Another draw, worst home record, safe and boredom

When I am at Villa worried about what the Bolton and QPR games are like I know things are badly wrong.

We went for the draw, we got the draw and most we were bored by today. Frankly I could hardly be bothered to write this, Homeland finishes tonight and that for me has for more excitement that Villa at the moment. Lets face it, today bored everyone, we got the draw and because of Bolton we are SAFE. Great eh ?

I could write an extensive piece on what needs to be done but we know this. The facts speak for themselves, FOUR HOME WINS all season, a disgrace, and the fans take it meekly and mildly. For those fans sitting there like sheep saying nothing, are you happy ? Would you rather say you are a better fan by not protesting, what good does that do ?

Yep, exactly …. the whole season has been one long farce, we are safe but not because of anything we have done. Being NEGATIVE in Mcleish’s eyes may have worked but those who have already renewed should look at themselves. In my mind they have backed the current situation and that is unacceptable.

Not angry, not pissed off, just bored sums up the whole season and the sooner Mcleish goes the better. If he is still manager in two weeks time then we are destined to go down and Villa can forget my money.

Come on Randy, we are safe, we will not get more than 40 points, in any other season we would be down.

Do the decent thing and get rid of Mcleish eh ?

The lap of honour/disgrace said it all, just pure embarrassment !

41 comments on “Another draw, worst home record, safe and boredom

  1. Peter Withe wants the job…………that’ll do

    • I can c that happening in the unlikely event AM went. Wud be perfect for Lerner a cheap option that wud love to manage here and won’t ask for any money. On top of this he wud be instantly accepted by the villa and fans would give him a chance. RLs stock wud be higher with villa fans also. Its beautiful lerner cant lose and saves a firtune into the process. I watched withe a lot in the 80s and he gave his all for the club but a good manager he is not he is only managed in Thailand FFs.

      • I know, I know………my point was meant to be that anything is better than this tool. Plus I had just read the article where he said he wants is.

        btw, you have to be at least a little smug that it was Dunne that cocked up, especially given the grief you got from some quarters after his performance at West Brom??

        • Well MIK I hate to say I told u so but….!!! Lol. New it was gonna happen to just do predictable. Why dosnt anyone listen to me about Dunne I feel like one of those people in a horror film that says they saw an alien and no one believes them lol.

          • I don’t argue too much and agree that he has been a complete liability for the past two seasons……….was kind of glad to see him back for the last few games though, (mistakes and all) as I do think he has leadership qualities that have been very important since he has been back….especially given the lack of leaders we have in the squad and the number of kids.

            Wouldn’t be sorry to see him go to make way for new faces though.

          • on the field anyway

          • I agree McGrath is king. You and billy walkers shirt are the only ones that believe me re Dunne and u don’t think I’m clinically insane. Yes he has leadership qualities which we desperately need but unfortunately these qualities have been misused by poor leadership in the dressing room especially last yr under GH. GH had him sussed and if he was still at the club Dunne wud be long gone now. GH had many faults but at least he knew who the dross were and tried to play good attacking football. The performance v man u at home last season was one of the best attacking performances iv seen at seen at villa park and that includes the glory days of the early 80s.

          • He is a good defender up until that mistake, and that mistake costs us games and not just a few either, he has to be sold and replaced along with pretty much every other senior player. Time for a total over haul I just hope we dont have a team of Alan Huttons that really worries me if AM is let loose with a cheque book again

          • And let’s not forget the side we had out against manure last year……very comparable to that which we have had since all the injuries kicked in during the SECOND HALF of this. I emphasise this only to point out we were shit prior to the injuries and I hate seeing this used as an excuse.

            He would definitely have been gone under GH, the man ultimately failed last season but we had a direction, he knew who he wanted and who he didn’t want, played the kids to their strengths and would have had us a much stronger squad this season than what we have had to endure this.

            Was sad to see him go, will not be shedding a tear for Mcleish or the majority of our current squad should they be off.

          • Agreed Morganhe is always good until he makes a mistake. The prob is his mistakes tend to cost us big time and it’s been going on for two seasons now. Agree also that all the senior players need to be shippedout if possible not just Dunne.

          • Agreed McGrath is king with a young squad he got them to stand up v man u and play breathtaking football against them and for 80 mins they didn’t no wot had hit them. Houllier was a pr disasterre his love for Liverpool but I felt the same as u that we he had direction and most importantly seemedto know what he was doing. Wud love to have seen him have this season to see how it wud of panned out. He would of got makounplaying as well which wud of made a diff and sorted out that patheticexcuse of a defenc. Really thout he was turning it round for us but we will never no now.

