‘We Told You So’, causing a massive stir

Top kudos to the guys who set this up.

This is just fantastic from the Website – MyOldManSays – LINK

Apparently the Birmingham Mail would not take this at first then it was pointed out that they could not refuse. I have been out all morning and only just notified of this and it is clear from the response it has widespread backing.

The message is CLEAR, it will be tomorrow and Mcleish has it. The manager of our club will keep a ‘low profile’ tomorrow. So why on earth is even still there. Just GO today, all the protests finished, no need for them everyone happy.

Is it THAT hard for the club to udnerstand

51 comments on “‘We Told You So’, causing a massive stir

  1. Just shows how scared the mail are of losing their propaganda titbits from the club. Proves once and for all that the mail won’t go against club wishes and only printed this under duress.

    • Money talks thats why6 a boycott is the only way they will listen, an empty VP is not in PF’s job remit, they have alienated the fans this season, they really need to make some serious changes in the summer. i am not expecting much just a team that can attack and play football, players who want to play for the club and a manager who is not on the phone to one of his media mates talking shite and making excuses, its not a lot to ask

      • Money talks what also talks is whos got the most.Fans pay to use the facilities at AVFC no money no villa.Lets just hope RL doesnt flog AVFC to some piss poor outfit who makes worst mistakes than RL just to piss off the supporters who are playing a dangerous game they might just lose. AM is bound by a three year contract which is bound by law.Nobody knows whats in that contract so speculation is a mugs game.

        • I think the problem with the board is they look down on the fans, Faulkner comes accross as very arrogant in my eyes and the distance between the fans and the club is not very good. All they have to do is sack McLeish, but they wont they will make a free transfer signing like McLeish did at Birmingham with Dugarry thinking this will calm those silly supporters down. I dont think it will work do you?

  2. Its still only supporters paying 500 quid for an article in the mail.Whatever the message we as supporters are making the fact remains that supporters dont make financial decisions at AVFC about mangement however poor the manager is. It will be RL who makes the final hammer blow regardless of fans disaproval as it is his money. Supporters pay money to use the aston villa facilities to watch the football provided within the clubs means.Disaproval of what your paying to watch is a right to anyone but remember you pay your money to use the AVFC facillities nothing more and you are not employed by AVFC.If someone came into your buisness which you own and started telling you how to run it i know what i would say my money Fuxk off..Also AM is an employed member of AVFC and is bound by law not AVFC supporters.RL new what mcleishes record was poor in the prem before he was hired so i told you so doesnt really prove a thing as under the restraints given i only expected bottom half 10th at best.AM has watched over our worst season in the premeir league only 2nd to the relegations of yester year and for that AM is accountable but you are not blind and new the job in hand was rough.I hope AM is gone at the end of the season as i dont think he has the tools to bring us glory but without multimillions to spend at AVFC there will be no glory for a long long time so remember the glory days are over and this is now.AVFC is not man city.UTV

    • I am not expecting much tbh, like you say its RL’s business and its my wallet, he can do what he likes with his business and i can do what i like with my wallet. If he wants to alienate the fans then thats upto him, i know i am not in the minority and if i was i would re look at my way of thinking. If RL wants to keep the fans and his main customer base happy then he needs to make changes in the summer. if he does not care what the fans think then he can carry on doing as he pleases, the fans will eventually turn on him and as the fans are his main customer base for the club then he and faulkner are going to have some serious issues to deal with because without the fans the massive Macron and genting deals will mean sweet FA.

      • I think mcleish should go to mate.The fact remains he is bound by a three year contract which is over supporters heads.Nobody knows whats in his contract and you might find he is around next season.It would cost RL millions to pay him and the rest of his team off.It is a stand off which RL realises and he obviously knows the opinion of the supporters and can see the empty seets.We are not talking 50p and heres your p45 so dont expect something you might not get.

        • Remember he can always sell to sum mickey mouse mug outfit and place villa in a worst position than now.He can sell and be done with villa if he finds it too difficult and a no brainer as he is a billionair and his life is sweet regardless of AVFC.

          • He has also plowed over 200 million into the club so this is a man who cares.

          • He cares, but is he competent. Is he the right man to be running AVFC?

