Unite tomorrow, roar the team on, win and new start for AVFC

You may have seen my twitter chat with Mat Kendrick.

In a straight Q&A Matt has confirmed that he thinks I will be renewing this season. After the Bolton game as I have typed I believe everything changed, Mat in the twitter chat and his Mail piece has confirmed this.

I have the utmost respect for the Mcleish Out campaign led by Chris but I think it is clear Mcleish will not be the manager for much longer. This is no bluff by Villa, this is the truth, fans reactions, season ticket sales and of course results have seen to that.

I call upon all of us tomorrow to get behind the club, no negativity, all positive 100% support for the club we love. roar us onto a victory no one expects, see safety out then we have the summer to regroup, rebuild under a new manager.

This is the only choice we have as fans no once it has become obvious Mcleish will go, so lets stir you.

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81 comments on “Unite tomorrow, roar the team on, win and new start for AVFC

    • Gabby cant finish and we dont look like scoring.WBA dont look to good today so lets hope we can bag one CUMON UTV.

  1. That useless thick twat should never play for villa again he’s fuckin shit

    • It’ll be downhill fast for Agbonlahor when he exits Villa Park.

      Unless he’s playing with a serious injury right now, then you have to say he’s totally lost it, and looks at best a lower league player.

      With him and Heskey farting around up front, is it any wonder we cant score goals?

      At least we were spared Marc Albrighton this afternoon. Clearly the Big Eck aint as stupid as we all think.

  2. So this is a must win game and what does this twat do… Plays 5 defenders, 2 DM and the goal machine that are Gabby and Heskey !!! who says hes a negative manager

  3. Gabby and Heskey. Not one goal between them this year…and surprise, surprise the game finished 0-0. Mcleish is a useless c**t. Today was probably our best bet to get 3 points. Now, its gone.

  4. The one good thing about this season is Lichaj, he looks a real gem and out of all the youngsters who have come through he looks the best. gardner has been a let down and has just not lived upto his potential yet. Carruthers looks an asset as well.

    Boring game, CNZ is getting a lot of stick but i thought he played well, the way we are set up half the time he has no one to pass to. Hutton is a disaster area, Redknapp should be arrested for selling us that pile of shit. Not going to mention the manager, fuck it sick of talking about him

  5. We need blackburn to lose one more game and qpr to lose 2 and were safe all us to beat tottham

  6. We are as good as safe now. Blackburn need to win 2 and draw 1 to finish above us and they play Chelsea, Spurs and Wigan, so tough games. QPR will need 4 points to finish above us due to goal difference and they have to play Stoke, and away at Chelea and City – all hard games. We should be safe now, bar some freak results. Another point would guarantee it tho

  7. On a day when wigan score 4 against newcastle who are challenging for champions league next season we draw at the hawthorns.The teams around us are scoring goals which win games.QPR are scoring to and if wigan can thrash newcastle qpr can nick a result at chelsea we did.We are still in the thick of it and if the results are kind it still isnt over we are not safe and still very vanerable.MCLEISH OUT.GABBY OUT.

    • Iv said all along I think we will stay up on goal diff and still think that’s the case.

      • I hope so mate really do.Ive just read an article about mcleish and RLs conversations this week.RL sets mcleish a target of just to stay in the league so mcleish is safe.Mcleish goes on to say that RL has given him his full support in private conversations.If mcleish was to be moved on would these conversations be taking place i dont know???I also heard somewhere he has been talking about pre season.Plus the board openly saying they intend to honour mcleishes contract and that RL says to mcleish anyone coming into this club would have found it hard.???Which makes me question RLs actual targets he set this year for mcleish with the restraints of money and cuts.

    • Is there a more impotent front pairing in the top two divisions than Agbonlahor and Heskey?

      Seriously, calling either of those two a ‘striker’, is a blatant mis-use of the term.

      • Really hung over today….glanced at your post and initially read IMPORTANT!! Was all set to kick off and question your sanity before double taking.

        with that said, no I don’t think there is mate.

