Mcleish will be a goner, we will win

What a few days since Bolton eh ?

We now come up to the most important game for Villa in a decade, we SIMPLY can not afford a defeat. If I wrote this preview a couple of days ago I would have mentioned the last time Mcleish took a relegated threatened side to a derby game at the end of the season. That was 4 years ago, one of the best moments for myself as a Villa fan !

However the last 36 hours has seen a massive mood shift. Dunne speaks about support but does not mention Mcleish. The journalists we all moaned at have broken against Mcleish and Lambert rumours made into the public sphere.

Am I hoping too much that Mcleish has gone, maybe, do I think he will be there in August – NO CHANCE. Therefore tomorrow is all about the players, showing the desire and ability to win and showing that they can overcome the curse of Mcleish.

In other words I have a feeling Mcleish is no longer in effective control and that freedom will release the players. I think the team for this game will be


For the first time in weeks as well, despite what the West Brom fans feel I think we can and will win because the curse has been removed. The fans will behind the team, we all suspect that something is going on.


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77 comments on “Mcleish will be a goner, we will win

  1. I’m starting to feel positive again too; you can sense something is happening. I just fancy we might do something tomorrow, we might just nick it! I have seen us getting dragged into this since Wigan away but I am backing us to stay up. COME YOU VILLA BOYS – UTV!!!!!

    • See, I was getting too excited. Come ON you Villa boys!

    • Ben, I almost feel positive, however I cannot forgive McCleish for playing warnock in midfield. I appreciate he scored but the position he played in was a joke. Despite being quality players would Stuart Pearce or Ashely Cole ever play in the middle of the park? I doubt it. He has to get the selection and formation spot on tomorrow or I think we are down if we lose.
      Come boys smash the baggies. UTV

      • The reason he played warnock in midfeild is because he wanted to put an experianced body in the midfeild to guide the youngsters we have all pups remember.

  2. I agree. He is going to go at the end of the season. Whether that is right or wrong is irrelevant now – we need to get behind the boys and if we secure safety – then hammer the board and mcleish!

  3. I would be ecstatic with a point. how the mighty have fallen

  4. I’m still mighty nervous though !!! I know I will feel sick until it’s all over !!! It will be a very quiet journey tomorrow, good job it’s not far !! I think our fans will be very loud and very proud tomorrow as I think we all know he is on his way.

  5. If the Baggies players are up for this as much as their supporters are…
    It going to be a long 90 mins !!
    They seriously want to relegate us…

    As for McNomates , it is delusion if anybody really believes RL is going to wedge out any more compensation on managers & their incresaing large coaching staff..

    The only chance is a resignation…,,What odds are being offered on that ..!!

    • Of course they do. The only way we are going to beat albion tomorrow is if we match them in this department

      I wish I shared in the confidence that some Villa fans are showing but I just think our team have lost their bottle and I cant see where next win is coming from..

      I would enjoy nothing better than if they go out tomorrow and prove me wrong.

  6. Not with that team! Why is Lichaj dropped for Hutton, Baker for Cuellar/Dunne, with Warnock at left back and NZog in front of him you need quick left footed cover, where is the creativity in midfield, why does Gabby get a run out, we want goals, he neither scores nor creates. Drop him put Bannan behind Wieman, play it on the floor. We may then stand a chance.

    • Absolutely agree, Lichaj has done really well, as has Baker. Dunne is a useless lump, prone to dropping a major bollock. The baggies have pace up top.
      I would leave Gabby on the bench & start Heskey. I don’t like him Emule but he had a good 50 minutes on Tuesday & linked up well with Weimann. Leave Warnock next to Herd, he also had a good game on Tuesday. Drop Albrighton for the Sheesha boy (if fit).

    • Its probably too much pressure for the younger lads, a lot of people moan about some of our more experienced players but i think they will be able to handle it better. This game is a fight not a battle of creativity

  7. deluded we will lose 2-0 or 3-1 Mcleish is still here its it the same team he has been training for a year. No positivity here, lambert talk is probably to screw with their heads making it a win for villa final game.

  8. Given
    Cueller herd dunne lihaj


    Banana. Ireland. Nzogbia


  9. Anyone know if Ireland is fit for tomorrow?

    Just seen Alex on SSN, he looks weathered, as much as I want him gone and never wanted him in the first place, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel some sympathy.

    • Agree with your comments on McLeish; I feel at times the treatment of McLeish is gone too far (I’m just as guilty), we have seen recently with Fabrice Muamba, Stan, and even the London Marathon runner that life is too short to sweat the small things. But, on the other hand the large £££ in his pocket come the summer will sweaten the blow for him.

