Collymore is fickle, Mat Kendrick says Mcleish should go

Is the whole next few days going to be like this then ?

We are going to hear a lot of nonsense I think the next few days and best to filter out some. However some of the biggest comes from Stan Collymore. Remember a couple of weeks ago he dared to call us fickle, remember how much I slagged him off.

Well the circle has turned and now Stan on his show last night called for Mcleish to actually go. Think about that, think about the irony, think about how much he defended him. Yet as soon as we are safe Mr Fickle himself has said what the vast majority of us have said all season. That is the true definition of fickle Stan, trying to be the first one to call him go, shame you are behind 1000’s of Villans.

I asked Mat Kendrick as he said a couple of weeks ago I could renew sometime in May and now after asking for confirmation he has said

@astonvilla_view I’m not going to make myself liable for refunding your season ticket money if I’m wrong!

then later said

@bazfitz1982 @astonvilla_view Proof? The club don’t tend to send managers P45s to the press. Just a hunch. No inside info

As good as saying he is gone as much as we all suspected anyway. So then along pops twitter troll @agent_ITK who tried to be attention seeking by saying

Aston Villa are managerless. #AVFC #Villa

and got the reaction he wanted and all the Retweets possible and then said this rubbish

After Sunday’s match it will be announced “officially”. #Villa #avfc #football

the moral is clear on this, do not believe these attention seekers and make up your own minds on who you trust, The next few days could see more of this. However I think it is becoming clearer that Mcleish’s comments Sunday were a last desperate justification of his role.


EDIT 23:55

Significant comments by Mat Kendrick has not gone unnoticed. The first local journalist to come out and say M<cleish should go.

Do I think Villa should change manager? Yes. Do I think they will change manager? Yes. Do I know they will change manager? No. #stopasking !

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72 comments on “Collymore is fickle, Mat Kendrick says Mcleish should go

  1. Villa 4 life I’m with you on that seeing is believing, RL has other fish to fry back home. if you ask me what we got from this season was what RL asked for ie cut wages in the club. He will ride more months before he makes his mind up into 2012-13.
    I say it again hang on to your money and wait till he commits to Villa.

  2. Why karl FuXkin henry.Mcleish is going to go for the fall out buys from the relegated clubs some good there though i would like pederson if we could get him and hoillet,Henrys a bit of a dirty bastard yellow card red card man liability.

  3. McLeish loves Heskey, Heskey is going as the next manager won’t want him …

  4. Karl Henry, football is going to be bery entertaining at VP next season. Alan hutton and karl henry in the same team this is a bad joke

    • You dont say Henry is just a rumour mind.Im wondering where Jean makoun is??His lone is over.

      • it is from the guardian and not the Mirror not saying it is 100% but it is more reliable

        • Whats happened to jean makoun do you know??

          • Loanded for the year now back at Villa, future to be decided

            of course he is the new messiah according to some, others like myself think he could nevert cope with the englaish game.

          • So sold or kept???

          • He was off the pace what i saw of him at villa right ideas passing bit off the pace.

          • I dont think he is great but i think he is a better option atm and i think he was a safer option than jenas.

        • yes but the guardian piuece was written by Stuart James who last week called for Mcleish to go. I read it and it was IF Mcleish stays.

          My thoughts is that Stuart wrote that piece knowing the reaction it would get and focussing even more pressure on Mcleish.

  5. From the Guardian – “Henry, 29, has two years remaining on his contract at Molineux but has endured a frustrating season that started with him losing the captaincy to Roger Johnson and ended with relegation to the Championship” – perfect for mcliesh then!

    • What does he see in henry i think its the jock smack em nut em thing you knoe cuz henrys a dirty git.lol

  6. That piece in Guardian by Stuart James was excellent and restored my faith a little in the media. The others like Moxley, Nursery and even Kendrick soon jumped on the bandwagon after that. However the Soccer Saturday brigade and people like Andy Gray and unbelievably Ron Atkinson were still defending him at the weekend. I could not believe Ron on 5live whilst I was driving up to the game. He said it was the worst squad Villa had ever had and it wasn’t “Big Alex’s” fault! For someone who always produced such flowing beautiful football teams I could not believe my ears! What is Andy Gray on as well? I know he is their mate but I really thought these so called “Villa” people would realise the damage Mcleish is doing to the club. Obviously the old pals act is more important to them. I would expect it from Ferguson but Gray and Atkinson have really surprised me. Gray wasn’t slow to put the boot into Brian Little either when he was Villa boss. Perhaps it was because our Brian replaced BFR.
    Anyway very disappointing from two people (Gray and Atkinson) I have idolised over the years.

    • Totally agree. By supporting him these people are making it more likely that we’ll be saddled with mcliesh for another season. What Lerner Faulkner and mcliesh need to realise is that if this happens the level of abuse will only grow to the point where the Bolton match will look like a love-in.

      Fair enough if macliesh is a top man and their mate but the journalist and pundits blind support of him will only lead to him taking more and more riddiculous levels of abuse. Got to be cruel to be kind sometimes…

  7. Henry and i’ve no doubt Mcleish will be inquiring about Dann and Johnson as well.
    I don’t think we had quite enough experience to get relegated this year so he is going to make sure next year.

  8. Articles like this

    Welllllllllllll I love em

    Keep up the good work young man

    Bye Bye McDuff

  9. The football elite, like McLeish because he’s one of them, a devious, untrustworthy creep.

    You only have to look at the way he left Small Heath, he was planning for the following season, even bought in 3 new players, while all the time negotiating with Randy and St Paul.

    Also, previously, while manager of Scotland, Small Heath were refused permission to speak to him about their managerial vacancy. McLeish then attended the draw for 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification in South Africa, on his return, resigned, and was announced Blue’s manager the next day.

    Not only is he a poor manager, he’s a nasty piece of work, and even narcissistic.

    I don’t want a man like that as manager of my club!

    McLeish Out!

    • He did the same at Hibs, stood on the pitch and said something like “I’m here as long as you want me” and then fucked off to Rangers.

    • Well said. Yet another myth about Alex Mcleish. He is a decent bloke.. Yeah right. As Kranky has shown he is a devious twat who has no loyalties at all. He is right now playing games with the Villa board with his media statements about his future and transfer targets being leaked etc. Get him out!

  10. I think that McLeish is gone. Randy cannot gamble his business with another season of the prat in charge.

    Big Eck is making all the right noises about next season, looking to the future etc to ensure he gets his maximum payoff.

    I just hope that some sort of minimum performance expectations were written into the contract, surely he can be released after this season.

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