          • Had total faith in him with the kids (I think they would all have come on a lot better under him) and in the transfer market (let’s not forget we would have probably have got Cabaye had he stayed)

            But as you said, we will never know.

  2. Great piece Ian, sums everything up perfectly.
    Haven’t posted on here for while but for once & for all-
    McLeish OUT.

  3. Ian I agree mcleish shud go. But let’s not forget it is more than likely we will start with the same dross paper thin squad next season. Thus we will struggle next season whether or not AM goes but granted will play better football with a different manager. Even Merson said on sky earlier that we could have mourinho and wenger sitting in bench and the team would still be where it is now. I agree with him as well. Mcleish is just a symptom of the problem the main cause is RL and until he’s gone then 4th from bottom will be a regular position for us no matter who is in charge.

  4. McLeish has come out saying he’s planning for next season, just hope randy suprises him by giving him the bullet!!

  5. Im so chuffed we will survive , however now I’ve calmed down two things really bug me. 1 we should never have been in this position it’s been a poor season and an embarrassment. 2 what happens now? I’m hearing mcliesch will stay? I can’t bare the thought of this again. As long as mcliesh is manager we will no be successful there will always be to much negativity around and it will only effect the players. If we were to get rid of mcliesh I don’t think I could bare the wait of who his successor will be! I really do think it has come to one factor now and that’s Randy Lerner. I think his time is up and he is in this for all the wrong reason ls. Is it for success and a thrilling football team? If so mcleish will not bring that. Or is it to make money and is purely business of so mcliesh will certainly never bing you that. The fans will never accept him. Something needs to be done from now to ensure that we get the best preparation possible for next season! U think we would all happily accept a new manager, mid table finish and some excitement maybe! Then we progress! We cannot by any means at all sit back and watch another season like this.

  6. And what does he say to the players at half time…because whatever it was today, just like Blackburn away, well god only knows.
    Randy we won’t get away with this next time, so do the decent thing, admit you got it wrong, get Graham Taylor on that board to re-connect with the fans, and find a manager that that will instil some fight, passion and more importantly, keeps the bal on the deck…..Slavan Billic anyone….

  7. Relieved to be safe but truly a shocking record and one that should see Mcleish sacked. He seemed pretty bullish in his interview, so I just hope Lerner & Faulkner grow a pair and send him on his way asap. Though our problems run a lot deeper than just Mcleish. The squad needs a massive overhaul and for that we need investment. We can’t continue to cut the wage bill as we already have a paper thin squad and any decent new manager will want funds. Look at the team coming up- reading have a new russian owner, southampton have momentum and funds, qpr if they stay up will spend big, etc. If we don’t make substantial changes to the management team and playing staff next season we will go down. But after the last couple of shambolic summer’s I have no faith that the board will make the right decisions
    On another note, its sad to see Carlos confirm he’s leaving.I see him as one of the few remaining ‘good guys’ in the squad and certainly would of liked him to stay over the disrespectful tossers dunne and collins. Though, I can’t say i’m surprised.

  8. if Peter Withe is the answer, McLeish should stay. THe only thing worse than a poor manager is one who is worse. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. If the future is a man who has never managed a top side anywhere in Europe, let’s get off McLeish’s back.

    B careful what you wish for. There are worse options than McLeish, and most of them would love a big payday at villa.

    McLeish should only go if we get A BETTER MANAGER. It is that simple.

    trevor fisher.

    • Trevor, “Be careful what you wish for?”, what have you been watching all season, let’s be quite clear here, if AM stays, we will go next season for sure…I’m not a huge fan of Curbishley, but he’d wipe the floor with this clown, as would Gus Poyet.
      It’s supporters like you that really do need to wake up here, because if you think the standard of football has been anything like acceptable to watch, then I really am lost for words.

      • Trevor ,peter withe managed wing wong united in Thailand
        He only had a small squad.

        • Er.. didn’t Deadly bring in Withe to try and put some backbone into Jo Venglos’ disasterous reign at VP. and from memory, it didn’t work?

          • Thats right. Withe also managed wimbledon & was a disaster. Didnt last long. Villa legend & all that but no thanks as manager

  9. he is safe and seems rather cocky in the fact that he has succeeded in something?? by avoiding relegation?? god what a joke. he doesn’t know how to go for a win… his stats say it all – we are doomed for another relegation battle if he doesn’t go

  10. Wish list for next season. Capello as manager, we keep king Carlos, buy a grear full back to replace Hutton, A great center back to replace Collins, A great midfielder to replace Petrov. A goal scoring winger , Another world class forward. UTV

  11. Mcleish fuckin out! Fucking disgrace today. 10 men were better than our shit. Your getting it at Norwich alex….. Your a clown and a pathetic excuse of a prem manager. Joker! Sick and tired of having to defend my colours bcuz of the embarrassment you have caused us. Baggies had to save us today and u make out u deserve another chance….. 37 games, 7 wins….. Simple as fuck….. FUCK OFF NOW YOU DISASTER!

