A song for the Blues

Well did you watch it tonight ?

It looked tight for a while but then they missed out and administration beckons and all we can say is

15 comments on “A song for the Blues

  1. Administration, 10 points (minimum) deduction, fire sale of whatever players they have left, Chris Hughton set to join West Brom and the owner is about to be sent to prison. We’ll meet again? Unless we draw them in the cup, I really don’t think we will.

  2. for all the blues fans that have been pissing themselves at our plight this season……hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah
    just gotta wait for mctwat to go now

  3. Keep right on to adaminstion lol hahahahahaha!

  4. Daily mail saying us wolves and WBA being linked with poyet. Think he wud be gud if we got him plays gud Futball.

  5. After a few celebratory beers i must extend my condolences to the noses and as a touching embrace of brotherhood may I add……. Hahahahahahahahahahhoohohohohohohohohahahahahahah oh what a night! I love you Blackpool for giving them a glimmer of home and then snatching it away, so cruel so sad Hahahahahahahahahahhoohohohohohohohohahahahahahah! Sorry got to go to bed me sides are hurting Hahahahahahahahahahhoohohohohohohohohahahahahahah

  6. Listening to radio WM tonight jeff Nousfield made a strange comment after the game regarding hughton he said with WBA Wolves and Villa now without a manager they would be chasing hughton…………………ERMMM does he know something we don’t?????

  7. And just before I go to beddie buys Harry Lauder your a C*NT and your compositions wank!

  8. Oh well at least the ending to a season of hell is ending well,agent McLeish failing in his mission to take us down and agent Davies acheiving his to keep them down.

  9. I know its wrong but they do carry our city’s name. I don’t like Manchester, London having teams that show our teams up, so can we have a few minutes silence and reflect ???????????????????2 mins up thank f*^~ its them down and not us.

  10. we’ll probably lose 22-0 this weekend and join them

  11. I have worked with many a nose my old boss was one.They love to crow about stuff and never shut up when they get just a taster of one up on us so boloox.Stay down there please you know your place its ST pikey park,The sty,gypsy wagon i live in lane,nose central,i can smell you from here barry austin,gutter boys lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol all day long lol.

  12. Who are this ‘Birmingham City’ you all talk about??? Are they local to Aston Villa???

    • Ive never said that word on this sight ive said pikey fc before.They live in caravans and eat rodents.Also ive heard they ike bare knuckle fighting and shiting in holes in the ground.lol

      • Do they speak the Queen’s English? Can they walk upright?

        • No they are illiterate and cannot count.They have a monkey stoop and do not wash.There language is very basic and.to communicate they jump up and down making loud screaming noises uh uh uh ahahahTo amuse themselves they fight violently with each other with their bare hands.lol

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