The Final Countdown has begun as clock ticks

Yes I am talking about the excellent 1980’s pop combo Europe.

Well maybe not. I am of course referring to the time to go when Alex Mcleish leaves Aston Villa. At the moment the Mcleish Out Day is still on. However I feel as the big countdown clock ticks that this may not be needed. When a manager says this

“it was a chore trying to get past Peter Grant so I just let him stay out there and pass the messages on”

When clearly Grant stood all game and Mcleish would not face the fans (who would not have said a word) and he has to lie, it is clear his time is up. I think the countdown clock could ‘boing’ at around 4PM today because given this comment I find it inconceivable that he could take another training session.

Some people may say this is wishful thinking, I do not believe this. I believe it is not possible for him to the manager when we come to face Spurs. I believe that decision was made Tuesday Night and clearly the journo’s got the message.

The most interesting thing is that the Journo’s asked the very question the fans wanting asking. This is the first time this has happened, they are no longer afraid to ask the tough questions.

He is gone and the clock is ticking


33 comments on “The Final Countdown has begun as clock ticks

  1. The protests for next Saturday need to be put on hold, we need to not lose next week win or draw should confirm safety, well if qpr and blackburn drop points that is, the protest will not help the mood, i cant see how it’ll work anyway, i mean most villa fans now think he has gone, so what is the point protesting!??

  2. Ian, tell me what you prefer: Villa staying up and AM is still Manager next year or Villa going down but we get a new manager.

  3. If we have to go down to get rid of McUseless then bring it on. I have said this for weeks and my opinion hasn’t changed. I saw exciting matches when in Division 3, I have seen almost none this season. I like to be entertained, not bored rigid.

  4. Hope he does go I had £ 100 bet with a blue nose last night he will not be our manager start of next season

  5. cant remember exactly what he said on MOTD last night but he sounded like the proverbial dead man walking.

  6. Club statement after Bolton game said that everyone was focussing on the last 3 games of season so don’t see him going before then, but reckon ‘Aston B6’ is quids in a fortnight. Only way he would have gone early was if yesterday had been a shambles which it wasn’t.

  7. Don’t know why everyone thinks mcleish will be gone soon there’s no chance of him leaving!

  8. If they sack him now there will be a full house next week ALL BEHIND THE TEAM!

  9. One problem with your theory ian. You are working on the basis that our board takes decisive action.

    I ask you. When was the last time they done this?

  10. If ths above quote is going to form the basis of our managers sacking then any decent manager will give the vacant positio a very wide berth.

  11. Really hope these protests don’t happen v spurs and I urge all going to not get involved and put everything to one side for the final 2 games. As has been said, everything that has come out since the bolton game indicates he will be gone as soon as the season finishes. Protest as much as you want once the final whistle blows at Norwich, but lets just get over the finishing line first. Lets hope Chelsea and Tottenham do us a massive favour today.


  13. What is this?

  14. Hi everyone UTV.I thought that AM had been put out the way by RL so he couldnt get any stick so it couldnt affect things on the pitch.Bit like a teacher to a naughty schoolboy sit there ok.AM did look a bit dispondant and uninvolved but that was to give him a break from the flack hes receiving and probably delegated to granty as it was a mcleish set up and style of play.It was a good draw as WBA are inform won 4 out of last six inc our game.I think we deserved more out of the game as the commitment was second to none.Dunny monster stomping around and going forward,super carlos flying through the air.I read that RL told mcleish just to target and focus staying in the premeir league for now and that AM has the full backing of everyone at AVFC.Also why would anything have changed since that statement and the board openly saying they intend to honour AM 3 year tenure plus the cost of paying him off which would be a 3rd manager in 2 years.I hope that you are correct about AM going but think you are taking anything as a sign mcleish is going rather than accept statements made by RL and AVFC.Would RL want to look anymore stupid by backing AM then saying he is going at the end of the season.Or will it be a case of resignation and a pay off to save RLs face and to appease the fans.???

  15. i think Mcleish has (nearlly) done what was asked of him. Retain our premiership status and cut costs back to a sustainable level. Randy may well have brought him in as a scapegoat as he know putting those restrictions on another manager he would have faced the backlash.

    fast forward to summer i expect that McLeish will be relieved of his duties and that we will appoint a manager from another league (spain/italy) who can bring in some gems from the continent on the cheap, and rebuld the team.

  16. Ian have a photo of Mcleish being hung out to dry, and Lerner in the back ground in a grim reaper cloak how can I send that into you.? Bill. P.

  17. our safety will be about Blackburn, QPR and Boltons last games, i hate this season the sooner it is over the better. I dont want us involved in the last day relegation drama. I think Wigan are safe and they will beat Blackburn which puts Blackburn down

  18. Couldnt come soon enough. Just can’t see it happening until the end of the season though unfortunately. Be brilliant if we survive and have a manager that brings the enthusiasm and excitement back to the Villa. Will be like supporting a new team.

  19. no protests on Sunday home game. Eck will go , but we need Villa Park to be totally behind the team. Its beyond stupid for so called fans to say it would be good to go down to get rid of Eck. Please go and support another team you don’t deserve Villa UTV

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