We will only survive by others failures

As we all wait for Mcleish to go lets ponder on this point.

Mcleish is going, many of us want it to be now and before the Spurs game but as time goes on that looks unlikely and is a mistake. Mcleish knows he is going, look at his face on Saturday, look at his actions and tell me that is a person staying in his position, course not.

Some say he should stay only because he could be worse for the team, I ask HOW ??? How would it be worse if he goes and when Alan Hutton is wheeled out to defend him you know all hope is lost.

So if you look at the delight we took in the results yesterday it shows how sad it all is where we are. I hated wanted Chelsea and Spurs to win and yet there we were. The facts remain that we will only stay up not because we have done anything positive but because of others failings.

We will survive because to go down we would have to lose both the two remaining games and QPR somehow get something at Man City. We all know that will not happen, we are safe and as ST renewal deadline approaches have I noticed less people are now getting rung up to renew ?

What incentive is there for anyone to renew now, none, just give me that incentive and within 24 hours I guarantee at least two Season Tickets will be renewed.

31 comments on “We will only survive by others failures

  1. It would be pointless to sack him now with 2 games left, the players have a lot to prove. Richard Dunne played out of his skin on Saturday, maybe the injury and the break was needed.

    Our Prem safety is more important and the lack of ST sales will prove to the club that the fans mean business(only they have the stats). No more Booing, hissing until a) we are safe b) End of the last game.

    I hate having mcLeish as our manager but i woyuld hate the championship more, we have put up with this shit football all season another 2 weeks will not make any difference, a change in manager so late in the season may well be disruptive all we need is a draw and we have the draw merchant at our disposal

    • we are all but safe, so no point him staying, it would not be disruptive at all, he and his buddy eff off and KM and Sid take over, dead easy, dead simple.

      all we need is a draw was called the blues defence, good job the others so shit around us, much so than last season

      • Ian I love your blog normally but this one is ridiculous. Dosnt everyone wait on the results of other teams to rely on what happens at some point. If man city win tonite then utd would be relying on other teams to take points of city. I bet spurs and Chelsea were relying on Wigan to beat newcastle. Your comment above about mcditherer taking over I’m assuming u mean till end of season and not permantly. I hope so anyway as mcditherer is another joke IMHO

      • We are all but safe! Those exact words written here this time last season….. Ions thing is for sure we can not be in this position next season. There has to be change and that change needs to start from the momment the last whistle is blown this season! Not a minute later!

    • Words of wisdom, Morgan Villa, of which there are few around. The right approach is what our away support did at the weekend and focus on getting behind the team. Too many people are fixated on seeing the back of McLeish and not on staying in the Prem. There’s no need to panic – let’s pick up a point somewhere and then let off steam.

  2. Exactly,we’ll stay up not because of mcleish, but because the teams below are even more shit. In other words we’ll stay up because of default. Mcleish may have had a lot of injuries (particularly the loss of bent) this season but he hasn’t helped himslef with his defensive football and negative approach to games.This is reflected in the position we are in-15th place and in a relegation battle, apart from wolves we’ve won the least amount of games and apart from stoke we’ve scored the least. Mcleish must go definitely before next season, he has hideously underperformed, Faulkner must realise what a disasterous appointment he made, he must go too, we could all see it was the wrong decision in the first place.

  3. Sack him now and put K Mac in charge till the end of the season and this will guarantee no negative vibes towards the guy in charge in 2 games of the season.
    UP THE VILLA……….

  4. Saying we’re only staying up because the teams below us are rubbish is like saying we’d be in Europe if only for the teams above us. It’s a league – you finish where you deserve to finish. We’ve broken one or two records this season, among them the amount of nonsense masquerading as insightful comment that’s been written.

    I’d have played for the Villa if it hadn’t been for a few kids who had a bit more skill than me at the time…

  5. This blog is consistantly negative from the next two games we can atleast get two points we are difficult to beat the amount of draws we have had demonstrates that! no i`m not happy with our season, no I am not happy with the style of football… but this negativity is futile…I firmly believe if you think negative things negative things happen.

  6. I know how you feel tbh, it feels so demoralising to know that your destiny is out of your hands but this is how the dice have fallen. Mcleish didn’t set out to relegate Villa and if some players didn’t leave us in the lurch after promising to stay, saying no names (downing) than we would be in a better position, not to mention the bad luck which was out of even Mcleish’s hands. Bent injured, Dunne injured, Given injured and not to mention the unbelievable news about our captain. Mcleish IS to blame however in using defensive football when we have so much attaking flair, not to mention buying Hutton who I think isn’t a good fit at Villa. I would have bought Jarvis instead of N’Zogbia but no one cannot deny that Shay Given was a very wise purchase.
    I wouldn’t know who I would want to come to Villa if Mcleish goes, who would WANT to come? It’l be a challenge for Guardiola let alone say Martinez or Rogers, but it’s not my choosing.
    I’m sure it will get sorted out in the end.