  12. “I expect to be here next season and hope to win the fans over. In general, the fans have been excellent.

    Why cant he just fuck off

  13. oohahpaulmcgrath sums the scenario up perfectly.

    Get rid of Alex McLeish, then what? While I agree that it is impossible for him to remain in the Villa Park hotseat, no one in their right mind should be deluded enough to believe that his dismissal will alter things, improve the situation, or resolve all of the issues relating to the fall and decline of our great club.

    We are currently a complete and utter shambles. The yank is not the man I want calling the shots at Brum B6, but as he unfortunately is the current owner, I have to accept that with no suitors out there, I have no choice but to accept that the control of the club remains in his hands.

    Lerner is no leader, is no figurehead, currently shows no grasp whatsoever as to what is needed and required at the club, and while I begrudgingly acknowledge that he will be around for the forseeable future, sadly he fills me with concern, and indeed dread, as to where exactly we are heading.

    Faulkner should be outed without further delay, replaced by a dynamic football savvy CEO, someone who in Lerner’s absence from beautiful Brummagem, can lead from the front, direct off-field operations, and help to get this club back on track.

    Krulak? A joke. Is he still part of the scenery. Again, get rid. Replace him as a non-executive director with the likes of Dennis Mortimer, Tony Morley, Kenny McNaught, or any other ex-Villan of stature. Lets get some football people, Villa people, into the boardroom. Surely they can bring more to the table as non-executive directors than can some guy who five minutes ago had never even heard of Aston Villa Football Club?

    The playing staff? Where do we start? Nowhere near to being up to the task. A major overhaul is needed. A major clear out, accompanied by an infusion of major quality blood.

    The policy that Lerner instigated following the departure of O’Neill hasn’t worked, in fact it has all but seen us relegated in two consecutive campaigns.

    Rest assured, if Lerner extends this policy throughout the summer and into 2012-13, then this time next May relegation will be a fait accompli. I doubt that we’d scrape survival yet again.

    Yes, lets get the ball rolling with the departure of McLeish and his sidekicks, but for heaven’s sake lets not just stop there.

    The rot has well and truly set in, the club is in decline, supporters are angry, frustrated, and disillusioned. We are heading nowhere but backwards.

    Bright future? They were supposedly your words Lerner. So okay, prove it.

  14. Mind made up, no tickets till Villa decided to take action about going forward to greater times, ONE sack that man that only knows how to draw matches, proof with latter management, TWO has no skills in man management, THREE, the biggest idiot since turnip head ( Taylor) had his hands on Villa, I want a manager that knows where to take Villa to greater heights, and make players play for that shirt and not the money. will that happen in my time, I don’t think that will come for some time. we was very lucky to be in the Premier league next year. and yes done 68 years under the walls of Aston Villa shadows born in Gladstone street 2 minutes to the ground, my family would move from the resting grounds of Aston church and Witton if they was alive today, crap owners of a great club ruined my loved football club.

  15. yes mcshite is a problem but the american prick is the main problem at villa,, he can,t afford a premiership club and his loyalties lie in chicago,, he should sell now,,,LEARNER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  16. I have never been so angry as i was when i heard mcleish talking about next season i am begining to lose my love for aston villa and it is been caused by all this negativity between fans, simple fact we all love the villa but we have this black cloud over the whole club that was started when the minute the club employed Alex Mcleish last summer to tell the truth i just feel like giving up, i have only cried a few times in my life and im very close to it now and its all down to fustration at the inept running of our club

  17. carlos has decided he is going, so one of our few heroes is departing. McLeish is a problem, but not the big one. Lerner is the big one and he certainly is not going. Not till he gets his money back. So changes have to be made at board level. We need Non Executive DIrectors. Campaign for that as without them, if McLeish is sacked then Lerner appoints his replacement. With no one on the board to advise him. And we may then get PEter Withe, the hero at Wimbledon. If you want real fear, look at his record as manager of Wimbledon.

    trevor fisher.

  18. Looks like Lerner is keeping Mcleish in an attempt to break the record again next season.

  19. have you ever heard a manager blame injuries as much as mcliesh??? all i hear is injury injury injury…. injury is part of a football season… EVERY TEAM HAS THEM.


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