Mcleish – he says he has stood up, sat down last 2 games

I have been catching up and it seems we have found the most deluded man in the UK.

According to Mcleish he expects to be at Villa next season. This is from a guy who hid away today. This is from a guy who could not even face to be on the lap of honour/shame. This is of course the guy who has led us to ONE WIN in SEVENTEEN, that is how deluded he is.

He even said

I have shown leadership and stood up in times of adversity.”

Is that he has sat down the last two games and hid away, hardly the actions of leadership is it ?

If he really believes he will be at Villa next season then these are not the actions of a manager who will be are they ? In fact I would say these are the actions of a guy who actually knows he is going and now we are safe is actually demob happy.

In fact baring a modern football miracle, he could go at any time now. We have to remember that this season we have only team who have won less games – Wolves. In any other normal season then we would be down by now, in fact with just SEVEN wins we should be.

Unless he is sacked within days of the Norwich game then we should be calling for Lerner’s head as this season is the worse we have had since 1987, even Ellis would have acted by now. That is how bad it is and how we muct get rid and progress forward with Martinez ASAP.

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51 comments on “Mcleish – he says he has stood up, sat down last 2 games

  1. Le Tissier’s having a pop now, what’s this tv pundits anti-villa fan day or something? Hows the song go:-
    No one likes us, no one likes us
    No one likes us, we don’t care!

    • Nah what it is mate is its ok saying something a few times to get your point across when it comes to the point where its been said over and over all season it starts to grate on people.Everybody likes Alex mcleish as a person and many people in football think he has had a rough ride with villa.Hence what i am saying villa intend to start policing the situation at VP.just what alot of people are thinking .

  2. la tissier slates villas attacking play saying there is nothing going forward and spurs dominated with 10 men and its true we need a new start and big changes everywhere.

  3. The really galling thing about McLeish for me is that he will feel that he has met his remit from RL…namely cut the wage bill and survive in the PL…and he is probably going to get a bonus for ‘achieving’ this !!

    Sad days at the Villa.

  4. It beggars belief that McLeish wants to strengthen the squad for next season.

    Remember when he strengthened the squad at Blues for the 2010/11 season?
    He bought 6 players, and another 4 on loan for the season, resulting in relegation.

    That was apart from the other 20 players bought, and 12 loans, during his reign at that club.

    If Randy gives him any money to spend, he’s a fool.

  5. McLeish won’t quit, if he quits he gets no huge payout.

  6. If Eck is still our manager come Sept I’m done! I cannot believe how much I hate myself for saying this but I cant do it anymore. It’s like breaking up with the girlfriend you loved that turned in to a dickhead… it aint nice but I have to stand up for what I believe in. I can’t support something I don’t support….poor football and worse decision making from the board is not an option for me any longer. A good decision needs to be made or I think a lot of Villa fans will lose interest! Here’s to hoping…

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