the money. However it is clear papers and other sites are looking as Mcleish as finished at Villa and that is very positive news.

to get really excited then say in any way this was true is outside investment coming into Villa – QIA ?

130 comments on “Speculation – AVB for Villa

  1. I can’t see AVB getting a top six job so it might work if he wants to stay in England.

  2. He had no budget in Portugal – succeeded, Massive budget at Chelsea – Failed

    • Failed? Are you serious The guy got just over half a season and was still in the champions league, fa cup and in the top four with an ageing, arrogant squad. Not a failure in my eyes.

  3. AVB is pretty much the kind of manager that could tranform the club. Someone young, enthusiastic, who can build for the future. Sadly, I’d say we got zero chance of getting him as Valencia and several italian teams are reported to be interested in him.
    We desperately need someone to introduce a foreign scouting network as has happened at Newcastle, Why waste money on overated British players, when there are cheaper and more effective alternatives abroad. This is why we need someone like AVB, Rijkaard, Rangnick or Flores.
    Won’t be getting my hopes up though. Lerner is so unambitious, clueless and disinterested that I expect even if he gets rid of McLeish, he we probably get another letter from Ferguson and will go for more rubbish like Bruce or Keane.

    • AVB would be a disaster. Let’s get a proper manager who understands the villa, culture and where we are in terms of current owner and CEO. We need a Rodgers or a Lambert who want their teams to play football on the ground. I know AVB wants to do that but he would not grasp the current regime etc.

  4. We have to spend and an overhaul of the whole squad is needed. I’m not a McLeish fan but believe most managers would have struggled with the villa job this year. Take a look at the current squad in depth, they are championship material.
    GK- Given: Great keeper but sticks to his line (would he get in a top 6 team?? Prob just!)
    Alan Hutton: Say no more. Cumbersome, no football brain, can’t tackle and prone to give away penalties an/or being sent off!!
    Richard Dunne: Great on his day, old, slow and unpredictable, error prone and leaks a fair amount of OG’s
    James Collins: Suspect attitude to say the least, doesn’t learn from his mistakes and makes far too many of them
    Baker: Promising but far too inexperienced to be at the heart of the defense of a premier league team.
    Cuellar: Great squad player , lion hearted and man mountain though couldnt pass to save his life. On his way.
    Clark: Great early promise and much talked about. Often injured and at times has failed to live up to the hype.Should be at centre half where he has had limited opportunities thus inexperienced!
    Warnock: Great start to his villa career though has nose dived spectacularly. Badly managed? Perhaps though gives 100% and can still play.
    Lihaj: Gained experience through loans, really proving to be a top player. Should be in the starting 11 next season whoever the manager. Will make it!
    Ireland: Excellent talent, suspect attitude. Can be brilliant but can go missing, still has a lot to prove he is the top player he thinks he is.
    NZogbia: Inconsistent, bags of skill and talent, badly managed or suspect character. Jury still out 50/50
    Allbrighton: Promising start to villa career but has faded badly when much was expected. Championship at best currently. Cant cross a ball.
    Makoun: Not been given enough time, needs to adapt to Premier league by playing in the God-damn thing. Technically great, could make it still if given the chance he deserves.
    Bannan. See Albrighton minus the crossing. Suspect character. Needs to massively step up his game and has been given enough chances to do so.
    Gardner: Really want him to make it but even the most die-hard fan has to admit. he has been a huge dissapointment and has yet to provide the spark he potentiall has. Not yet ready.
    Herd: Great heart, gives his all. played out of position but had made a good enough contribution though still questionable starter for a premier league team.
    Agbonlahor: Poor two seasons as he is supposed to be reaching his peak. Last chance saloon. Once a guaranteed starter..now not so sure. Goes hiding. But has been played out of position. Badly managed? Or just an excuse?
    Bent: No matter what you say about his contribution will score goals if someone creates chances. Only player who knows where the net is and looks like scoring more than 10 goals a season, which is a worry.
    Heskey: Past it and gone. Joke. Embarrassing.
    Delfoneso. Has the experience from loans though has never stepped up really. Championship material.
    Weimman: Great prospect, needs to be brought in gradually.

    I know there are more. However if we are going to buy very little it needs a new footballing philosophy, approach and potential potential. This is why we need a new manager…and the funds to back him manage this paper this squad.
    I’m scared for our future though will never waver my support for the mighty villa!!!

