Any protests are not just about Mcleish, Randy listen

The fans group behind Mcleish day (still on !!) have issued the following statement.

I find the move towards Randy Lerner an interesting development and possibly the correct one. As I just posted we will only not get relegated because of other’s incompetence, is that really good enough ? NO IS it time for Randy to show some us something and make POSITIVE moves.


On the 6th of May 2012 – ‘McLeish out Day’ is a day dedicated to broadcasting the message, loud and clear, that the vast majority of Aston Villa supporters are extremely unhappy with the current situation at Villa Park.

This is more than a protest to remove McLeish.

It is an opportunity for all Villa fans to express their dismay at the ignorance of the Clubs owner and management and the apparent disregard of the concerns of the loyal supporters. There have been measures taken by Aston Villa Football Club to suffocate the ground swell of discontent, and we offer all Aston villa fans the opportunity to peacefully show their dismay at our Board and management.

McLeish Out Day is the culmination of a series of planned events, taking place around the ground, before, during and after the match, organised by a number of fan groups, that will leave the Club and the watching media in no doubt whatsoever that the fans have had enough and will take no more.

McLeish’s position as Aston Villa Manager is now widely perceived as untenable. A concern that was voiced by many Villa supporters before his appointment was confirmed and throughout his disastrous tenure. We absolutely will not accept another season under his stewardship.

It is not about where he came from. It is where he is taking us.

Our worst home record in the History of Aston Villa Football Club.
On course for our worst points tally since the formation of the English Premier League.
Our lowest amount of wins in Villa’s proud Premiership History.
Just one win in our last 14 games.
An alarming slump in matchday attendances.

The team will receive our full passionate and vocal support during the game as always.

Before this season is over, the fans will have the final say.

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75 comments on “Any protests are not just about Mcleish, Randy listen

  1. Should have said, “Anything that makes QPR’s trip to The Etihad on Survival Sunday MORE DIFFICULT meets with my approval.

    I shouldn’t get so excited I suppose.

  2. This “McLeish Out Day” seems pretty pointless, for a couple of reasons:
    First, half the world think that he’s effectively gone already. If that’s true, then presumably whoever’s now ‘really’ in charge will be there for the last two games, regardless of any announcement or lack-of.
    Secondly, the only thing that matters on Saturday is that we try to get at least a point to stay out of the drop zone, so why distract the team from the only task that matters?

    Protest as much as you like when we’re sure we’re safe – if AMcL is still there. As for Lerner, yes, he has a lot of poor management decisions to atone for, but I’d have thought that the season ticket sales are probably reminding him of that daily.

  3. Not that I care much about the Manc derby, but I’ve just started watching it.

    I’m even more depressed now😦

    Players who look comfortable on the ball, can see the ball coming and know who to pass it to, whilst making runs, all gently taken in their stride.

    And then I look at the shit we’re putting up with.
    It’s a totally different game.

    AM should get the sack for that alone.

    • Villa’s inabilty to play that sort of football goes back a lot longer than just McLeish’s crap season…

      • True, but you can counter it with two crude methods;
        One that works and one that doesn’t.

        AM plays the latter.

      • Countering someone else playing it is one thing, but like you I want to see Villa playing that way!

        • Absolutely.
          We’ll never be at that level, but we could at least try in the way Wigan do.

          That’s why I personally never wanted AM.
          No doubt the same reason none of us did.

          • Im not into the macs myself i just wanted to see if city would win and how they played because of the qpr game

  4. Man city win 1-0 against utd QPR qill get thumped.

    • indeed and another reason why no need to keep Mcleish

      • Mcleish can go for all i care mate hes shit in the prem and has been for AVFC.I just think hes had it a bit rough all ends up and was condemmed from the start.His own making as far as results went and the way he set villa up but all the other stuff is bollox.Give a manager a hard time if he isnt doing his job right but dont personally attack the man.

        • What is it with you, JD?
          Do you think fans have never slagged a manager before?
          You quite simply have to be young and trust me, the treatment AM has had is absolutely nothing.

          If a manager is shit, he’ll be called out, simple.

        • Jd if you don’t want the flack that comes with the job ( as well as the £2M a year) then become a Plumber, sorry but it comes with the territory.

      • As you know, I disagree Ian.
        How pathetic would we look as a club sacking the manager with 2 games to go?

