Player of the Season – Stephen Ireland, not joking

It is the yearly Aston Villa awards tonight, must be fun eh ?

First off should say that Alex Mcleish has been spotted there so not gone, YET.

As to the awards,

Goal of the Season – Weimann for the fantastic goal against Stoke.

Young Player of the Season – Andreas Weimann

Player’s Player of the Season – Stillyan Petrov and he gave an emotional video address apparently and would have been my choice.

Former player of the Year – Gordon Cowans

Goal Celebration of the year – Eric Lichaj
Then somehow, do not know how, Stephen Ireland got the Fans Player of the Year.

I know it has been a very bad season but surely not that bad, I mean look at his stats (from ESPN)

Played 22
Goals 1
Assist 3
Shots 15

Player of the season above Petrov and Given, come on guys who voted for him ? Was you drunk or something or just rated him for three games this season ?

However the good news is the last ones to win the fans Players of the year soon left …..

Bad bad season eh ?

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65 comments on “Player of the Season – Stephen Ireland, not joking

  1. In fact the fans should hav got an award for putting up with this shit season you hav bad this season when fans vote for a player who scores one goal in 2 years when in fact bents goals hav kept us up in 2 seasons and they say fans know best?

  2. No doubt about it Ireland was our player of the season…i would think in about 60-70% of MOTM polls he won and was in the top three for 90% of the games he played. Given has had his issues this year between injury and not being too commanding under crosses and while I think it would have been fitting for Stan to have got it I don’t see what you are going so mad about! For me Ireland is by far the best footballer at Villa!

    Can someone tell me why he hasn’t played the last two games…i havent seen anything about an injury but surely he would have started the games otherwise!

    • Basically we are better without him , even Steve Warnock has played better than Ireland in midfield

  3. Villa are in serious trouble if lreland is our best player 1 goal 3 assits how is that good please explain?

  4. he was prob our most exciting and improved player, one of the few to have shown heart. Was he player of the season in a traditional sense? no. Does it show how spread the vote was? yes. Does it show how poor a season we have had? yes. Does it show the flaws in democracy? yes. But most of all it shows how little the fanbase agree with Mcleish’s stagnent selection which has restricted his appearences.

  5. What happened to the ‘Villa Good News Award’ – McLeish finally resigns?????
    Bunch of dog shit.
    Only the ‘kids’ desrved to be recognised this season.
    I fucking hope McLoser was using the night to say his goodbyes and farewells……………..

  6. Given should have probably got it because he was probably the most regular starter, although in terms of level of performance, ireland was our best player. Closely followed by Lichaj and Weimann although they only have 10 games between them!! What a great season!!

  7. I think he was pretty good under an atrocious manager and adapted well to playing in different positions, something N’Zog, Hutton, Gabby, Albrighton etc etc etc didn’t do. So I think the competition has been limited by the manager recognising where players play well and then giving them different positions. I’d have given it to Stan though, he had his off games but he never stopped, was an inspiration to the younger players and, well, was a proper captain

  8. I’d have given Stan the award, couple of great strikes that picked up invaluable points as it has turned out, and let’s be honest, we do miss him controlling games and leading the younger players through games.

    Robbie Keane has been the best player we have had this season though.

  9. Dont know how they get to these decisions he hasnt been the best but saying that all round players have underacheived or stayed static in progression amongst the seniors.The players have openly admited to underacheive ment with alot of lacklustre performances.RL PF “Mcleish will be trusted to guide Villa to safety for Spurs and Norwich games.

  10. I would have said Herd for player of the season, i think he will be a really good DM for us, not afraid to tackle and put his head in where it hurts. Nobody has been outstanding this season really so not surprised to see it go to Ireland.

  11. What the hell is wrong with you people. Get the hell of Irelands back, hes played a damn site better than the majority of the team!! Hes started tracking back now and covering more ground than most, which ISNT part of his usual game, so hes making effort. More than can be said for warnock, hutton, heskey, dunne (bar wba) and all the other useless wastes of space at the Villa.

    Sometimes it shames me to be a Villa fan. Never EVER happy.

    • Compared to his output at man city he hasnt been up to par for most of the season ide say 1 of the best out of a bad lot this season poor seniors underacheiving theres been something amiss.

      • If you have a multi million team around you with amazing players in all positions you just concentrate on playing your part.Steven ireland played his part at man city.On arrival at villa he realised he had to adapt his game to compensate for lack of quality and play for the team.He didnt adapt very well.

        • Not immediately no. But hes made absolutely no secret of stating that hes had trouble getting used to the players here, the guy spent his entire career at citeh then moved here. Hes improved a hell of a lot since last season and if hes still here next season i wouldnt mind betting that with better and more attacking players/playing style he’ll come into his own. The guys got talent, clearly, that doesn’t just disappear overnight


  13. Ireland does make space for himself but all the other players dont seem to be anywhere near him, I have noted this happens to CNZ as well. Its been a bloody shambles of a season. Stan should of won this award. I also think Wiemann has cracked a bit under the pressure he has been under(filling Bents boots is not easy). I think on performance commitment and overall play Lichaj has been our best player this last part of the season and should have won the young player award, he is in my opinion the best player to have come of our academy in the last couple of years

  14. The baggies had a poster saying Alex please stay, fortune telling perhaps. Maybe AmcL is heading there way. I think Ireland got the award for telling McLeish what we all want to tell him FUCK OFF.

  15. Anyone out there have an insider knowledge on this event, it must have been a disaster

  16. This site is defenitely where the “fickle” fans voice their opinion. The more I read your articles and comments I become more dillusioned. I think most of you do not watch the matches, except for the highlights.What is all the fuss about Ireland?. Yes Ireland was our best player, whenever he played. His effort and work rate was second to none. If you removed the players that were slated in this site most probable you would finish with no one. Your next post wouldmost probable state that the vote was rigged!

  17. I think Ireland must have got the Irish vote! Who in their right mind would vote for that useless , over hyped twonk. Seems to have become some sort of cult ? yes I said Cult

  18. Does this mean he’s staying ?

  19. Sando were not fickle we just dont like you lol

  20. Surely Ireland will be sold this summer anyway? He has 2 years left on his contract and at a reported 70k wages is unlikely to be offered a new deal, i would expect the Villa hierarchy to be bulling up SL’s acheivements this year (POTS etc) so as to attract offers – ‘Look how good our Stevies been!’

    For the first time in a long time, honestly can’t say i will be too bothered if our player of the year is sold. 1 goal and 3 assists from our chief playmaker is hardly Iniesta-esque and will not exactly be missed next season….
    Although the intelligent runs from his team mates were hardly Robbie Fowleresque either……

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