    • Spot on deanovillain79 it’s what iv been saying on recent posts. Too many people are living in cloud cuckoo land saying we have better quality players than say Norwich, WBA etc. the sad fact is that we havnt. Other than bent (maybe given and Ireland on his day) who else in our entire squad would be a regular in a top ten side. I am really struggling after bent. Yes mcleish shud go but unless we are going to clear out 95% of the squad (yes that’s right 95%) and doend money then you could put mourinho and guodiola on the bench and we would still be where we are and that’s a fact. Merson said something similar on sky at weekend.

    • Agreed with your post for 90%. Would love to see Makoun playing for the team. Our best performer of the season has to be Petrov…… Good luck to him!! And I think heskey isn’t that bad. Gabby is worse than him base on current form.

  5. potential potential means potential genius

  6. Speculation about players moving to other clubs is generated by agents and the media. Sometimes it is done through lazy journalism. Our midfield has not been great so we will get linked with Midfielders, we have not scored many goals so in come the strikers.

    Clubs pay for scouts and obviously these records are kept on for the current or next manager to read to see if they would fit into the style of play wanted. In a nutshell the links to players mean nothing, the speculation of him staying or going means a bit more especially as the media has been either silent or backing Mcleish over the season, however, in the last few days it has picked up quite dramatically.

    I personally think he should resign for himself, holding out in a job where a majority do not want you, will only make him look bad to his potential next employer, yes he will get £4m but if we are disastrous, the ST sales dramatically drop then his CV will look very bad.

  7. paper this means paper thin…sorry, was getting carried away. UTV

  8. AVB. Evene he’s too good for us

    • I think this season a number of managers would love the challenge the Villa offers, the wages are sorted, money must be on the table, and a youth set up ready and waiting to develop the best young players around. I dont think AVB would happen, but i think he has something to prove in the Premiership, why not at the Villa

  9. Its frustrated me OohAh. I never normally post comments but it ain’t just about McLeish…who definitely shouldn’t manage Villa…the problem lies deeper. Maybe there is a genius out there but are the players good enough and can any manager make them any better than what they are? Probably- with some who have the proven talent and ability- but if you look at the squad there are only a handful of players who have what is required at this level!!!

    • True deanovillain you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Any decent manager that mite cum to us would not want to work with the dross we have. To add insult to injury our only top ten player bent will be of to the bin dippers or somewhere else no doubt about it. Unless a new manager is allowed to have a major clear out and have money for wholesale changes then mcleish will be the best we get.

  10. Ironically the sort of manager who can get 7 or 8 out of ten performances from five out of ten players left the club in dire circumstances 2 years ago, which leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth. I do fancy Martinez but can he handle the pressure of a club with the potential of Villa? I’m stuggling to think of anyone TBH but any change would lift the current cloud of doom, a cloud the darkest i have seen since i started supporting the villa!! And for this alone McLeish must go!!!

  11. Martinez Martinez martinez….. I’m certain as he was last season that he is the man to take us forward for the next wave of a villa assault. Perfect suit for both us and him and perfect timin too!

    • Why Martinez Wigan have been struging all season to and only got their finger out recently. Though would play better football but our goal difference would be minus 25 plus. Expect some real hammerings if Martinez cums. The only positive re mcleish is that coz he was so negative and over cautious this has ironically kept us up as it has protected us from hammerings and we will stay up on goal diff.

      • I did not rate martinez until this season, looking at his record he has to build a team every season. Every year he finds a gem or gets rejected players to play well Leighton Baines, CNZ(will come good), Moses, Diame, Figeroa(spelt wrong Jeff i know)

        Wigan have also been unlucky this season and have played much better football than we have all season, and deserve to finish above us in the league. If I am honest i think everyone but Wolves has played better than us and even they gave us a scare I dread to think where we would have been without King Keano’s short stint

        • Missed out Valencia arguably one of Utd’s most under rated and best players

        • So keane was effectively a master stroke by mcleish even thou we all gave him abuse at the time for taking him on loan. You could see straight away that keane was in a different league quality wise to anything we have in our squad.

          • What do you make of villas boas????cant handle the prem can handle the prem which one.

          • I was for the Keane move, as my posts if found will show this, DOL signed Martin laursen does not mean he was a great manager. Alex Mcleish only loaned him for 2 months and he did not find him as a player his credentials spoke for themself as did his character and his experience.

          • Keane might sign you know ??

          • That does not mean anything, Mcleish is simply not good enough to manage any premiership team, not just the Villa. His goal ratio, points ratio, win ratio over the whole of his career speak for themselves. Keane was not a find we have all watched him play many times over the years.

