Manager hiding away, bigger than the game

Well a another draw eh ?

However, the bigger story has yet to happen. Lets look at the game first and what happened there. We saw a team most expected with the absence of Albrighton, Warnock had to play on the left. A draw was a fair result and it could have been a win but on the other hand could have easily lost. The players tried their hearts out but the lack of positive subs was puzzling.

The clear MOTM was of course Dunne, he was fantastic today and to see that one burst of speed in the second half was something to wonder at. This was a good point, could have been more but we will settle for that.

However for me the talking point was what was happening on the bench. For the first half I could not see Mcleish on the bench, it was all Grant on the touch line. So when the the team came out for the second half I looked for him and saw him. Sneaked in, took a position on the bench, hid away and barely moved.

This is not Mcleish at ALL. We all know he stands on the touchline most of the game but today sat away not seen at all, in hiding if you like. At West Brom a manager can sneak out to the bench at Villa Park you have to walk half the length of the pitch, no hiding place at home.

If Mcleish is in charge of Aston Villa next Sunday I will be shocked.

EDIT 20:55

Mcleish has explained his actions as below, if you believe that, then Santa Claus is real for you

McLeish opted to remain seated in the dug-out for long spells with assistant manager Peter Grant directing operations from the technical area.

But McLeish denied this had anything to do with him being public enemy number one with some sections of Villa fans.

He said: “My seat was in the middle and it was a bit of a chore trying to get past Peter Grant so I just let him stay out there and pass the messages on.

“It just didn’t seem appropriate today. I like to stand up normally but I also sat in the dug-out for the Old Trafford game recently.

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74 comments on “Manager hiding away, bigger than the game

  1. We are shit and if we dont go down it is by pure luck and has nothing to do with football genius, been told tonight that mcleish is going nowhere and will be our manager next season. i want him gone but in my heart of hearts i honestly think he will be the manager of Aston villa football club next season.

    • Who told you that? If it wasn’t Randy Lerner, then dismiss it as bollocks. Only RL, and no doubt Paul Faulkner know what our management plans are for 2012-13.

      I know Mysteryman likes everyone to believe that he’s in the know also, but trust me. Outside of Rl and PF, no one has a clue.

    • Totally agree, I can think of 4 million reasons Randy won’t sack him, he’ll be there unless we are relegated. Hopefully they put in a relegation break clause!

  2. Are we making a mountain our of a molehill here?

  3. What was the atmos like there ian??

  4. Given the context of the situation it is easy to read things into the seating/standing issue. I guess only time will tell. Personally I feel it’s unfortunate that it has come to this. McLeish has had to deal with an awful lot this year, and is the beneficiary of Lerner/Faulkners belt tightening. As much as we don’t like his footballing tactics (as we percieve them) no person deserves the level of abuse that he, and the likes of Steve Keane, have had to endure this year. I’ve been involved in football my whole life; love the game to death; but at the end of the day it’s just a game. Life goes on. We should all think about our own shortcomings before we cast poisonous vitriol towards others.

    On to the game though and I have to say that Villa’s major problem is an inability to retain possession. The passing was simply not up to standard last night. On the few occassions when we did keep possession for a spell we created chances. Players in possession kept turning back into trouble and inevitably lost the ball, or lost vital time on the ball. Put it down to the pressure of the situation I guess but it needs to be fixed this week or Spurs will boss us all over the park. Our side is clearly shell shocked and the fans must do their bit (which they generally do at the game) to lift confidence in the side.

    • when someone totally changes their behaviour and lies about it the message is clear.

      As for abuse, for months he got away with it. The so called abuse is telling him he is rubbish, well that is the truth isn’t it ?

    • All I’ve been hearing is sympathy for McLeish, how hard it’s been for him, how unlucky he is.

      He knew what he was taking on, he knew what would happen when he was finally found out. He is out of his depth, but his greed and arrogance pushed him on. He needs to be responsible and accountable for his performance, he should have admitted this a long time ago.


  5. Thanks Steve, appreciated. Maybe I will stick around next year after all..

  6. If he is gone we needed to flood the terraces! Be louder then ever before and show the world we aren’t fickle but just want our club to be what it is! UTV

  7. Well said, Steve Blunt. Granted, Alex hasnt been the best of managers but he has had to deal with a squad that has lost some of its best players, inability to spend because there wasnt any money to spend – we keep forgetting that there was no other manager willing to come to Villa! Alex had the whatsits to take on the challenge and he tried and failed miserably – he inherited a squad that was low on morale in the first place… We would probably have been calling for the head of any other manager that had taken on this job because (in my opinion), the results would not have been much better… but hey, who am i to comment – there’s a reason why i am not a football manager! However, please ask yourselves this – who would you have preferred as manager (willing to take the reins at Villa) and where would we have been (realistically)?

    Let’s get behind the team – leave Alex alone… i think the message has gone through to the suits in upper management… no TRUE Villa fan would want relegation just to spite RL, PF and AMac… let’s get this season over with (above 18th place) and give the Chairman a chance to take stock of this season, review the effectiveness of the damage-control measures incorporated in the wake of MON and allow AVFC to re-build… We will come out stronger and better – WE ARE ASTON VILLA!

    But for the love of God, let’s stop this abuse towards Alex – it’s sickening and not at all complimentary for AV fans… In many parts of the country and some parts of the world, fans of teams outside the top 4 (or 5 or 6) are known as ‘yobs’ and ‘uncouth’ and ‘uncivilized’ – i know because i live in a country where i may be the only Villa fan… (and i get enough abuse for wearing the Villa jersey at weekends)…

    Just my tuppence worth and no doubt i will get abuse for this comment but am disheartened that we have made AVFC all about one man… I will carry on cheering for Villa as a team and football club but i will not abuse RL, PF or AMac – more like ‘tut tut’ and a shake of my head for some poor decisions….

    Up The Villa and bring on 2012-2013…

    • So I take it that because of your geographical location you haven’t attended VP too often?? Well my friend I can assure you if you had of and spent your hard earned cash to watch mclowns anti football-HOOFball this season I can assure you you opinion word have been markedly different! I’ll be there against against Spurs next week and if he (mclown) is still employed at AVFC I will be abusing him to my little hearts content.

  8. As an out of town fan (based in South Africa) I get to watch precious few games, given the current form. The games that I have been able to watch show 3 things, (in my view anyway).

    1) We struggle in a set piece situation, it’s almost as if the team are not talking to each other around the marking of the opponents. After we have conceded the goal, look at the players, they are looking at each other dumbfounded. This is a player issue because I am sure that they would have run through this beforehand ?
    2) we lack some players who are genuine play makers, we have few moments of brilliance in the game – this is a funding issue that the owners should sort out
    3) We need a motivational manager, a positive stance to the game. I have watched to many games where we are hanging back, as if we are defending a 0-0 situation. You cannot draw your way to winning the league, but you can draw your way into relegation!

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