The worst ever home season nearly over

Well this is it, last home game of the season.

The end at Villa Park of an horrible, awful season. The worse ever home season in our WHOLE HISTORY will be over by 4PM on Sunday and that will be a relief to us all.

Of course in Villa world nothing is simple is it ? the story about the fracas just adds to the gloom of the whole season. We have the Mcleish Out protests as well and for some they will affect the players, I think what happened Monday is more likely. So we play Spurs and after ArRy staying the destroyed Bolton and will need to beat us. I expect a cautious team of course from Villa and the line up like (think these are all fit !!)





Of course like at Spurs away he could decide the world’s best ever player needs doubling up on but doubt it this time. What I do see from this game is unfortunately a very sombre atmosphere, a 35K crowd at best (meaning no capacity for the first time in a long time) and a defeat, 2-0 at least.

The sooner this season is over the better. The sooner Mcleish goes the better and the sooner I can renew. I do not want this to be the last game as a Season Ticket holder I attend.

25 comments on “The worst ever home season nearly over

  1. Looking forward to some exciting news on the manager front , I’m thinking Di Canio!!!!!

    • Don’t count ur chickens mcleish has not gone and wud not surprise me if still here next season. Press have been told by villa pr to make it look like he’s going so ST sales go up. We will probably be linked with messi or some other player we havnt a hope in hell of getting. Dosnt matter who manager is unless we get rid of the deadwood Dunne, warnock, heskey, cueller, Collins and Hutton then even mourunho will struggle.

      • The press don’t print whatever they are role knowing it isn’t true! If anything they either print something or don’t for fear of biting the hand that feeds.

        Lerner can’t make all the press say anything he likes.

      • I hear you mate but surely they can’t keep defending the indefensible . I for one were fortunate not to renew at the start of the season , although my Saturday’s are still taken up by various stream sites , but I can assure you I will not be getting one next season unless drastic changes are made !

    • Me thinks ur gonna b disapointed

      • Have you heard that advert on talk shite , the one about pc virus protection. ” no no no no no ” lol

  2. Cappello always came to Villa as England manager and he is looking for a Prem job. lets get him.

  3. Spurs defence is shit put N’Zog in place of Gabby and put Gabby in charge of running the bath afterwards,

    Mutton and Warnock can’t pass a ball so piss them of now and stick Baker and Gardiner and another, can’t do any worse than wants gone before.

    PS – Mcduff can help out with the catering.

  4. Scum losing 1.0 agent Davies og lol

  5. God! Is the season not over yet?! What’s worst, watching Villa or Snooker? Zzzzz!

    Fork it! Come on Villa – just 1 more point I think.

    HaHa Blues losing – ouch!

  6. You know, season ticket holder for a number of years & I really dont give a fuck anymore

  7. I can’t believe that Lerner would give McLeish another season. especially after he saw first hand at the Bolton game exactly how we feel. McLeish is now probably on a pay off bonus to keep us up.

  8. Let’s give appy arry a warm villa park welcome with a rousing chorus of…
    he’s really pissed that Woy’s got it.

  9. I honestly believe Mc Clueless will be in charge next season

    • No he wont be. He’s a dead man walking, and will be history within the days following our trip to Carrow Road.

  10. Bale vs Hutton this weekend – could be a long afternoon (but possibly short one for Hutton as he could be in for an early bath).

  11. Villa Park was half empty when Andi Weimann scrambled home that late, late, late winner against The Cottagers, so there’s a few thousand Villa Park regulars who haven’t witnessed us secure a victory since November 5th. A disgraceful statistic really.

    The sooner the curtain comes down on this complete and utter shambles of a campaign, allowing us to focus on the 2012-13 season, the better for everyone with claret and blue blood pumping through their veins.

    In a season of depressing, disappointing performance after depressing, disappointing performance, it is a fact that our complete and utter no show at White Hart Lane was arguably the absolute pits, the lowest of many woeful and embarrassing efforts.

    Hopefully on Sunday afternoon our players can atone for that disgraceful effort, and obtain some revenge over Tottenham Hotspur, by securing our top flight status, while putting a huge dent in the Spurs pursuit for a top three or four finish.

    I live in hope, but I sure aint holding my breath.

    • very good point mate on the last home victory, that alone should ensure AM is gone

    • I pray to god they do get something Glensider, but like you, i’ve seen nothing, absolutely nothing to suggest they will.
      That performance at The Lane, was without doubt the worst performance of the season, the game where AM really showed us what he is all about, you are right, it has been absolutely shocking, painful to watch dirge.
      And I hope James Collins is bombed out as soon as possible, second time in about a year that this excuse for a defender has let the club down after a night on the pop, it is fucking appalling the whole fucking lot of it.

  12. Lets get this behind us and move on be a horrible season

  13. Wanknapp to get a ” triffik ” reception.


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