102 comments on “Bigger than Me and You – Aston Villa

  1. I’m no mcleish fan but why didn’t u mention the poor quality of most of our players that he had to work with plus no downing or young. Even mourinho would struggle with the dross players we have. And it dosnt matter who is manager next season if the squad stays the same we are in big big trouble and relegation a cert.

    • That simply isn’t a valid argument as we can all name 3 teams with lesser squads on paper that out perform us week in week out: Norwich, Swansea, WBA, you don’t see them playing the fucking dross we do.
      I think you have this totally back to front, McDickhead could be in charge of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Kispest Honved AC, Ajax and the Brazilian sides of of the 70’s and with his Sidam touch he would soon turn any of then into a negative clueless dire defensive pile of unwatchable shit.

      • I disagree BWS mcleish wud still do a job at Barcelona coz they have great players and the team can still run itself even u and me cud manage great players. Are u seriously saying that players like Dunne and warnock wud be top 6 players under mourinho.

        • Dunne and Warnock were top 6 players under MON……

        • So how do you think Mcpileofwank would do with WBA, Swansea and Norwich? And if managing Barcelona is such a piece of piss that runs itself why do they pay a fortune on top notch managers when any fool (as you suggest) could do the job?

          • Because it can’t run itself forever as players age and move on etc. let’s put it this way if AM had young and downing and bent wasn’t injured we would be comfortable midtable by now even under mclown. All I’m saying is that if we had a top class manager next season but squad was exactly the same then we would still struggle albeit we might not go down but wouldn’t be anything special either. Assuming that as villa fans we see ourselves as at least a top 6 team then who would you actually class as a top 6 player or even a top 10 player in the current squad. Bent probably then I’m struggling. Ireland on his day but who else. You have to have quality players as well as a quality manager if you want to be in top 6 or above.

          • Bollocks. McLoser would suck the life out of the greatest team with his negativity.

          • Did u listen to Merson on ssn earlier he said we could have mourinho and wenger on the bench and we would still be where we are now coz the quality of the squad is shit

          • No and I wouldn’t the blokes a fucking idiot (Merson that is),

          • And the cockney prick tipped us to go down the Season so he can kiss my hairy arse.

          • Mersei twat,bhewn’tf wrongaut usnarlygingdntsy, wash?

          • Fair enuf BWS but he is right on this occassion the squad is not good enough no matter who is in charge. This is a fact the players are rubbish and zero quality in team. Even when the scum went down last season they had more points than us FFs.

          • A bit thin on the ground mate, a couple of injuries and we’re right up shit creek and although it kills me to say it you can’t really blame AMC for that.

          • Imagineif Am wud of had bent fit for season think we wud be comfortable midtable now prob around where WBA are.

  2. I really believe we may go down , i can see QPR beating stoke and Bolton beating albion and both teams getting a point away from home, i think Newcastle will take something in the man city game, leaving united to win the league again, i think mcleish will relegate us and walk away, cannot see us beating nor drawing to spurs and norwich i wouldnt like to guess, i just want it to be over tomorrow but i cannot see it happening, this season is taking its time to finish, i fear for us so much!:/

  3. Good article, lets just hope Bolton or QPR lose tom. Our result wont matter at all unless Spurs do us 28-0

    • I have just mis read the goals for and against but i cant see qpr scoring 7 against man City and the ultra defensive Stoke. Bolton wont get 17 in 2 games. Its down to the team to not let in to many goals against a very attacking Spurs team.

  4. I like the post very good points agree totally.

  5. Villa get so much bad luck its bound to go aganist us it always does for us

  6. well after carefully weighing up all the facets of the problems all by myself and thought that the protest was good… now you say you dont i ve changed my mind.
    The low attendences (for the first time in all my life not sold out for United/Arsenal etc) are to do with the endemic problems that exist in the club. Most season ticket holders who did not give up their tickets, most go under a cloud, however i would say that that is the boards fault and not theirs. I still know a sizable minority of people who will not even buy a shirt while Mcleish is still in charge, and the change in morale would be nothing but posative from the fans and the players if he went.

    Also the Doug protests in the 90s 00s created some of the best atmospheres ive been a part of so it doesnt have to be a negative thing- in fact having everyone pulling in the same direction is what everyone wants, but to do nothing is the wrong direction for me

  7. Bolton 1-0 up Petrov Penalty

  8. We are safe goal differnce too big for bolton to catch us and mathematically impossible for Blackburn to catch us

    • I know mate we are safe now phew im so glad its over my heart was pumping i was growling and gritting my teath fuxk.Bolton would need 18 goals to go above us so all good thankyou lord my lord thankyou lord ohhhhhh thankyou lord.How mant injuries how many players rolling around like gay boys god i was screaming for FUXK sake get up lol.Rebuilding time should be an exiting pre season plenty going on players in players out nzogbia is poo.

