Unite tomorrow, roar the team on, win and new start for AVFC

You may have seen my twitter chat with Mat Kendrick.

In a straight Q&A Matt has confirmed that he thinks I will be renewing this season. After the Bolton game as I have typed I believe everything changed, Mat in the twitter chat and his Mail piece has confirmed this.

I have the utmost respect for the Mcleish Out campaign led by Chris but I think it is clear Mcleish will not be the manager for much longer. This is no bluff by Villa, this is the truth, fans reactions, season ticket sales and of course results have seen to that.

I call upon all of us tomorrow to get behind the club, no negativity, all positive 100% support for the club we love. roar us onto a victory no one expects, see safety out then we have the summer to regroup, rebuild under a new manager.

This is the only choice we have as fans no once it has become obvious Mcleish will go, so lets stir you.

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81 comments on “Unite tomorrow, roar the team on, win and new start for AVFC

  1. Here here! Now a fresh start is in sight, I can actually get excited again about the club and game I love. We just have to stay up and we can all finally wake up from this nightmare and hopefully never look back.

  2. I will b there doing that but still want him gone, pre game drinks at the black eagle in hockley, we need these 3 points.

  3. Great but who’s gonna replace him and how much money if any will be spent. No way il be renewing till I know these things. Also I’m not gonna spend my hard earned to watch warnock, Dunne, heskey, Collins, Hutton and cuellar. I want reassurances the dead wood will be cleared out. I don’t care who is in charge even mourinho I will not pay again to watch such dross players who are poor week in week out and are well past their sellby dates.

    • …which brings us right back to the real guilty parties – Lerner & Faulkner. Even if we somehow attract a budding young Brian Clough wannabee, how much support will he get to actually try to improve a squad full of old lags and ‘kids’ who never seem to grow up or meet expectations?

      • Exactly Ardent Villain. Lerner and Faulkner cannot escape criticism and blame for the current state of affairs at Brum B6.

        If they cant step up to the plate this summer, appoint the right manager, and give him financial support and backing to turn this shambles around, then the demise and decline of AVFC will continue, no matter what division we are in next season.

  4. I actually think AM wants out now. Mcleish and Randy will compromise on a compensation package – which will be higher if we stay up. There were rumours last year that Randy asked Houllier if he wished to resign – I think he asked the same of AM – but its been agreed he will manage the last 3 games – but if things go badly tommorow – I think he will be gone by monday morning. Mcleish has nothing to gain by staying –
    even if we stay up – no club will want him as there manager.

    • Agreed his days are – numbered. If he loses to WBA tomorrow he will be axed.The backlash from fans has not gone unnoticed

  5. I shall be in attendance, and I shall play my part to the full, via 100% complete and utter vocal encouragement.

    I shall lubricate my vocal chords in the Foley Arms prior to making my way to Sandwell, where I shall witness our beloved AVFC collect three very precious and most valuable points. 3-1 to us.

    Rock On AVFC.

  6. you don’t need massive amounts of cash to mid table in the PL

    WBA, Everton, Fulham, Swansea – don’t throw millions around – it can be done.

    i think we also need to wake up about the quality and age of the academy kids – alot of them are 23 now – you can’t build a PL force from youth.

    • A lot of comments on here in last few weeks have made the same point – the ‘kids’ have not shown much to live up to all of the hype about the academy. It’s too easy to blame that entirely on a manager of limited ability or imagination; some of them haven’t improved much under three different managers [Albrighton, The Fonz, even Gaby] so odds are that they won’t get any better under a fourth.

      • I think a few of the players have. Herd could be a very good replacement for Petrov long term, Clark will be a class CB, Albrighton is still youngish and will be a Matt Jarvis type winger In a few years. Baker has proved to be good enough back up, Gardner its clear will become very very good. We just need better experienced players than what we have, and maybe 2 or 3 more. Bring these kids through slowly, and they have potential to be very good. The likes of Bannan, Delph, Fonz need prem experience and their progress would receive a boost going on loan. Bannan would fit very well into Swansea’s team IMO, Delph needs to play for a promotion chasing team in the championship. Although maybe o’neill will take him to Sunderland?