            The sad fact of course is that there are no interested suitors out there, so unfortunately we are stuck with the yank.

            Mediocrity might be the accepted norm for his Cleveland outfit, but mediocrity will never be accepted here at Villa Park. We are on the way to becoming the premier league equivalent of the NFL joke outfit that is the Cleveland Clowns.

            I dont like it.

        • Randy started this mess only he can make the right choices now, I think the Macron deal will prove worthless if nobody is buying the new merchandise though, and i think the amount of renewals will be down enough for them to make the decision of removing him

          • RL can also remove himself mate.

          • I think he can survive on 30000 at AVFC he is a billionair

          • The picture you are painting is one of somebody i would not running any football club let alone AVFC

          • What i am saying is what i might think if i was a billionair and whether i would let supporters make decisions for me.He ownes the club mate he paid multi millions for it.How mant season ticket holders are there compared to fans who just make the trip to VP when they can.??????

          • Its Randy;s club he can what he wants but i wont be spending my money down at VP until McLeish is gone, it really is that simple if Randy wants to sell he can, if he wants to keep McLeish on he can, he can do with his money as he pleases and i can do with mine as i please. i am a customer of Randy’s and he is not one of mine that is my relationship with the owner of the club, i part with my money to buy something from him so it is a one way relationship. if i dont want to part with my money because i dont agree with his practises that is my choice and not RL’s. What RL does with the club is out of my hands you are right but what id do with my money is upto me

          • nah you part with your money to go and watch the football team you support if you dont like it dont go..

    • Villa supporters are Lerners customers not just “people of the street”

      • Villa supporters are supporters of AVFC and they pay to use the facilities given.If you dont like it dont go.

  3. I definitely do not want us to be relegated but I’d rather have Championship football with a good manager than another season with McLeish. I can’t believe that Lerner hasn’t acted yet. Unless McLeish has something in his contact regarding relegation.

    • Perhaps relegation is a blessing in disguise as we can get rid of the dross and rebuild .. Look at Newcastle now. The problem is if we get rid if AM then new manager would hardly have anything to spend due to millions of comp RL will have to pay. If we have the same squad next season then we will go down no doubt about it even if mourinho was in charge.

  4. No oohahpaulmcgrath. You’ve been ‘around’ almost as long as I have. You know that relegation could potentially be quite disastrous. It is not an option.

    Agree with you completely though, that no matter who the man at the helm is for 2012-13, unless Lerner takes a different route, we will be potential relegation candidates again next season.

    Yes he has to get our finances in order, I am as aware of that fact of life as is the next Villan, but he has to take a different route. He has to get back on the financial straight and narrow over a period of time, not in one or two seasons where such action will clearly be detrimental to the clubs immediate future.

    You cannot stand still in the premier league. Other clubs will bypass you in a heartbeat, you will be left with an inadequate playing staff, and you will always look for the cheap manager option.

    Hopefully Lerner has learned his lesson this season. He and Faulkner have had an easy ride to date, escaping much of the flak, but ultimately they are to blame for the current shambles this great club of ours finds itself in.

    • Good post

    • Perhaps ur right glensider but remember the last time we went down we rebuilt under GT and almost won the league. The thing is if we stay up and still have Dunne, warnock, heskey etc in squad then we will go down next season all we are doing this season is delaying the inevitable. Unless we get rid of the dross no manager will do well as there is just not enuf quality in the squad. He will need a fair amount of money to rebuild and unless RL gives it to him then then we will not attract anyone decent.

  5. This advert is undeniably brilliant. Very, very, very well done lads.

  6. Excellent advert which I support.

    Randy must realise by now that transition + McLeish = negative football + possible relegation, and widespread supporter discontent.

    If he doesn’t, he’s a very blinkered and egotistical man, not good for a business man who wants to make money from the club.

    I think most would agree, things did have to change at the club, but the way he’s gone about it has been almost disastrous, we must point the finger at Paul Faulkner, he’s the man Randy has set up to run the club, because he’s not EPL savvie, and hardly around the place.

    Randy has to swallow his pride, and take professional advice from someone who has been around English football for a long time, plenty of those about, maybe then he’ll get things sorted, have the supporters back onside, and move on from this terrible season.