      • I dont think he has had a single successful dribble all season and we almost scored off of a corner. How many corners is that now

  9. We are safe thank fuck for that its over get shot of mcleish

    • Yep we are safe no excuses McLeish has to go

      • Zogbia can go to hes shit.We defended really well sit to deep though it shows in the 2nd half all the time.

        • Mcliesch out!

        • Mcliesch out! Thank god it over! Now we do what ever it takes to get him out I’m undecided wheater Lerner deserves another shot

        • Downing aint won anything this season doesnt look like europe either for him.I really hope city win the prem then ashley young wont have won a bean either dick head weasle .

          • Downing has won the league cup for pool! therefore will be playing in europe…..

          • But he hasn’t won a major trophy and only in europa league. He got there 3 times with us FFs.

          • Technically he only got to europe twice with us because he was only with us for 2 years! And we were knocked out in the qualifiers both times so never reached the europa league fully.

          • I wish we were ONLY in the europa league this season and won a nothing cup! Instead of this brilliant and fantastic relagation battle……..I bet Downing is gutted on all he has missed out on🙂

          • Ok so hes probably happy he aint at villa who cares what he thinks anyway same as ashley young piss ant.

          • forgot about that??lol

  10. How did these big protests go today?
    Let me tell you this mcleish isn’t going anywhere.you’ve got more chance of gabby scoring a hatrick than eck leaving!

    • had a feeling this would happen

      • Was on auto pilot and typed in one of my passwords to another site, just changed it to be n the safe side

    • Do you have this information from above???Who at the villa gave you this information???

      • Did u c Dunne make his usual clanger and give away pen. Plz don’t say he played well for 89 mins or il scream

        • I saw him slide in and at first i thought there dunney goes again.But to be fair he got the ball first got the first touch.I thought he played well lead the team to a well earned point.Mcleish says he is putting plans in place for next season and has plans for who is going who is staying (in his words”assesing the squad”)He goes onto talk about having a crack at the big time and plans to strengthen the squad.Funny what was in the mail though”HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO”i think he is incharge next season as RL said he would be.

          • 36000 at VP today

          • Hi JD yes he got ball but the big clumsy oaf followed thru which is y it’s a pen. This has gone on far to long now we cannot have a CH in the team who costs us as goal in virtually every game. It means one goal will never be enuf for us no matter who is in charge and who we play against. The guy has been doing this for 2 seasons now how much longer. Mcleish will be here next week and if he retains same squad we are down next yr no doubt about it.

          • Are you guys blind?? He missed by a fuking country mile, ffs, you lot just get funnier and funnier, watch it on MOTD, then ill happily slag u off more

        • Oohah I really thought Dunne was having a great game, I thought hang on a minute I’ve been a little harsh on the fella then there it was, right on cue and par for the course he goes makes his customary gaff, god you could set your clock by him.

          • Exactly I said to my mate at half time when he asked me if I thout we’d hold on I said not a chance with Dunne in the side he will drop his normal bollock and give away a goal!! He did go for the ball but followed thru and u can’t do that. Same as rose on Hutton he got sent of for follow thru. Just hope Dunne is sold in summer. We will def go down next season if we retain players like Dunne, warnock etc no matter who’s in charge.

          • It is a trade mark of his sliding around and feet flying dunnosaur loves the big clumsy lunge lol he is a bit of a liability but he has lead the team for the last two games when gabby was pretending and we got two draws which i expected to be losses.Tame the clumsy slide you got a great ch.Bit to long in the tooth to stop now though.

          • Thing is JD it he will only get worse now as he slows down even more next season so will prob make more clumsy tackles.He will also weigh in with a few ogs as well don’t forget. Then there is the careless back pass remember Bristol rovers FFs. Yes he does some gud as well but no point clearingof the line one minute and then needlessly dropping a bollock a minute later. We cannot repeat cannot afford to have the liabiliatyof Dunne for next season.

          • Me and billy on about who will be sold who do you think????start at bottom of page as it gets longer and longer as we reply lol

          • Oohah I don’t hate AMC and I sort of feel for the bloke, shit paper thin squad and given no money, I don’t care if we win every game 1-0 as long as we win. If he is stopping just hope RL gives him the tools to do the job.

          • Hope so to BWS. He has to give him money to spend but cant c it being more than 10m tops. So not gonna do much with that.

          • Yep, for his own sake he needs to move on, he plays really well in every game he is in up until that mistake, the one that costs us a game and it happens in every game as well

    • Mcleish interview says he intends to be in charge next season. Is this depressing feeling ever going to end..