        • what about makoun everyone forgot him under a manager who like passing football surely he would come into contention and what about delph all these players are footballers have vision for pass..

  7. I think MK knows nothing and is simply following the Mirror/Stun bandwagon.
    Hence I’ll believe it when I see it.
    He’s either gutless or being ordered to be gutless re the Villa, imo.
    Either way, it’s no reason to listen to anything he says.

    My fingers are crossed that AM is gone though.

    • disagree, all of them know now, he gave that up and read all the reports.

      • So what does that mean Ian?
        He read all the reports?
        What reports?
        The one’s that proved he’s out of the loop?
        Or at least keeping stchum, if he does indeed know anything imo.

        • the reports from the press conference today, the message all the journo’s got was clear (apart from Winter) that Mcleish is going.

          Nursey, James, Moxley and Kendrick, all the local journo’s have basically said that.

          All after months of saying NOTHING about him, that says it all for me. I can understand some may think it is all a spin operation do not believe that.

  8. I’ll be there shouting and cheering but fully expect mcliesh will get a further onslaught if the result is not going our way and rightly so ,I’m a bit miffed some people are starting to feel sorry for him unbelievable ,he’s brought this club to its knees .today hes again blamed the use of kids . Well I’ve just googled the team line up from 2 seasons ago when we nearly beat man u 2 nil and they pulled it back (as always) our midfield consisted of bannan,albrighton,and j Hogg (what’s happened to him ) and Chris heard ,e lichal,and delfonso came on as subs so 6 kids played and we practically played them off the park that day ,and no he’s using them as an excuse.mcliesh is a complete idiot if he thinks this is a reason for poor results and he should know by now we are not idiots and know our football club inside out on the playing front and we won’t have the wool pulled over our eyes .the sooner he is gone the better and we can look to go forward as a united club and fan base

  9. So Ian if he’s definitely going why is he talking about next pre season with kids in the telegraph interview?
    “We plan to have meetings before the season starts about their values”

  10. ian what makes you so certain mcleish is off?

    • just what Mcleish has said, the journo’s have said.

      Some may say that is 2+2 = 42

      up to you to make your own judgement on that

      • If he doesn’t go there will be ‘wanted dead or alive’ posters put up all over brum. I know a football agent who meets with him occasionally. He saw him 2 weeks ago and he said he’s lost the plot. He was at the ground and he said the players weren’t communicating with him and he simply didn’t seem to know what he’s doing or comprehend what’s going on at the club. With the exception of a few games he’s been an absolute joke. Personally, I don’t think he’s even cut out for management. How was such a illogical decision made in the first place?

  11. 3-1 to the villa

  12. That video is so DEPRESSING – MON, Friedel, Laursen, Barry, Milner, Young, Carew (on fire) Gabby (on fire), scoring goals, winning games and happy fans GRRRRRR!!!!!

  13. lets get ourselves safe first.

    then we will see what randy has planned.

  14. Ian Wragg daily Express today “Lerner has spoken with AM this week and wants him to stay to continue a revamp Villa squad” Ian sorts of contradicts your view.

  15. I hope we win today and the rest of the results go our way.We can then kiss goodbye to this season.WBA are playing well so lets not get ahead of ourselves today it is not cut and blow dried by a long shot and we are at the hawthorns.I think mcleish is staying as the board have openly stated they intend to honour his contract and have backed him in the press.Also hasnt he been talking about pre season somewhere????I hope we play well today i hope we score early twice and i hope we stay up GOD BLESS ASTON VILLA UTV.

  16. We will go down wba will beat us 3 0 and if mcleish is supposley staying im not the club is a joke

  17. at least this 11 looks as though it has some shape……with Heskey up top on his own and 3 disciplined midfielders we may (???????) see more threat from Gabby and N’zogbia down the flanks?

    Time will tell……………..very, very nervous!

  18. WBA have won 3 of their last four games including liverpool scalp we just lost to bolton

  19. Wow, a game we need to win and mctwat plays this team. 3 defenders in midfield and Heskey up front. You couldnt write this shit if you were a blue nose!

  20. BVolton and Wigan both winning atm

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