            A managers job is to manage the whole squad however good or bad, it is oversee his own signings not all have been great, and motivate his players such a lack of passion ALL season.

            yes some of the blame is at the players feet, but its the managers task to motivate and get the best out of them and in this task the main part of his job spec he has failed, and if anyone says you cant blame it on the manager then why the fuck do clubs employs them at £2m a year in the first place

          • My next post is a word for word copy of war and peace

          • War and Peace (abridged version )
            Leo Tolstoy
            History controls everything we do, so there is no point in observing individual actions. Let’s examine the individual actions of over 500 characters at great length.

            THE END

            Ha Ha beat you to it!

          • That’s not the point alot of clubs overlooked keane on a loan basis and prob wish they hadn’t done now. So u have to give credit where credit is due this time as painful as that is. Dol also got us to 6th with a fraction of wot mon had to spend so maybe he wasn’t as bad as we thought. He managed under Ellis tbf with both hands tied behind his back. As for laurrsen he was a good player but another CH who always had a mistake in him bit like someone else we all no and love lol.

          • I like the transfer season it gets me exited this one i think will have plenty of action i think for us.Finally say goodbye to MON for good.

  12. Agree with deano villa player assessment . We need a manager who will instill a winning culture and mentality. Good players have to learn to be winners. ps i wish king carlos was staying. utv

  13. Please. Don’t say stupid things like AVB and QIA when it could quite easily be Lerner and McLeish.

  14. Reserves lost …..sack Kevin Mc

  15. offer david platt….simples

  16. why are we being linked to all these managers? lets face it, villa gave wigan 12 days notice to speak to Martinez last summer and not one journo was even close to guessing until Dave Whelan came out and announced it after 11 days….
    and by all accounts villa DID NOT approach any other manager until Martinez refused to have an interview, probably because he believes a bigger club will offer him a job..

  17. Lerner did go for Ancelotti last season and he turned us down, so he clearly wouldn’t be against a big name, so never say never …

    • No big name manager wud come to us with that dross squad to work with. He would need assurances of being allowed to get rid if most of the dross we have and have 20-30m at least to buy new players. Lerner wud not give a manager more than 10m tops do we wud only be able to get someone about the same level as AM or maybe one step up at best.

  18. AVB cant handle the premeir league if you cant make it with a class club side with world class players there is something adrift.He was sacked because of his results losses and draws to teams chelsea would normally walk.AVB had no experiance in the premeir league he didnt get it and failed miserably.He would fail at avfc to.Still think mcleish will be in charge next season.

    • Come on, he had to battle with idiots like Terry and Lampard who think they own the club and can’t respect the club to see they need to plan for the future. Woy had the same problem at L’Pool. Given the chance to bring in his own squad he’d be fucking cracking!!!! It’ll never happen though…😦

      • Nah mate from start to finish he had problems his results showed that thats why he was sacked i mean he lost 3-1 to us at the bridge lol how come di matteo got them firing same players.

        • Short term fix. Lamps, Terry etc boosted by being allowed to ‘run the place’ (allegedly) once more. No long term future in that… And the Barca and FA Cup apart, they’ve still had some duff results. If they made just a couple or three changes and kept the rest as it is, they’d still be an aging rudderless ship next year…….

    • Interesting observations, JDV. Given that we’ve had the season from hell under McLeish, playing some of the most horrible “football” I’ve ever seen at VP, it’s inevitable that many will assume that the manager’s position is untenable, and speculation will rage over the choice between possible successors. As supporters, we want success, or at least to be entertained by a team seen to have a go, and as McLeish has failed lamentably on both counts, we assume that Lerner must act, but that’s seeing things from our perspective. I think that Lerner’s take on things is different; he wanted someone to come in, get running costs down, keep us up, and take the flak in the process, and McLeish was that man. To me, it was purely a business, as opposed to footballing, decision; the only rationale behind an otherwise utterly incomprehensible appointment. So, if that was indeed Lerner’s perspective, it’s a case of mission accomplished. Stage 2 may now be the removal of Heskey, Cuellar and a few others, freeing up some cash to bring in McLeish’s “own players”; a re-structuring on the playing side which in Lerner’s eyes could be enough to keep our heads above water in the top flight. It’s a dangerous course to pursue if that’s the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the thinking, and that’s why, like you, I won’t be surprised to see McLeish in charge next season. If it turns out to be the case, it will will, I think, demonstrate quite clearly once and for all just what the level of Lerner’s ambition for AVFC has become.

