Relegation Watch – Virtually safe

This is an unusual post but needs to be said.

With both QPR and Blackburn playing today then the fate of the relegation race could be sorted.

17:52 – Blackburn gave up and Spuds get easy win and we breathe easy

17:45 – Can not say how poor Blackburn have been, made us look like Brazil of the 70’s. They deserve to go down and the only way we can down is if QPR get at least 4 points from the next two. As last game is at Man City they will not.

17.35 – With a great free kick Walker makes it two nil and IMHO seals our safety, when will Mcleish get sacked ?

16:33 – Van Der Vaart scores for Spurs against Blackburn and safety nearly ensured.

15:24 – QPR lose 6-1 and almost certain that they can not finish above us now

14:20 – HT at Chelsea and QPR in real bad shape and looking good for us, not that of course we should be too worried !

14:00 – QPR are now 4-0 down against Chelsea and the current relegation table is

Pts GD

Villa 37 -14
Wigan 37 -22
QPR 34 -22
Bolton 34 -28
Blackburn 31 -26

If the QPR result stands and likely to then for QPR to overtake us they would have to get at least a point from Man City, in other words can not over take us. Of course if Blackburn lose today with the GD then they can not catch us up. We look pretty safe at the moment.

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112 comments on “Relegation Watch – Virtually safe

  1. Too right Bristol Villan.

    I dont think that I’ll accept we are safe until I’m driving back from Norwich on the evening of May 13th, with the curtain definitely down on the 2011-12 campaign, and with three teams definitely below us and all thirty-eight games played.

    I’ve seen enough utter shite this season, both at B6 and on the road, to take absolutely nothing for granted.

  2. Still think we will go down, Wolves and Blackburn gone, can see Bolton beating west brom and getting a draw at stoke, i can also see QPR beating stoke at home where they won 4/5 and depending on tomorrow a point at man city, its our turn, we will be down come may 13th 18.45

  3. Still think we will go down, Wolves and Blackburn gone, can see Bolton beating west brom and getting a draw at stoke, i can also see QPR beating stoke at home where they won 4/5 and depending on tomorrow a point at man city, its our turn, we will be down come may 13th 17.50pm

  4. Don’t get ahead of yourselves- we are most definitely not safe yet. We really need Man City to win tomorrow, so the title race goes to the last game, when they play QPR. If Utd win, then city have nothing to play for v qpr and could easily take their foot of the gas and then we would be in trouble again. Obviously that depends on QPR beating Stoke,at home next week but I think they will.

  5. Mcleish favourite for the WBA job if Hodgson takes it, you could not invent this.

  6. A guy on a FB group reckons announcement tomorrow, probably rubbish but …


    • You never know

    • That’s total rubbish Ian.
      It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to any person in Lerner/fatboy’s position to sack AM now. It’s be a sign of desperation and total loss of control, imo.
      Even though I’d personally rather have my dog in charge (right feisty young Jack Russell, fwiw) as he couldn’t do a worse job.

      • So you think AM will be around for next season then???

      • maybe rubbish mate …

        BUT you saw him yesterday, a shell of a bloke, someone who lied about why he did not do his usual match routine.

        Not got the power at all and in fact on a human level I am very sorry for him. HE is a really nice guy, everyone says that but out of his depth with the size of the job. What happened on Tuesday on a personal level was horrific and no way he should be allowed to put himself back through that.

      • RL gave the middle finger to evryone when he gave mcleish his backing and said that AVFC intended to honour his contract.Be a bit mad though does he not expect more protests.

  7. Mystery Man has said McLeish to go in the morning, tbh i dont know if has proved to be ITK, but apparently a delay happened due to legal reasons and RL?

    Anyone confirm if this is true

  8. I read he was on about turning it round next season like he did at rangers when he had a bad season there then a season later won the spl

    • Just watched the sports round-up on BBC Midlands news at 10:15 – even they are now saying that McLeish is likely to have gone before next season starts, regardless of where we finish…

  9. Bog off mcleish you wont be missed what a waste of a season, a villa fans least fave horror film a dvd of this season will give me knightmares for years wonder if they even bother to release it

  10. Nightmares i meant why the hell did i put the k

  11. All sorts of rumours out there.

    McLeish won’t be going to the Albion, though I don’t expect him to be with us next season.

    I can see us taking someone like Nigel Adkins.He would be my pick. Him or go back for Martinez but we’re likely to finish below Wigan so I’m not sure he’d come this Summer having turned us down last.

  12. Whats all this Mclown is a really nice bloke, I pity him blah blah blah?????? Jesus man we’ve been baying for the blokes blood for most the season and now the end is near some are breaking out the Andrex. Just what is it with bleeding hearts society of today??? Pass me a bucket I’m gonna be sick.


    Fuckoff Mcleish the Villa is ours.

  13. Sack mcleish m’lord sack mcleish sack mcleish m’lord sack mcleish right on bws

  14. I don’t think am is going anywhere it’s all a ruse by Lerner and co to get ST sales up. They have told the media wot to write. Already we have cancelled protest v spurs do its working. Am assuming he keeps us up has fulfilled his remit he has slashed wage bill as well. We will all forget in summer renew STs and Lerner will give him a few million to appease the natives. Am going is far from a certainty in afraid.

    • Think you right to be fair, I’ve noticed on a news feed it’s the last day to purchase season tickets via the 8 months interest free. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was told to sit in the dug out and look all glum as part of the AVFC circus act . What an absolute joke watching and hoping for others to lose.! streaming the stoke game rather than watch us get mauled by Sours !!! Lol (noticed the spelling mistake but made me laugh so left it

      • Noticed its last day for STs to. Anyone that buys a st without knowing a) if am is going b) we are going to get rid of dross eg Dunne, warnock, heskey, and c) that there will be substantial investment in squad is foolish to say the least.

  15. i think that we should set Eck’s future aside for the next two weeks (hopefully one week). We are not safe yet and need to really get behind AVFC on Sunday. I fear that we will end up in 17th place at best- its between us and QPR. Need Citeh to win tonight (and Spuds to win at Bolton on Wednesday).

    • Like I send , makes me cringe having to do that , Cheers Mcsitback and hope they don’t score !!! Another fine mess you find yourself in 2012 !!! Jesus

  16. If I was an AVFC fan I wouldn’t be feeling safe at all! It’s going down to the wire and you guys lack momentum. IF you’s stay up next season needs some serious re-investment.

  17. I just had a call from the ticket office, i said ‘im not getting one if Mcleish is still there, if we go do down and Mcleish is gone i will get one. He said ‘ this is not official but you will know for definate what is happening wih regards to the manager by the latest 31.5.12 which is the last day to keep seat.

    Interesting…. Why say that if he is staying!

    We live in hope brothers.


    • Prob just told to say what u want to hear so u renew. Don’t do it until u no exactly where we are going. It’s not like they are all gonna sell out overnight is it.

    • You’ve just been enitced with false hope.

      “you will know for definite what is happening” implies that we could have a new manager by the end of may, but in reality it could be either way. We could know for definite that AMc is staying manager by the end of may.

      Did it have you considering whether to renew?

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