Support the Mcleish Out day, do not let the excuses get in the way

So we head into our last game of the season, an horrible season.

I fully support the Mcleish Out Day and whilst we think he is gone we should make sure he is left in doubt as to our feelings tomorrow, here are the details from Chris.

Of course Mcleish has used the brawl to deflect away other questions but no excuses should be used.


Here is an outline for the Day:

    Flyers will be available from all around the ground from 11.00am onwards.
    Protest will be begin at 1pm. Trinity Road, near the McGregor Statue.
    As part of the organised McLeish Out Day protest we suggest to hold your flyers up when McLeish emerges from the tunnel and also at full time.
    We propose that fans remain for the “lap of honour” and make their feelings known about McLeish remaining as manager.
    This is our last chance to make ourselves heard, we can not endure another season like this.

For 90 minutes we will be behind the lads 100% as always and will do our best to roar them on to victory. These protests are aimed solely at one man.

We all want want is best for Aston Villa, and one thing most of us can agree on is Alex Mcleish is not the man to take this club forward


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51 comments on “Support the Mcleish Out day, do not let the excuses get in the way

    Chelsea directors spoke with with a member of the Qatari ruling family yesterday about investing in the club’s future.

    So it looks all the speculation about this here Quatari take over at Villa was grade a bullshit (unfortunately).

    • I think its bullshit but the Qataria ruling family is massive, they are looking at sponsoring a number of clubs around Europe to promote Qatari business, there are a lot of Qatari businesses. It maybe a small country but it probably has more multi billionares than anywhere else in the world, the only thing is they all seem to be from the family. So yes it is bullshit but no there are more than one of them. They sponsor Barcelona and own Malaga so it means nothing and probably has more to do with stadium sponsorship

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