      • Hi steve looks that way mate thinkRL is going to keep him on otherwise he wouldnt be saying about assesing the squad.They did say they would intend to honour his tenure.The media has been used to make it look like he was going so fans would get that impression and get behind the team to see us safe.

      • Yep, he’ll be there, did all Randy wanted (keep us up on a shoe string). Big clear out now.

        • Yes mate think so who do you reckon is going??

          • Hopefully Dunne, warnock, heskey, hutton , Collins, and cuellar will all go. The whole defence us shit and must be revamped. None of our defenders are gud enough end of. Iv a feeling that next season we will still have AM with exactly the same squad with a small tweak here and there. If this is the case and im sure it is we will go down next season iv absolutely no doubt about it. As u say Lerner has got us safe and from a financial point of view this is all he cares about. Give him 4th from bottom every season and he will take ur hand off for it.

          • I think he will sell and also RL will chip in a bit.AM doesnt fuXk about with transfers he normally gets who he wants.I reckon there was something in the pipeline get through this season on a shoestring so RL can balance the books and RL will give him a few quid for doing so.I think there is big change afoot and might be interesting to see who we bring in.

          • I hate to say this but i hope Hutton is out for a very long time, he really is the biggest pile of shit i have ever seen kick a football

          • Dunne Collins Warnock Hesky Cuéllar and probably Gabby if the money’s right. I’d add Ireland but no one is going to match is wages.

          • (his)

          • Hate to say this bit wouldn’t surpriseme if bent goes as well especially if he plays himself into the windowat euros. I think we will start wig virtually the same squad if so we are down next season.

          • I like Ireland on his day he can be good but he needs quality players that are on his wave length. On the Internet that cuellar is leaving as Wev not renewed his contract thank fuck. Let’s hope Dunne, warnock, mutton, Collins and heskey all piss of to. None of them are any loss to us. 50.50 about gabby think he is worth having in squad as think he cud improve. But then again feel he needs a new challenge bit like vassel.

          • Mcleish normally gets the transfers he wants be interesting to see who comes and goes he doesnt FuXk about.

  11. http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=soccer/12/05/06/manual_181618.html&BID=165

    This man is a joke just read some of the things he says! Lerner out! It’s the only way I think. Mcliesch is bolted to us for now

  12. i think RL will chip in too.

  13. Well i wont be not wasteing money to see mcleish and if is not sacked an empty villa park awits how can he keep him on? Mcleish is a lair anyway remember what he said at the start i will play attacking football dont worry lads he be gone

  14. After 19 short years of living and supporting villa i have officially give up on supporting this club today, maybe i am fickle maybe im not a true fan, but what i most definatly am not is a fool. I will not fool for this rubbish and drool that villa has given me this season, an the people they most need, the new generation, well there bored now, they dont want anything to do with this club and the direction its going in, and that makes me sad.
    We have put up with a lot this season and to be told. He is most likely staying, well that really upsets me, you wont get a penny of my money again, the t-shirts will stop, the season ticket went last year and wont come back, the merchandise, its gone.
    I dont want to be affiliated with a club that turns its back on its most loyal fabs, a business whch turns its back on its most loyal customers, and thats whats happened, slag me off all you like, but aston villa football club has been a disgrace since the disapearance of MON.
    The shit PR, the constant secrets, the lies, it dont hold up with me anymore, the lack of support towards the fans fromte board doesnt go down well.
    I think the last time we properly saw randy speak to us was 2-3 years ago???
    Its over for me, the fans supported the team well today, and supported the club well, but one decent result doesnt make up for the last two seasons.
    You lot are as fickle as they come, and good result and your minds all change, well myn doesnt, i feel the same way as i always did, cleish and randy out!!!!

    • Andy I aint no amc fan but things are how they are, get used to it mate he’s here to stay.

      • We have to get used to it mate.Cant wallow because mcleish stays.

      • Why should I?
        I clearly don’t have to, I’m a customer, and the goods I’m buying aren’t up to scratch, why should we “get used to it”
        Theres a reason we have democracy and the right to vote, and that’s because people didn’t “get used to it”
        They fought for what they wanted, and people like you, well your the shit that the upper crust step on and over, you might be able to settle with mcleish but I don’t, and just because he owns the clubs doesn’t make him entitled to any of my hard earned money, so I’m sorry, as much as I am villa through and through, I’m not a peice of shit ready to be trod on.
        And anyone lining his pocket gets what they deserve, shit football under a shit manager at a great club.
        Randy doesn’t give a shit about me so why should I bother with him

        • Power to the people brother but unfortunately football aint a democracy! I totally agree with your sentiment but randy don’t give a flying fuck what we think as most the money in football comes from sky. Wouldn’t it be great if our voice counted for something and the EPL had adopted the 50+1 like most Bundesliga teams.