  8. I’m hoping we will be saved by spurs and chelsea both fighting for champs league spot. Chelsea can’t bank on winning against Bayern Munich. Also we need man utd to lose to city on Monday night. if not the season may be over for city come the QPR match and might not be bothered as already finished 2nd.

  9. What result do you all think we need for Man U vs Citeh. If Man U beat Citeh do you think that might mean they can’t be bothered for the QPR game?

  10. Did anyone know that AMs wife and son where in the crowd tuesday night.Must have been really nice for his son to hear all those loving comments towards his father.

    • So what?
      They shouldn’t have been there then and just another example of his poor judgement.
      It’s not as if they even support the Villa, no doubt.
      He’s been crap as a manager for us, so deserved the stick, simple, imo.
      And indeed, he’d got off very lightly up to then.

      • totally agree, he was an idiot for bringing them to that kind of a game. Unless he is completely delusional that is. The again, he hasnt made a good decision all year.

    • Mate, who cares!

  11. Come On Chelsea. Three points tomorrow will help make it one bostin’ Sunday.

    Particularly if Harry’s lads give Blackburn Rovers a right bending too.

    • Dont write off QPR tomorrow VimtoMan. I’ve got a horrible feeling that they’ll take all three points at The Bridge tomorrow. Wouldn’t be surprised either if Rovers get a draw at The Lane.

      Gonna be a nervy time I fear, right through until the final whistle at Carrow Road in two weeks time.

  12. As for the game, well, bloody boring wasn’t it, for the first hour odd?

    That point means we’re safe though, imo.

    I thought Dunne played well, as did the defence overall for most of the game.
    Mutton still scares me though.

    We just lack an ability to score.

    • Hutton was a really bad buy the guy is very unprodictable and a risk taker with poor skills and bad pass judgement.The lads got stuck in though today plenty of yellows lol couple of really good yellows to hutton was well gone with any other ref . am i missing something or did i hear chants of mcleish im sure i did???Dunno why though he hasnt proven himself as villa manager as results have been poor and football boring and negative always praises the fans though.Why shouldnt kids be at football games mate i went to my first villa game in 1981 with my dad i think it is a place for kids and familys so fans should act accordingly mcleish deserved stick but not personal abuse as personal abuse is uncalled for as this is football not personal life.

      • JD, of course you can take your kids.
        But footy has always been about banter and stick, even though the powers that be try to portray it as a nice friendly game; it isn’t and never has been.
        Indeed, it’s a working man’s game, where you get dog’s abuse if you’re not doing very well, however much the powers that be try to portray it otherwise.
        It’s a tribal thing.

        Whatever, it’s not the point, imo.
        Why on earth would you want to take your kid to see you at work when you’re making a right bollox of your job?

        • True bad timing.I do agree with you about giving a bad manager some earache and it had been a long time coming for mcleish.Im not saying it shouldnt happen as im not a puff and i know the score about giving out greif.All i am saying is it isnt just adults at the ground and that type of attack can scare kids especially young ones.

  13. Sad to say it but we really need Spurs and Chelsea to show up tomorrow and beat Blackburn and QPR. We cant get ourselves out of trouble, so we have to rely on other teams. If things dont go our way then we are gonna have to beat Spurs ourselves and if he puts todays team out again, that just will not happen.

  14. Oohahh what was you saying about dunne?he’s shit?don’t think so he’s our best defender by far.king carlos he’s pants

    • I think what some fans saw dunny underperforming bit clumsy and lack lustre at times.He was amazing today and the big dunny monster was in the zone man loved it.Cuellars header was so commited fantastic .Hutton is such a liability though.We .Battled hard today under the circumstances at the hawthorns with an inform WBA we made it hard for them.We have been creating chances fair play but the finishing isnt upto par cant blame mcleish for that.Chances are being created so there is daylight and plusses can be taken if chances are being made then attacking football has to be being played on some level so not all negative.WBA had won 4 out of last 5 so today was a good result must be moving forward a little just that 3 pointer evading us.

    • What i meant to say was underperforming before he was injured

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