Arry is crying, woe betide the next teams Spurs face

Just listening to mogadon Roy Hodgson at the moment (yes I would take him at Villa!!) and in Sand banks someone is crying.

Lets say that there is a chequered history between AVFC and dear old ‘Arry Redknapp. Clearly from the time he was cleared of any crime he was the favourite for the England job. The London press were so desperate for him as it seems the majority of England fans took in by his cheeky cockney persona.

He would never have been my first choice for the job. I think he is so vastly overrated that Hodgson long term is the best manager. So Arry may well be very angry and upset at this time watching on TV, I would hate to think of the reaction he could get from the next teams Spurs play.


Of course one of the next matches is us and whilst I think we are safe for our last home game in the worse ever home season we NEED a win at least. I do feel that arry’s reaction to this could be very bad for us Saturday and has it already given Mcleish the excuse he needs for yet another defeat ?

90 Minutes to go and by 4PM on Sunday our sorry home season will be over AT LAST.

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112 comments on “Arry is crying, woe betide the next teams Spurs face

  1. The next match for Spurs is Bolton tomorrow.

    • Hahaha you beat me to it!! Pointless article much?

      • Any article that generates discussion from so many class poster’s is a win for me. Plus I hate that soar face twitcher !!! Can anyone remember when all the holte were giving him grieve, he came out and said what orrible ( see what I did there !) swearing fans we were . My brother emailed me a link when he was at pompy

      • Any article that generates discussion from so many class poster’s is a win for me. Plus I hate that soar face twitcher !!! Can anyone remember when all the holte were giving him grieve, he came out and said what orrible ( see what I did there !) swearing fans we are . My brother emailed me a link when he was at pompy , he was doing a interview and one of the players booted the ball at him!!! He stopped he interview and swore at the player for about 3 mins !!!! What a hypocrite

  2. Thankfully you can’t just decide to have momentum or be on form. Spurs have been struggling and they will still be that struggling side when they arrive at VP. They’ll probably win, yes, because we’re worse. But it won’t be a hiding from a swashbuckling Spurs side. The fact that ‘arry will still be there next year will probably have no bearing on Luka Modric who by now already has a suntan and a hangover.

  3. They haven’t won away in 2012 I believe, and as pointed out they have Bolton tomorrow. Like BOF said though they’ll probably still beat us given our poor home form.

    Anyway I thought we were definitely going down if we lost to Bolton? Or was that just another sensationalist piece?

    • we were going down, it is only the ineptitude of others that will keep us up.

      As for this piece I hate Arry so glad he never got the job but those who will face spurs will feel the backlash

      • No such thing as a spurs backlash. Y wud spurs be trying any harder v us. They r still vying for CL spot so wud have to play well anyway. That wud still be the case whether HR was there or not. I don’t get wot ur trying to say especially when theyv got Bolton before us.

      • Ian – Villa will destroy Spurs.

  4. I would hazard a guess Ian its the let down of the FA not picking him, And if the truth was known that court case didn’t do him any favour either, how can a guy pick a team sheet and not read ? or write, he made it bad for himself by stating that in the court case.

    • I agree bill iv a feeling that redknapps past is still to catch up with him despite court case victory. The fa are prob aware that there is maybe another scandal on its way. I no he win court case but that just means his lawyers were better than than prosecution lawyers dosnt necessarily mean he is innocent. Him claiming he is illiterate has lost him all credibility IMHO.

      • I have to state that Arry is perfectly innocent as found by a court of law and we can not say otherwise.

        • Oj Simpson was found not guilty too and we all know what happened there. Not saying HR is guilty either just generalizing that people in general who appear in court have been proven to be guilty when found innocent and visa versa of course. But it could be a possibility that despite him being found innocent the fa may still be thinking no smoke without fire rightly or wrongly.

  5. boring article and quite pointless. Bolton tomorrow will give them a game but i suspect a draw which i would take as it leaves them 2 points behind us with 2 to play, baggies for them at the reebok sunday so im guessing it will be a weird game with the hosts needing to win but all the attention being on hodgson. i think we could scrape a point against spurs leavin bolton and qpr (if they overcome stoke0 to beat city away who we all know are in pole position to take the title. looks like we might just stay up on default only. Mcleish……. GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! Martinez or Lambert and im delighted. ST sales will go through the roof and the extra money will pay his compo, which wouldnt be a huge amount as we wouldnt of made the same mistake after houllier and o’neill. there would of been certain clauses. Could be my 19th season ticket this year….. just when i had altered for the first time since the first on whether to renew or vote with my feet. Cant do it so i will be there at the back of the holte welcoming roberto or paul with open arms…… good luck for next season to either who fancies the challenge of managing a big club with big expectations. nought wrong with that. thrive on the challenge.