          • A lot of mates support other teams and take away the rivalry banter, all of them have said they no longer watch the Villa games unless there teams are playing us, I am sure if not now then in the future this will affect the Sky money, the only people who seem to be onside with McLeish are all of his mates he calls for nothing on his phone all day coming out with BS oneliners, if he put as much thought into his tactics as he did his excuses we would be champions of europe

    • My mind hasnt changed i just realise when things are above my head.So what am i to do wallow in self pity or still follow the villa. Just because i havnt got what i wanted which is AM gone doesnt mean I will not turn my back on the villa and neither do my family my dad and his brother dont like AM either but they still follow the villa.It is up to you what you do i love AVFC and will follow them whatever.

  15. Not saying Ireland should go (he’s really showing some form of late) just I think he will if the right offer comes in due to the money he’s on. I think if someone (MON) comes in with a silly money offer for Gabby AMC will snatch their hand off and use it to rebuild.

    • Be interesting to see who comes and goes before next season.

      • I suppose it dosnt matter who comes and goes JD bottom line is that RL wants a team that survives end of as cheaply as possible. This is now the future of this great club whilst RL is at the helm. We are like the browns now and will only ever be mediocre from now on. I see RLs point of view in a way as really it dosnt make much difference if we finish 6th or 16th so y spend huge amounts of money to try and finish 4th when there is little chance that would happen. I mean look at Liverpool dalglish has done a mon buying overpriced, overrated British players. The only way we can move fwd as a club now is if RL sells if not this season will be the blueprint for RL for years to come.

        • Mate lets not forget RL spent alot of cash with oneill.Maybe this season was a test and RL wasnt going to throw money at mcleish as RL wanted to see what AM could do with hardly anything before he gives him some real; cash to spend.Also he has been relegated so wasting money just to go down wouldnt be clever.Survive on nothing and prove to me you can and we will see about money next season.

          • I admire ur optimism JD but Lerner Is potless. It is common knowledge that he wants to reduce the wage bill. He will give AM some money to spend but it won’t be more than 10m and we will more than likely sell bent.

          • Is that 10 million plus the sales???im just speculating about things i dont want to mope round with my arse in my hands because i didny get my own way ay gr.

          • No I reckon it’s 10m all in probably including wages I’m afraid. Il be amazedif it’s any more than that.

      • Jd I bet you’re still b here next season…….yes?

    • Billy it won’t take silly money to get the road runner just a silly manager .
      England striker don’t make me laugh.

  16. So McLoser (let’s all give him a chance sob, sob) looks like he’s staying. Well, well, well. Safe it seems. We didn’t renew when McFucking Useless was given the job last year. We’ll not sign up again this year. And what’s worse? To my kids Villa no longer exist. Well done Randy. Well fucking done. A generation lost. Forever.
    Followed my Villa since 1976 and now it’s over if this twat is really staying. Even if Sheik Oily-Bollocks came in next year, it’s too late. The all too real threat of AM being here next year has cut the lifeline. Don’t blame you andrewbendall, fuck them all if this is what Randy wants.

  17. I just dont see the point anymore in moaning about mcleish.Its not like any of the protesting,boycotting or media manipulation did any good.I dont want AM at VP next season but it is over my head.The season is over and i plan to take my mrs son to his first football match next season hes 10 and he loves football.I was going to take him to the fulham game but didnt think it was wise as all the protesting was going on.I am married to AVFC have been all my life so no AM or RL will stop me loving AVFC.I dont need the politics just the football.Hope it improves next season.

    • Isnt that a firm of child abuse taking a ten year old to watch that dross. Poor kid. Lol. Only joking. Just a shame he has to go under this regime. Even in the old 3rd division i had more hope than now.

    • Then have fun JD, pissing yr money up the wall. I and at least another ten ST holders are finished. The occasional game maybe, but as long as AM and that idiotic behaviour of RL remains this clubs support will continue to die. Do u think Lerner thinks he can attract fans back over a few seasons? Does he not know football doesn’t work like that???

      • …That’s 10 ST holders I know btw…

      • I no quite a few lifetime St holders who are seriously considering whether to renew or not even if mcleish does go as they are not convinced by current squad under a y manager and feel all Lerner wants is prem survival and that’s it. I reckon at least half won’t renew so another 6-7 on to your 10 Jeff.

        • I no atleast 5 lifelong fans that won’t go, my parents refused to give money to RL and AM this season, best decision they made, the new front room is great, and an extra holiday, can’t wait.

          Stick your 1.2k up your arse randy, cause there isn’t a chance in hell you’ll be getting our money again

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