Speculation : Mcleish cancels meetings with agents and in for Lambert

Interesting story from the Mirror tonight.

They claim that all transfer activity at Villa has been put on hold and meetings with agents cancelled. Interesting to note this follows after James Nursey finally turned against Mcleish and wrote a damming article.


There are whispers around that Mcleish will go as soon as the season is over and now the mainstream press are picking up on this. I even saw Mat Kendrick query the future of Mcleish have the journo’s been told it is over.

In the same article they say Richard Dunne is fit for the West Brom game and it is certain he will play. Now last season I am certain Dunne and Freidel ran the team after Houllier was absent and not McAllistair. Dunne is a natural leader which we lack but his performance this season has been very poor.

Should he come back for the West Brom game, I am not sure but do we need a leader – YES We may need him if Mcleish is a dead manager walking and only manger in name only.

EDIT 00:30 – For the past two weeks I have heard rumours of Paul Lambert and tonight the Sun (LINK) and also the Express have broke the rumour. I have to say given the one source I think this is spot on, my Season Ticket could be renewed very soon.

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50 comments on “Speculation : Mcleish cancels meetings with agents and in for Lambert

  1. Dunne hasn’t had the best of seasons, but who has? It’ll be good to get him back in as Baker is way too out of his depth in the Premier League.

  2. The same can be said about Cuellar. Arguably the worst central defender I have seen at Villa Park in thirty-five years. A total liability.

    Welcome Back Dunney. You sir have been greatly missed.

    • absolute rubbish, what about Zat Knight, Curtis Davis from the very recent past? they were far worse

      • They were poor villarich, but they made Carlos Cuellar look like Jack Charlton.

        I have to agree with Neale McCartney.

  3. Just seen an interview with McLeish, Ian Winters was a little more aggressive than i have seen any journo at VP this seaon. McLeish is very deluded

    • Morgan – watched same; Winter at least pointed out to him how unhappy fans were, and when asked about plans for the future, McLeish’s reply implied that he wasn’t going to be there after the season ends, or did I just imagine that part?

      • It sounded to me like he thought he could still win us over, but atm they are concentrating on the next three games.

  4. Jeez, you have to go back to the days of Bobby Hope, John Kaye, Jeff Astle, Chippy Clark and Bomber Brown, since we last journeyed to The Hawthorns as underdogs.

    What an absolute shambles.

    On a seperate note, have to agree re Messrs Albrighton and Cuellar. I often suggested on a.n. other site, that neither were up to the task. They aint!!

  5. Glad to see Dunne back. If he plays as well as he does for Ireland at WBA we’ll do ok. Never rated Cuellar ,had to laugh when Warnock said CC didn’t see the Bolton player. Would like to see AmcL gone after Norwich then I could enjoy the Euro 2012.

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