  10. Big ron summed it up for me when saying there will be NO hiding place tomorrow at the baggies , its no place for any faint hearted players its a war zone so need some grit and determined fight from everyone one playing .Forget everything else that might be floating around yoyr minds and go out with one thought only lads to secure a win and with it villas future, and come the time you pick those unbelievable wages up you will or should feel so much better in yourself knowing you gave everything for club and loyal fans who follow you week in week out regardless. The baggies are all to a man saying they are relishing the chance to nail us and our great club well think FUCK YOU Losers we are going to kick your arse and die trying.. COME ON YOU VILLA LADS ONE AND ALL..

    • Thats what it is going to come down to tomorrow. Whichever team has the bigger stones will win tomorrow. All this “creativity” bullshit is is pie in the sky. Its time that the team showed some character

  11. Why all the cloak and dagger if mcleish was sacked the board would come out streight away and tell the fans they wouldnt keep it quiet as they would know they would be giving the fans what they want..Also whats changed since the bolton defeat when the board told everyone mcleish has the boards backing.Why would lambert come to villa??norwich are doing alright he has no problems their.He has had a good season norwich on the up villa on the down i dont get it????Why would dunne need to mention mcleish he is talking to the fans about support as the fans are not happy hes saying give us all your support.We are in a bad place as villa fans clutching at straws saying what we would love to happen youve been told by the board mcleish has our support what more do you need RL fuxking mchaggis on the pitch.I want him gone to he isnt a very good manager but others seem to think so in the professional game that he is.I hope we stay up and i hope mcleish has gone asap.

  12. Guys, he will be gone after the WBM game (supposing we lose)… it’s called ‘the West Brom curse…” AVB went after losing to them and then McCarthy went after losing to them… it’s fate boys and girs, he will be a gonner too!!

  13. I really wish I had confidence but I dont. We’ve had 2 league wins in 2012. One was wolves away that we were lucky to win and the other was a very late winner at home to fulham. Thats 2 wins in 16 games thats 13 points from 48. Absolutely pathetic. During this period we’ve failed to beat Wigan, Qpr, Blackburn and Bolton Wanderers. The four teams that we are now competing against to stay up. To put this into a little context here. If we consider that these 4 other teams are competing with us for the 2 remaining relegation spots, all of these 4 teams have won at least 5 league games and earned at least 17 points in the same period

    Forgive my pessimism but from what we’ve seen recently I see no reason why this run will not continue until the end of the season.

  14. That line up looks a shit load better than the teamsheet against Bolton. We’re desparate for Agbonlahor to find his scoring boots. Get them pink ones back on!

  15. The young lads have been immense over these passed few months BUT we need out experience back asap drop Lichaj, baker etc keep weimann and clark in.


    Cuellar (collins, is he fit??)


    bannan (is ireland fit??)


    Gabby scored his goals coming in from the left, he cant play up on his own, im sorry, he doesnt move enough, he cannot hold the ball up but he is better at knocking it passed defenders and sprinting into the box, he and nzog can cause problems to what is a mediocre defence in west brom, im sure of it!.

  16. Just read the baggies are full of confidence after beating liverpool ,what a croc of shit that is they should have lost that about 4..1 but like the villa of late liverpool had absolutely no good fortune and hodginksons men scraped a very very lucky 3 points. So dont let these fools worry you lads go out with total determination and fight and lady luck will favour the brave which will be you fine VILLA lads..

  17. I fancy 0-2 big party v spurs 2-2 and a, who gives a fuck 2-0 at Norwich

  18. The Baggies relegated us back in the late fifties when a late, late Ronnie Allen penalty at The Hawthorns sent us down. The players and supporters celebrated as if they’d won the European Champions League.

    They cant send us down tomorrow, but they can hammer a few more nails in our coffin. Bastards!!

    For fuck sake McLeish. No Cuellar, and no Marc Albrighton.

  19. Anything can happen tomorrow, its a derby. Although strangely for once this season I feel some what calm about it all. The fans, media, and club have finally reached a joint boiling point and I think we will really have a go tomorrow. Seeing KMac ranting at Coyle this week proved to me there might actually be some fight in these boys yet. Plus you have Dunne, who I think has actually caused more damage than good this season, but it will be nice to have some leadership on the pitch. No offense Gabby-

  20. Even though I like the lad, I must agree with some of the comments about Albrighton. He started off OK on Tuesday but looked terrified in the second half. I wouldn’t mind Heskey starting again up front with Weiman and Gabby playing on the left.

    Big surprise to see the press turn against McLeish this week and Mat Kendrick in particular. Lerner has had issues with the sports press in the US and I don’t think Mat Kendrick would have made his comments without a degree of ‘consent’ from the Villa board. I do not wish McLeish any harm but he is not what we need. I’d be quite happy with a Lambert, a Rodgers or a Martinez.

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