  7. depending on tonights result, i can see qpr picking up 4pts, city with nothing to play for if they lose tonight

  8. We have two games left and we are above all the bottom clubs.Blackburn cannot finish above us now because of goal difference even if they win both remaining games.Stoke should be our savour as taking a 6-1 bashing qpr will be on a proper downer.If we lose to spurs and qpr lose to stoke all over aswell but you probably al new that anyway lol.How did it get to the papers that mcleish should be gone after this season who told the press??????????????????????????????????????????//

  9. I wonder if he’ll stay in the dugout against Spurs?

    • I think he only stayed out of sight so the focus could be on the team not mcleish nothing else the mans thick skinned

  10. I wonder just what RLs real goal was for mcleish this season???As everybody must of known Faulkners poppycock about euro footy was bollox and that was just to get the fans onside but didnt wash.Same as ellis the other day top 6 in what the dementia division of oap fc.RL told mcleish the other day goal was just to stay in the prem so will lerner really go back on his word of support for mcleish and the statement about honouring his tenure why say it if they were not going to honour it?????I think the papers are just speculating mcleish will go to get a response or a story.

  11. This is an outstanding viewpoint even by your standards !

    If my aunty had a pair she’d be my uncle !?!

    It has been a poor season, but Aston Villa have more than likely already registered enough points to stay up with a couple of games to go.

    That isn’t down to anyone other than us.

    Pretty poor season, put it behind us, get someone else in and see where we go next season. I’m looking forward to getting served in no time and having a bit of a stretch out with so many of you not bothering to watch us anymore.

  12. Oh ah, you said we wouldn’t get another point, we got one on Saturday and were unlucky not to take the spoils.

    I reckon we might well remain undefeated for the rest of the season. We haven’t actually lost that many away, only five, and only Citeh have lost less. I can’t remember when we last picked up nineteen points on the road.

    The home form has cost us dear.

    If we could keep the solid look and add a threat on our travels next season things would be looking up.

    At home, we just have to try and beat teams. That is his biggest failing for me.

  13. two seasons ago for away I would guess ?

    course home form has messed us up and been like that for many a season, wasn;t the best one in a while the one where GT Mark 2 stayed up because of home form ?

  14. Away form was woeful under MON, we’d win five and lose fourteen.

    Home form has never really been the same since the days of Little’s 5-3-2 and even Gregory’s sides laying siege to opposition goalmouths.

    I’m chuffed with an attack these days.

  15. I think you really need to quit with this ‘we are are safe’ malarky. I know it’s unlikely QPR will get anything but I didn’t think Wigan would at the emirates either. Can’t help feeling you’re tempting fate a little!!

    • i agree. Citeh have a habit of “losing it” and fear they my well do that on the final day. I’m more hopeful that bolton will lose their next two meaning we are effectively safe come our trip to norwich.

      simply put – i won’t believe that we’re safe until we have 38 in the P column and above 18th position in the table. ..

  16. We’re safe if we win on Sunday.

    Bolton and QPR aren’t going to win all of their games scoring the fourteen and eleven goals needed to make up goal difference.

    • If we win on Sunday! Against Spurs, do you really fancy us to get a result? A point would do nicely but I can’t see it.

      • I don’t expect us to win, I just hope that McLeish watched their game against Blackburn and goes with an attacking line-up.

        I can see it being a nervy day out at Norwich. We’ve had one of those before though.

  17. Go with an attacking line up? Unlikley at best and seeing what we’ve all witnessed at VP so far this season the chances of that happening are pretty remote but hopefully either Stoke at QPR or the Baggies at Bolton can do us a big favour otherwise it’s gonna be proper squeaky bum time at Norwich.

    • draw at qpr and we draw with spurs all over mate.

      • If only it was that easy JD, Spurs are up there with the best of the best on their day and I have little confidence in our lot getting a corner let alone a point.

        • I know mate not that easy but we got a point at the hawthorns which i didnt expect as the baggies had won 4 out of 5.Shock points have been won all around us and we are due a win.If we are tight in defense i think we can get a point.Have to be shit hot dunny and cuellar.Hutton must not play i think collins will be back see what him and dunne can do with cuellar at RB.Herd,clark dms.

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