      • Davy g i think stage two will be the replenishment of players out with the old in with the new.I also think mcleish will be here to oversee this as guthrie and leon best are two of mcleishes targets mentioned earlier on in the season at xmas time and here they are both of them in the press again with the two lined up for the move to VP.If a new manager was coming in mcleishes targets would not be bought and the new manager would start his tenure with his own targets not mcleishes.Mctavish has done what was asked of him this season which was work under extreme circumstances and still atcheive premeir league staus.Why else would he still be here with RLs backing after all the protests ect ect.Unless he has to see the season out to get his severence pay or rest of his contract money 4million plus his staff for the money reasons alone cant see lerner letting him go.

        • You’re probably right. What a horrible fucking vision.

          • Its only what i see mate and what i read in villas press from Lerner and mcleish himself.I dont think mcleish would be talking transfers,pre season,calling for improvement from players next season and things like that if he was going. Mcleish would know by now because we are safe and so would we know.Rl knows fans would love mcleish to go so wouldnt it be released in the press.

        • JDV; that’s pretty much my take on it, too. It’s a miserable prospect, right enough. Let’s hope we’re wrong!

    • Ok the good thing with AVB is he had the best part of the season in prem with Chelsea and any mistakes he made, he made at their expense not ours. And as long as he learned from those mistakes he will be better for it. On a negative side he is to young to command respect and authority especially from senior players who are the same age or older than he is. Can u imagine him trying to get Dunne and warnock onside. Well good luck with that he will need it. AVB in 5-10 years time definately but not now I’m afraid.

  19. Interesting pre match comments from Paul Lambert saying that if you lose your fan base your more or less a dead man walking, quote below, interesting? Or maybe jousting reading too much into it?

    Paul Lambert (Norwich): “We know there will be a brilliant atmosphere and they will come in their thousands. In the three years I have been here, they have been brilliant and it is a big part of the club. They have a good rapport with the players. If you lose your fan base then I think you are dead. It has been phenomenal what has happened here again. As I said before, no-one expected this to happen. Everybody thought we would go down. It surpasses everything else we have done here. Hands down and we’ve been involved in some really great games.”

    • Be interested to see how he does next season if still at Norwich. A lot of these newly promoted teams seem to surpass themselves in the first season when they play with no pressure. It’s the second season it starts to fall apart when expectation levels rise and they get found out and can’t cope with the pressure. I don’t think lambert is anything special tbh and I’d rather have poyet. The only main benefit of lambert is that he would at least try to play attractive football. Results wise thou we would be around where we are now give or take a few points.

      • I don’t know oohah…………..I am a big fan of Lambert. Successful as a player (CL winner despite the handicap of being Scottish) would gain the respect of players, plays good football and has worked his way through the leagues as a manager….got to the playoffs with Wycome, back to back promotions with a Norwich that had been on the decline plus a successful first season in the Prem.

        I honestly believe that he is the real deal and would welcome him in with open arms

        • If hes the real deal we will see him at chelsea next season.

          • What i mean is if hes as good as you say then the big clubs will want him.

          • Thanks for the clarification but I know what you mean and it doesn’t necessarily mean that at all……………….There are very obvious reasons why he would be very unlikely to get the Chelsea job (the same reason why Di Matteo isn’t guaranteed to get it either even if he does deserve the chance)

            All great managers have to learn their trade and build up to the top. Very few are successful without having paid their dues………of course there is the odd exception but not many

          • True but dont think he would not leave the safety of norwich just yet to come to villa as norwich have had a better season.I think he would have to be offered a decent transfer package WONGA££££££ and the freedom to get rid of who he wanted to and buy who he wanted to.He has nurtured norwich and is doing well so why leave.We have to get real about who would want AVFC right now.

          • Cause we’re a much much bigger club with miles more potential than Norwich will ever have (no disrespect to Norwich).

          • Hi BWS as clubs go we have alot of tradition as far back as the league started as you know founder members.We have won our fair share of trophies to.These are all things of the past mate.The size of our club is it being measured on past events and tradition????We have slowly been caught up with smaller clubs now doing better stoke,fulham to mention just two.To be a big club nowerdays you need big club money,big club players and big club manager and at the moment those days are gone.Untill we are spending big and performing on a european level year in year out we remain on a mediocre level.UTV.

          • Jesus JD that’s a little pessimistic, we aint Walsall yet.

          • JD told you the rumour mill has it he’s gone come Monday this is in the Daily Mail today :-

            Firing Line: Will season finale see McLeish become the Villa victim in summer shake-up?

            Hopefully no smoke without fire!

          • Don’t remember saying that he would leave Norwich to come to us…………….was just bigging the bloke up

  20. What i mean is past is past here and now is what matters.

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