  7. You are a idiot! Do you not understand the concept of support!! You are a vacuous idiot who thinks this behaviour will help the team operate at a level that is needed to escape this precarious position! You are a fantasist that has no idea how competitive and expensive the premier league is and more worryingly you seem to be the sort that is happy to spend millions of other folks money with comprehension of what that buys or is likely to deliver! Go and support the blues you numpty

    • If this is aimed at me then i think you have misread what i have written, I have not at any point said spend millions, I am also realistic about who our next manager will be. Other teams have proved you can deliver decent football without breaking the bank. I dont expect us to be really challenging for a while but i do expect to see a decent game of football which will not happen while Mcleish is in charge

  8. Sadly, some of our so-called fans deserve what we are getting. Every Manager in recent history has had to put up with abuse. O’neill was constantly booed in his last season because of his boring tactics. Houllier,O’leary, Taylor,Gregory have all had it. I am amazed anyone wants to come here. Still booing ex players too!!! PATHETIC!!! The players aren’t good enough, O’Neill knew this. Why did he spit his dummy out? We have not been a big club for years, and with fans like you lot, we never will be!!!

  9. When you’re paying top dollar to watch football,understanding goes out of the window.,do you really think the man on the street cares if he upsets a few people by booing!
    If the clubs want to treat football as a business,then the fans should be able to also,why keep paying for something that is rubbish,just to line the pockets of a few relatively useless millionaires!

    • its sad but football is a business and we are mere numbers on a spreadsheet nowadays, nothing more and nothing less.

      • Football is a business aswell as sports entertainment.Unfortunately as time has gone by football is no longer a sport where all the league competes and can win ie 80s.This is a must spend to succeed sport now.top managers cost top dollar and so do top players.We have neither hence our league standing.The supporter is as far as AVFC board members are concerned just what it says on the tin supporter of AVFC.Not a share holder with a right to make decisions.You have a right to complain about the football if it is at the moment poor.But remember no top players or manager so no trophies no success.You are at the moment challenging the powers that be with nothing but your season ticket money which is a blackmail but you are challenging a billionair with alot of power and ownership of AVFC.RL knows how the fans feel as this has been the same since AMs appointment it went from he is an ex bluenose on to other things then other things(poor results= poor players) and now has spiralled out of control with a hate campaigne.Mcleish is not liked for alot of reasons but disliked he shouldnt be as he has done nothing personel to AVFC supporters.He is a man challenged to do a job that he hasnt done very well because of poor tactics,poor player performance.This is no reason for a hate campaigne.I think AVFC would benefit from a more fluent attack minded manager but this is not my decision.What would happen if mcleish stays and RL doesnt pay out the millions to do the supporters bidding????Continual abuse and battering of AVFC???

        • I am not blackmailing, i simply dont like wasting money and that is how i see it. if i dont like something i dont go along with it. its just the way i am, other people are different and do things there way its what makes the world interesting. I respect and understand your views and we are almost thinking on s imilar line. I love the club and always will but that does not mean i am more of a supporter less of a supporter than anyone else. I also feel that if i dont spend my money the stats show that customers are not happy and then those in charge make a change, if the people who stay away are not big enough then the club will continue as it is. I dont expect trophies, I dont expect us to make big money signings, I just expect a decent game and for us to give teams a good game as well. Everton have spent next to nothing, Arsenal in comparison to those around them have not spent, Swansea, Norwich, Wigan have not spent big. Newcastle have hardly spent a penny, so success can be achieved with little or no spending, I dont buy into this spend millions to make success, you just need a decent manager who plays decent football doing the coaching a number of teams have shown us this

          • Morgan mate totally agree with your point of not going down because the brand of football you are paying your hard earned to watch is not in my opinion and mostly all AVFC fans upto par and should be alot better.We all have the right to protest and say no more because of the fact we all care that much to do so i just wish the board could see that they probably do but mcleish is bound by contract. No doubt the board will weigh everything up at the end of the season.IT isnt unoticable by journolists that AM has not been sucessfull as everyone hoped or been creative with his brand of footrball and they have not been short of comments lately about it.I think that because AM hasnt gone yet is just RL seeing out the season and taking stock. I think that if AM is in charge next season will be because the board feel he is owed the chance to buy players and build his own team because of the restraints made upon AM and half of the unwanted pressure the AVFC board bestowed upon him the other 30%himself the other 20%poor player performance.The fact that AVFC have restraints cash wise is because of a huge hole in AVFC cash budget left by MON and his payout and the compo paid to small heath bum boys.It has all had a knock on effect and has been painfull to watch our demise so RL owes it to us to make it better.UTV forever

  10. When it comes down to it, its in the owners best interests to secure the best manager he can. Surely he doesnt need us to tell him this.