    • Dovey ST sales would not necessarily go thru the roof just coz martinet etc is coming to VP. If we keep the same squad even mourinho would struggle to keep us up. For me to buy a ST then the following players have to go as well Dunne, warnock, Hutton, heskey, cuellar, Collins
      And maybe gabby. I will not pay good money to watch the above dross even if we had pep guadiola in charge.

      • Well I go cuz I support the badge and everything it stands for! I’m not a Richard Dunne supporter, nor am I a Gabby Agbonlahor supporter…. I’m an Aston Villa supporter, so like any other real supporter I will go to try and help them suck in a goal or two because I want my team to do better than everyone else’s team. I agree that some of the players we have are not great but if I picked my team like that like you I’m sure pick ya games you might aswell follow La Liga and Barcelona. I’m a brummie and there my local team so will watch them and stand by them through thick and thin regardless. That’s the beauty of loving a team till death do us part. Your a fair weather fan so supporting villa you will have more rainy days than sunny so you might aswell Start supporting man city now then.

        • Hardly a fair weather fan iv been a st holder every year up until this one since 1972. I started following us in the old 3rd division which is more than a lot of fans would do nowadays. Iv done my time and supported this club thru more bad times than good and after 40 years of being a ST holder have more than earned the right to call myself a true villa fan. If u read article properly I didn’t say I wouldn’t go I said I wouldn’t buy a ST there is a difference.

          • well i will be there evrry week. like most away games. if you dont fund the club we simply dont have this debate as we wont have one left. The club needs fresh injection of enthuisiasm which a new manager (the right manager) will bring 150%. Yes this season has been the worst i can remember but its like a marriage…. you have good days, some great days but the majority of time its frustrating and boring which this seasons falls into the latter unfortunately. We will be back regardless of what squad we field and who is playing, they just need some encouragement. So as i said before….. when its windy, rainy and just horrible outside i will be there on the terraces…. you my friend can enjoy ya cuppa ya mrs has just bough you whilst fulfilling your sky subscription of ÂŁ22. Just stick with it. However…. i applaud you on the ‘as you say’ 40 years service prior if that was the case. Just seems strange how someone views can change so bluntly after years of seeing worse thats all….

          • I’m still funding the club as still going to about 85% of home games and 50% of away games and buy merchandise. On the ST it’s not so much villa it’s football Per se ie games kicking of at stupid times interferes with other interests in my life now personal and work. That is main reason over 40 years things change and even thou villa is a major part of my life iv fallen out of love with football and how it’s become now with sky and money side has made it to predictable. Even in the 3rd division I still had hope that we would rise again and conquer all which we did. Now I feel there isn’t much hope at all.

          • Been watching Villa since the 3rd Div days too – and like you I find that everything connected with football these days leaves me cold. The sheer lack of variety at the top of the game today makes me less and less interested: it’s not that long ago that clubs like Forrest and Ipswich [let alone the Villa] could challenge and even win titles, European competition, etc., and shock the likes of ManU and L’pool – now it’s all about hype and money.

          • Spot on ardent I remember when any team if they started well could win the league even when Liverpool where at their most dominant. Nowadays a very averageman u team are still light years ahead of us and cud still win the league. Today’sgeneration cud not grasp how a team like forest won European cup twice.

          • …or the fact that you had to play 42 games in the old 1st Division, and win the title before you even got to play in the European Cup! None of this ‘finish 4th and stay on the permanent gravy-train’ crap.

          • Happy days Ardent, with 2 points for a win would Man ure have won so many titles? Me thinks not, it was really hard to pull away from the pack back in the day and as you say you had to be “Champions” to play in europe’s premier compitition not finish 4th. This totally devalues the compition (imo) and all for the beneifit of TV companies and their advertising revenue by giving the so called big boys more than one bite at the cherry, it stinks.

          • Exactly when we won EC we did it as champions when it was a proper champions league. Just a joke nowadays so the sky 4 can stay ahead of teams like us coz the London media hate us for winningEC at first attemp.Also worth mentioning was we had 8 local derbies when we won league and unbeaten in all of them. Ipswichand Liverpool only had one.

      • MAN you really have it in for dunne, managed to meet him and share a pint with him in Dublin, really is a top bloke funny as f–ck,..(typically being an irishman), and has great taste in movies, then on the other hand you have Gabby waste of space (actually dont think hell ever score again ), wouldnt be caught dead mingling with common folk, let alone sign an autograph..post Bolton match anyone! ps. really needs to work at one on one situations i mean isnt that striking 101, little off point mate i know just had to say lay off Dunne we need him.

        • I met him to and he is a nice bloke but dosnt make him a good player. Yes he is good at times but still switches if in games and make huge mistakes that cost us. Mcleish is a nice guy too we are all agreed on that but we all know he is useless and want him out. Just coz Dunne is a nice guy to go and have a pint with dosnt make him a good player. Sorry but will never lay of Dunne until he is gone.