        We’d be seen as an utter joke by the media, imo.

        More importantly who will we bring in, IF (and it’s still a big IF to me) AM does indeed get the bullet?

        This is what all Villa fans on all forums should be debating in the 100% assumption that he’s gone.
        Then there will be no fickleness about it and the media won’t be able to pull us on it.

        • Trouble is that debating a replacement will really look like a pathetic joke if Lerner/Faulkner announce after the Norwich game that McLeish is staying.
          Really think that the best course of action is simply support whatever 11 are wearing claret & blue at any given time in the last two games, and leave the debate until the season ends – it’s frustrating, but anything else is just a distraction from survival and won’t have any positive result.

          • Ardent, if we’re all debating who is coming in and Lerner goes the opposite way in saying AM stays, he’ll look like the mug and not us, imo.

            I’m convinced we’re safe now, but accept some don’t see that and while a concerted effort in supporting the team is always good, I’d rather see the same applied to replacing the manager, as I really think there’s every possibility that Lerner might think he’s got away with it and will keep him on.

          • You might be right, but I still think that Lerner’s going to be more concerned by the ticket sales than anything shouted from the stands or written here or in the papers.

          • I thought we’d already done that one?
            I’m not convinced STs is that big a deal mate.
            Yes, it’s a few mill, but……..

          • The point of ST’s is cashflow – money up front before any spending in the summer. Without it Lerner will have to put more of his own [or borrowed] cash in to keep the club running between now and August[& it’s Financial Year-End time again on 31st May.

    • Jdvilla , just thought I’d let you know that I to have a television and I suspect many other people have to,so tonight I also watched the game on sky as did 650 million people world wide.
      So thankyou for your running commentries but they’re really not needed .

  5. Anybody who organises or associates with these protests is a total twat with zero brain cells. Fans are supposed to be the 12th man – not for the opposition. I hope we get Chris Hughton next, that would be hilarious to see the renewed venom from these idiots who pretend to be supporters. We may not have the best manager but we sure aint got the best supporters either. Use what brain you’ve got.

    • Yes, of course, you should just suck it all up, even when you know it’s totally wrong.

      Interesting, that opinion.

    • So in the the world according to Marco we should simply sing cheer and applaud like automatons regardless of the dross displayed week after week?? Is that what your condoning? Sorry but those would be the actions of a brainless idiot.

    • Remind me ,how many organized protests have been organized? Come on organizers get yourselves organized.
      I suspect it’ll be a damp squib.that’s why the organizer doesn’t want to organize one ?

  6. As paying customers we have the right to complain if were unsatfaifed

    • Of course you have the right to complain – just that it might be counterproductive to do it at this particular time, rather than when we definitely know that we’ve stayed up.

  7. Ive been willing and cheering villa to win all season and they mange 7 so it dosent seem to hav any impact on the players

  8. Just think about this:
    If you don’t protest, and he stays, and we get relegated or endure this crap next season, YOU will have to deal with the fact you didn’t bother.

    If he goes he goes, whether it’s because of the protest or because of e crap record.

    If he stays and you protest, what do you loose? You air your views, you make them aware you don’t want him, and you still endure his crap, just remember if you don’t protest, don’t moan next season if we have the same crap, as this is the ONLY chance you will get now to make a change, make the right choice

  9. The only thing that matters on Sunday is picking up the point or points that will guarantee top flight football next season.

    And there is no ‘z’ in organised.

    I think that it’s pretty clear to Lerner that McLeish has been a very unpopular choice from the start, who has gone from underwhelming at the beginning to unsuccessful by the end.

    Just how close a brush we are having with relegation will not have been missed either. I expect a change in the Summer, and cannot see the point in booing our boys off the pitch on the last home game of the season.

    They’ll spend their Summer wondering what sort of club they play for, and ANY player we approach will demand MON like wages to be paid, having watched us turn on our own.

    If we want McLeish out protests, wait until after the players have come out for their lap round the pitch.

    Many have played their hearts out for us this season, and will only improve under a better manager.

  10. Is it mandatory that if you are anti protest, you have to point out a spelling mistake or grammatical error?
    It’s this simple. If you don’t want to protest, sit quietly, like you have been doing all season and allow us to make our point.
    There will be a party atmosphere at the protest. Its the Big One. The fans will have the final say.

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