    He’s only shooting himself in the foot by persisting with mcleish. Even if he has lost interest, which we have no way of knowing, he needs to do the right thing

  11. I think its funny how AVFC supporters are trying to spend RLs money.Get rid of mcleish pay the millions out of your own pocket RL to pay off AM and his band of merry men.Oh and also do this for us even though we have boycotted games,caused media fracar and generally tried to blackmail you buy not renewing our ST.LOL

  12. Superb work – quite genius too!

    The people have spoken and if Randy does not listen and act his dictatorship is truely selfish, ignorant, arrongant and insulting…

    • Selfish hes put over 240 million into AVFC hardly selfish mate.Ignorant when he gave MON over 100million and trusted him to come good.Also arrogance is telling people what to do with their money because you think you can.Insulting is insulting someone infront of their wife and kid.Lack of good judgement he is guilty of but non of the above.i

      • That’s money he is never going to lose JD.
        Who’s side are you on exactly?

        Yes, RL has plus points for me, but he also took one of the most disastrous decisions in the Villa’s history in appointing AM, imo.

        The “we told you so” has never better applied anywhere I can think of.
        RL should quite simply have listened in this instance and was indeed ignorant, arrogant and insulting to Villa fans, imo.
        But, yes, I don’t agree with selfish.
        I’d replace that with foolish.
        And if he persists with the decision, he faces losing more than a few million quid.
        He faces losing our future, especially if current supporters turn their back on the club.

        • I did say RL was lacking in poor judgemen which i meant the AM appointment .Im also on the side of realism.What i think is realistic.Also isnt arrogance telling somebody how to spend their money if you dont like what they are doing with it.You cant run a club constantly hemeraging money(MON era) without no return unless you are the likes of man city which avfc are not.I always thought that if someone ownes something it is their mistake to make with what they own.The supporters are acting like they own AVFC which they do not which is arrogance no one is bigger than the club right??.Also you cant tell somebody how to spend their money owner or supporter.If mcleishes contract has safegaurds in it from his side which i think it might because of AVFC standing when he took over remember AM is a professional manager knows the ropes then a pay out will be present aswell as looking after his antourage.Remember villa contacted him.This is RLs money which will deal with the compensation not ST sales.I understand everyones dissapointment with this season but it was never going to be one to remember whoever was incharge hense me being on the side of realism.Mcleish is mcleish he was never going to win anything with our players but did with Small heath how did that happen luck all the way to wembley and win it???VILLA is not what it used to be.Big changes are needed but what is it you really want???success costs money in the premeir league you have to have top quality players and manager to be winners.

  13. We don’t have a club that is haemorrhaging money.
    At least not in the sense that figures say.
    That one has been explained.

    And yes, while RL owns the club on paper, it really isn’t his.
    By his own admission, he’s only the custodian (albeit that he’s hoping to make a few bob out of it).
    If he ever forgets that and genuinely thinks it’s solely a business, he is truly f*cked.
    A football club is never totally a business, it’s way more than that.
    It involves loyalty that runs through generations, in the way practically no other outfit can.

    Yep, I want success, albeit moderate (we all realise we ain’t going to be top 4 anytime soon.
    But it doesn’t involve picking the worst possible choice of manager in the whole bloody world.

  14. Is JDvilla JK Rowling in disguise ?

  15. where is all this randy has pumped 200m, maybe he has, but lets not forget this money is all in loans and he is being paid the interest, he will not lose unless we fold. We wont attract a new owner either, they are not prepared to pay these out as well as invest on the pitch. he is here for some time to come. we can try and influence his choice in manager, but at the end of the day he’ll do as he wants just like Doug did and the rest, if we lose money on gates he’ll just sell another player to balance it ex and when we moan will blame revenues, you cant win and wont


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