19 comments on “King Carlos Day – Join in at Carrow Road, he deserves it

  1. Wot a player who has never held down a first team place ? – who gets injured every six or so games ? ok I am sorry to see another experienced pro leave – But King Carlos day ? for a fringe player ? – Come off it …….
    We’ll be having Johnny Hogg day next !

  2. Sorry, I’m not a Cuellar fan. Never have been. Bit part player, not good enough to hold down a starting place in his preferred position in four years at the club. Overlooked by O’Neill, Houllier, and McLeish. Not top flight quality, I just cant understand some supporters infatuation with this guy.

    I’ll be at Carrow Road, but sorry, no Spanish get-up for yours truly.

  3. Give me Cuellar over Dunne or Collins every time..Will miss you Carlos .

  4. I am printing 15 Carlos masks for me and mates who are going!! Everyone print masks!!

    • Could you send a picture of the mask your printing to @kingcarlosday its a great idea mate I just can’t find a good picture that’s big enough

    • What picture did you use for the masks, i’m trying to do this for me and my mates

  5. Thought Cuellar was great today at the back. Four years at the back and has deserved a permanent place based on his performances if you ask me. ok he’s poor going forward, but he’s a centre back by trade. What do people expect? Lucio? Honest player who always worked hard. I say he deserves it seeing how much time he has given fans.

  6. Cuallar is an average player in a shit team in a shit league ,says it all when Rooneys shin was voted best goal ever still love Villa but it is so difficult these days.

  7. Next week is “Cheerio Alex Day” surely? (And maybe “Welcome Mr. Lambert Day” too?)

    • Dont count your chickens mate have you heard his post match interview on news arrpegiator.Him and RL have been making plans for next season players the lot.Dont buy into just because the supporters have kicked up a fuss AM is going.I heard off a fieind that the AM situation is going to be policed at VP as its gone on for to long in RLs eyes.Also the media is being manipulated to make you think he is going so you lay off him.AM is staying.

  8. Gutted to see Carlos go, its right to make a fuss of the guy, 110% effort every time he wore the shirt unlike a lot of the other fannies we’ve had to put up with from MON days and beyond. I just hope we aren’t pinning our hopes on Collins alongside Dunne for the future, that nervous double act needs revamping.

    • Carlos cuellar is a clever chap always just does enough he is your standard profesional he hasnt got any better or any worse.Always puts in a good shift though.

  9. He’s been ok.

    Could have cost us relegation with his penalty against Bolton, and is decent at centre back but has no distribution at all.

    I think that you all forget that he’s earned over £4m from Villa.

    Seems enough to me, not going to bother waving another country’s flag or wearing a mask.

    Modern football fans, get a grip.

  10. I agree about the Spanish flags, awful idea. Plus those masks are always a bit tacky, not for me but each to their own.
    Carlos does deserve a good off though. He’s one of the few real professionals in the squad and really does care about the club. King Carlos!

  11. What about heskey day aswell then?might aswell do a joint day as both of them are wank!

  12. Yes he is a popular player but come on! Top 6 player- I dont think so! £7.8 million, ridicululous wages so that he couldnt shift him, no re-sale value. Thanks Martin!!!.

  13. Why can’t you ungrateful arses just acknowledge what he has done for Villa, sure he has had a few cock ups but nothing more than the likes of Ferdinand & other ‘top’ defenders have done – giving the odd penality away etc but he isn’t in the refs little black book every week & most of the time he puts solid performances in, personally Cuellar ROCKS & it should be Dunne and/or Collins going now King Carlos. I’m sure you grumpy men can muster up a little chant & thank you for Carlos at Carrow Road at the weekend!!

  14. with goofy teeth and curly hair cuellar cuellar

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