          • But is AMC a nice bloke? Media savvy yes, the bloke really knows the right things to say but would such a nice bloke have told the Hibs fans “I’m here as long as you want me” (allegedly) and then fucked off to Rangers a week later and then do the same to Small Heath, nice??? Emmm, me thinks more like treacherous and lacking an ounce of integrity or moral fibre.

          • Iv met mcleish a couple of times when he was manager of the scum and on the surface he does seem to be a genuinely nice guy. But that was only my impression. He cud be a nasty git for all I no. Basically I don’t care whether someone is nice or not all I care is is if they can be successful at villa end of.

          • Amen to that, the manager could be akin to Atilla the hun as far as I’m concerned just as long as he brings some success back to VP.
            How’d you meet him? Don’t tell me you were sluming it down at the sty!

          • No met him in local as lived by me not fair to say where thou. A lot of blues players are near me as well unfortunately but ken mcnaught is a regular nice guy to but at least we won things with him. Seen Collins in local a couple of times to dosnt look like someone ud mess with that’s for sure lol.

  6. Actually fancy us for the win this weekend. We hit rock bottom with the Bolton match but can see the lads putting in a performance with it being the last home game. Spurs have been poor for weeks and have shown up Redknapp for the limited manager he is. No tactics, no Plan B, so glad he won’t be England mangager. Good that Hodgson got the job but really don’t see why if he was going to continue until the end of the season they couldn’t have waited. Bernstein might feel they haven’t disrupted WBA season but to many their game against Bolton is quite a big deal. Really won’t appreciate it if the Baggies roll over, now. The result might still matter to us…

  7. Has anyone actually thought that he actually might have turned the poison chalice down.Hes got spurs flying high a job for god knows how long unless he gets a really bad season but cant see it with the players at his disposal ,his experiance and transfer kitty to.It doesnt all have to come out in the press.He could of been approached and turned it down didnt have to go to a formal interview just said no.It is the poison chalice and hasnt got the everyweek football,exitement of the champions league or europa league.There is no FA cup league cup and the England job doesnt last forever.Given the opposition and the euros to lose whats the point.Lets face it the baggies are never going to get champions league so Roy of the rovers took it.

  8. Redknapp was not even considered, i think it is because his teams struggle against the counter attack, Norwich, Chelsea, QPR and even the draw at Sunderland. His teams do play great football but it is not suitable for the international game. I say this as a big Harry fan as well

  9. I’d rather have an honest man like roy in the job but fear the reds top will make his life a misery then things inevitability go wrong. Which vegetable will they portray him as? At least we know that Roy doesn’t hold offshore bank accounts in the name of his pet dog!

    • England manager’s job is usually the end of the career – the tabloids already have it in for Woy ‘coz they didn’t get ‘their’ choice, just wait ’till his first 0-0 or loss.

    • The tabloids will conveniently forget to mention that the players are not up to winning tournaments

  10. Spurs have blamed their dip in form on a job that their manager wasnt even approached for. How pathetic can you get?

  11. I was hoping Mcleish would get the england job !!!!

    • Given says he is a fantastic manager…!!

      Got his name written all over the Irish Job after the Euros…………….. McNoQualifier..!!

  12. Man villa need a boost a fresh start in the summer without mclueless fed up of being depress about villa, wanna go villa park and hear fans cheering again for the right reasons want villa park to be a fortess again

  13. getting bored of pointless articles…..yaaawn ..oh well a good read before bedtime…

  14. Rumour going round DB will be firt for norwich thats been quashed today so no DB.He is looking to play in the euros though saving himself for that isnt he tut tut DB you could of helped.

    • Well that’s gud for us if he’s saving himself for England as he will no doubt play himself into the shop window and we will get more for him when we sell him this summer. And if he plays crap no one will want him so at least we get his goals for another season. Win win for us either way.

  15. You base your articles on nothing!!! A Harry backlash because he hasn’t got the england job??? Gimme a break, that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a while.

  16. One stupiest things ive read in a while is mcleish is a fantastic manager gimme a break

  17. Don’t like Arry the cockney wideboy who thinks Villa fans are filth.

    Don’t like Spurs, got attacked by a coach load of the cockney twats on an M1 service station,they were going the opposite way, while I was on the way to Arsenal Vs Villa that being the day we won the old Div1 in 81, great days indeed!

    Don’t like McLeish, should not be at Villa.

    Don’t like this season, it’s been a mess of enormous proportions, thanks to Faulkner and Randy, which has set us fans against each other.

    Don’t like errrrr that’s it.

  18. Great goal from Modric

  19. Yea mate typical, remember his miss last kick of the game against Chelsea? arsehole.

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