Darren Bent on twitter lays into Sky Sports Pundits

I like many others love Soccer Saturday on Sky sports but today they have stoked it up.

On the show they claimed that Darren Bent is not playing for us as he wants to ensure in with an England chance. Darren on his twitter feed has laid into them

Let me remind you what Mcleish said this week

“I don’t believe there is a chance of him playing again for Villa this season,” McLeish told the club’s official website. “The doc thinks he’s got a chance for the Euros, though, he’s talking about four or five weeks [until he’s ready to play].”

“He’s running and he’s working individually with the physios.

“I’m not sure if he’s at the level of striking a ball yet, but he can’t be far away from that now.

“The physios will still be working on him to get him back to his peak fitness again.

“We have to make sure he gets back good and proper.”

It is clear from Darren’s word’s that Mcleish will not risk him and thus any indication of the pundits that Darren is shirking it is totally wrong. there is no doubt that his tweets are all aimed at Sky and no indication AT ALL that we should presume anything to do with Mcleish.

Of course they then discussed Villa’s current plight and apparent Charlie Nicolas reckons it is all the fans fault and we got MON the sack. then of course all the nasty fans are being so unkind to poor old Alex because of his Blues links. Forget the rubbish football, the less than 20% win rate , the negative thinking.

Yes thats right, the current situations is ALL OUR FAULT.


EDIT 14:45 – The quotes above Mcleish were from the PA and I have been alerted to these from official site – LINK

“I said ‘are you ready to go on the bench at the weekend or something,” said the Villa boss.

“He said: ‘No, not quite, but I’m making good progress, so boss it might be too soon’.

This puts the whole context of my post above in a different light. I am now not sure what to make of Bent’s tweet as he is contradicting Mcleish’s comments.


18 comments on “Darren Bent on twitter lays into Sky Sports Pundits

  1. Can’t believe u watch that bias crap. U have to remember that the so called pundits only know about the sky 4 and a couple of other teams. Teams like us are an afterthought to be mentioned in passing to pass the time. If u ever watch Sunday supplement it’s full of sleazy London journalists salivating over Rooney and John terry etc. Same as ur on sky sports. Never have any callers to do with villa only top 4. I don’t watch any of these bias programmes any more because of the above. Sky has only a vague idea that we exist the pundits don’t research us as we are not important to them so havnt got a clue what they are talking about. Best thing to do is switch of like uv done.

  2. They said we wanted Mon out and booed him but we didn’t cause he was successful with us and managers are judged on where they are in the league with what they have available and McLeish has failed because he is doing awful with the players he has available to him and it’s not good enough

  3. Charlie Nicolas is full of shit, same as the rest of them, there always having a go at us, while completely ignoring the obvious. They think McLeish is the best we can get right now and we don’t realize what kind of situation OUR club is in. They don’t have a clue.

    Merson still thinks it’s the Birmingham connection, but he’s a bit thick.

  4. that scottish dck said that we didn’t want MON?? what an idiot don’t know nothing

  5. Charlie Nicholas what a wan***

  6. As much of a mess as it is, should we really worry too much? McLeish will be gone in a few weeks anyway.

  7. Lets keep calm brothers.

    The winds of change are about to howl through Brummagem B6.

  8. Is David Luiz Craig johnstons lovechild?

  9. Darren bent is injured. Why bother putting him on the bench. Why dig at him when he’s injured no matter what.

    Everyone at sky are biased tools that know absolutely Jeb all but pretend to know the lot. Fuck sky Fuck their pundits Fuck their apparent ‘experts’

  10. I don’t really see the problem here Ian.
    DB was apparently asked for his own assessment about how he felt and he replied that he wasn’t ready for the bench, although nowhere does it indicate that he refused to take the position.
    Hence in my opinion, your article and DB’s view of the Sky pundits is totally correct.

    I very much suspect that DB would WANT to get on the bench and get some minutes in, if he was indeed fit enough.
    Surely it does no-one any good if they aren’t honing their skills?????

  11. The national press / media don’t care about any midlands clubs. So they don’t realy know anything about them. So when someone asks them something on live tv they just spill out a load of bull and make it up. I would take everything they say with pinch of salt. They are just ignorant.

  12. how about we start a campaign for all villans and other clubs to boycott sky and then see how they squeel and change their opinions, take an ad out in the mail also, then see the coverage, biased bast…. hate them all

  13. Charlie Nicholas, shit player, shit pundit, fuck him, fuck his opinions. Give the sweaty’s their independence and fuck him off back north of the border where he can spend the rest of his days happily eating haggis playing bagpipes and tossing his caber.

  14. Football should be for everyone and every team should get an equal share when the fuck did we want mon sacked? Must of missed that get ur facts right sky

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