Mcleish writing his own headline – It is AVFC fans fault

The strange consequence of last night was Mcleish’s apparent defiance and reluctance to admit his time was up.

Reading his quotes and it seems to defy belief that he has any plans for next season other than to find a new job. So as I watched Shearer join the list of many pundits who simply got it wrong, Mcleish’s game plan came true. There is no doubt that in TV land that Mcleish is a very popular person. We have seen the same party line towed by the BBC, Sky and many journos.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the local guys finally work up from their stupor and started to figure out Mcleish had to go. They still have not quite gone all the way but they are getting there. Mcleish last night by saying he wants to stay on, then the line and his mates for the media is becoming clear.

In his comments by saying he has done a good job and setting the expectation level so low he wants his mates to say that. He wants a new job and he wants to fool people by pretending he has done a good one here. We are not fooled but others may be if they keep hearing how WE the VILLA fans drove him out. This of course means some dumb chairman out there may miss the one win SEVENTEEN, just the FOUR home wins and just SEVEN overall do not count.

Trust me my fellow Villans we may hear a lot more of this by the time he is gone and HE WILL BE gone soon and quick enough.

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204 comments on “Mcleish writing his own headline – It is AVFC fans fault

  1. Given that his record at getting relegated from the EPL is 2 in 4, i.e. 50% the chances are that he’ll take us down next season. Which is something to look forward to…😦

  2. I was watching some interviews with Blackburn fans early this morning and I thought they could easily be villa fans. Owners not communicating with the fans, poor manager and narrowly avoiding relegation last season. This could easily be us next year. Then Kevin Gallagher (ex blackburn player) was basically saying that any manager with a win % of 20% should expect to go. Keen 21.6% and Mcleish 18.9% says it all really.

  3. Hi everyone UTV.The clearout has started Ivanhoe and carlos c.Who else is on the cards???Does anyone know whats happened to makoun??

  4. has he been sacked, just typed McLeish into twitter and that is all it says

  5. Gutted, looked through everyone of them not a credible source amongst any of them

  6. He will be manager of villa next season so don’t believe all the bullshit goin around!

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