Mcleish will be a goner, we will win

What a few days since Bolton eh ?

We now come up to the most important game for Villa in a decade, we SIMPLY can not afford a defeat. If I wrote this preview a couple of days ago I would have mentioned the last time Mcleish took a relegated threatened side to a derby game at the end of the season. That was 4 years ago, one of the best moments for myself as a Villa fan !

However the last 36 hours has seen a massive mood shift. Dunne speaks about support but does not mention Mcleish. The journalists we all moaned at have broken against Mcleish and Lambert rumours made into the public sphere.

Am I hoping too much that Mcleish has gone, maybe, do I think he will be there in August – NO CHANCE. Therefore tomorrow is all about the players, showing the desire and ability to win and showing that they can overcome the curse of Mcleish.

In other words I have a feeling Mcleish is no longer in effective control and that freedom will release the players. I think the team for this game will be


For the first time in weeks as well, despite what the West Brom fans feel I think we can and will win because the curse has been removed. The fans will behind the team, we all suspect that something is going on.


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77 comments on “Mcleish will be a goner, we will win

  1. Everybody has the baggies down for a home win saturday

  2. I have just listened to neil moxleys report and i fear the worst how are we with all the injuries and playing the young lads going to go to the hawthorns and carrow road and get anything.Let alone host spurs at home our record is abysmal god i fear the worst please god save aston villa.

  3. Yes, I too share the criticisms regarding Albrighton. He looks lost, totally out of his depth. He lacks ball control, is devoid of pace, and fails to take on and beat his opposition defender. He’s not tactically aware either, fails to play the correct ball, and his ability to put in a decent cross has long gone.

    He hasn’t improved whatsoever on the young Albrighton that I watched at reserve team level two or three seasons back. He showed promise then, despite possessing certain failings that you would have hoped he would have ironed out.

    He’s been a huge disappointment this season, although in truth the signs were there last season that he wasn’t the player his debut against WHU cracked him up to be.

    I’d quite happily see the clever, tricky and alert Sami Carruthers get Albrighton’s spot tomorrow.

    • Would you expect any different, he looks to me like he has gone backwards this season, not forwards.
      Looks no where near as good as he wast last year, he looked really promising, and tbh I blame the manager and the training team

      A lot has been said about how mcleish never works on shooting practice and keeps on about defending. I’ve also heard that since we struggled to score from set pieces, he made Bannan stay back to practice corners. But hang on, so long as the ball gets into the box, what more can Bannan do? Shouldn’t the players be practicing their heading skills

      In my eyes, I think a lot is going on wrong at the training ground and the fact he hasn’t improved only boosts my argument, as his problems aren’t being addressed, and that comes down to one man and he back room staff

      • Agreed. We have some potentially great players, but have benn mis-managed by the entire backroom staff. Gabby is another exemple, look at the plaudits laid at his door when he played with a smile on his face under MON.
        Players are generally a bit thick, and a bit immature, after all they never ever grew up properly – they grow up from a young age in a bubble. Shirley Temple, Judy Garland syndrome if u will. Despite their pay, I sorta pity them.
        That’s why so many players do so well under a commanding, fatherlike manager. Poor McLeish is like the friendly uncle by all accounts which isn’t what a football squad needs.
        I fear the worst today, but hope for the best! UTV!!!!!!

  4. just watched the TV interview with Mcleish and he looks and sounds under tremondous pressure and looked very white and pale.

    After 2 serious illnesses at the club I do not want another one.

    • If you mean the BBC Midlands Today – saw it earlier before I looked at this site [& all today’s speculation] and just gave me the impression that he’s only here for 3 more games, and will be just as relieved to get out as all fans will be to see him gone.

    • Well all the abuse hes been given and the hate campaign that has been construed against him just because he hasnt got results is completely OTT.Anyone would think he has done a major criminal act.Telling AM to fuxk off ect ect is just gutter but ive said that before.He isnt a vile person and is just a man doing a job yet he defended the villa fans and says he understands.I would of binned the villa and the mindless pathetic abusive idiots that are churning out this vile abuse that has been dished out to AM.At the start of the season i saw this MINDLESS MONKEY hanging off the villa gates it all started then i mean get some class will you.Fuck off mcleish the villa is ours lol.No it is not yours at all you pay your money to go to AVFC and support Fuckin mindless pricks.I dont like AMs style of football and the lack of results and would like a different manage but would never be like that its been branded poisonous and disgusting and i for 1 agree.Youve even got roy hodgson looking upset defending mcleish..I say to all you mindless idiots dont tarnish the good name of AVFC with your pathetic abusive thick nature get some class.UTV

      • First class post JDVILLA. Wish I’d have penned that.

      • I understand this view point, but i disagree on the basis that people have paid good money to watch crap football. I also think that AM gets paid £2m a year and even he admits it goes with the job hand in hand. A lot of fans have felt they are not being listened to, this was probably the only way too be heard.

        It is a football stadium not the national theatre

        • I know mate but it was pretty grim.It is a football stadium not a zoo.Yes people have paid their money and the football has been poor but abusing someone isnt on especially personal insults that are way over the top.I agree AM needs to go but i cant beleive you would agree with abusing someone like that i heard he was a top bloke really nice man.Hes got kids and kids are present at games and adults are supposed to set an example what example is that.You wouldnt expect abuse like that at work if your work was poor would you AM is at work.I understand the frustration of every villa fan as i am one and have been guilty of dropping in the odd haggis joke here and there.Mindless abuse of a person who is doing a poor job is not on.AM is not a vile man or a poor person pretty top bloke apparently.Who are we to abuse a person because he isnt getting the right results and im not the only one who thinks it Roy hodgson is another.I read of it being poisonous.

          • JD – agree 100% with your comments. The guy may be a useless manager, completely wrong for the job, etc, but the personal abuse is just out of order. It was the same with Houllier last season, and it makes fans all look like a bunch of animals – even if it’s only a minority of the total attendance who really get personal, the media pick it up and tar the rest with the same brush.

            All those wanting a ‘decent’ manager would do well to remember that after these two seasons, any potential manager will have formed a pretty dim view of Villa fans from what the TV and papers report. Why come to a club like this?

          • Personally i dont behave like that, but the club have not listened, the manager still believed he would win us over. I think it happened because of the gap between club and supporters, it was pure frustration. Week in week out we have had excuse upon excuse, for what has been a shower of shit all season.

            He may well be a top bloke as well, i think by the protection he has had from other managers and the media show this. My best mate is a top bloke if offered £2m a year would he take the job, without question. Would he be good at the job no. So the top bloke thing is irrelevant and he has gone for a very public, well paid results orientated job, the cheers, the adulation walk hand in hand with the jeers and the boo’s its just the nature of the beast.

            I have seen this behaiour and disagreed with it, but in this instance i 100% back every fan who boo’d and jeered and sang songs against the manager because it is exactly how i feel about the position of the the club atm.

          • See your point that the guy IS human, but tell me, apart from emptying the stadium – but there are still fools happy to pay – what other way is there of making our point? Our pig head, ignorant, prat of an owner, and I’m sorry if Randy’s feelings are hurt by that (not), put AM in the hot seat, refused point blank to let us fans know what the fuck is going on at our club. So it that respect tuesday night was a refeif in hearing the patience of the fans snap. It’s been a long time coming. AM took a big risk bringing his family along knowing the situation. I wouldn’t be that bloody stupid. If AM gets ill over this, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t, I’ll feel know guilt. Lerner should shoulder that. But do u expect us to put up with the status quo?

          • *sorry, – feel NO guilt! Doh!

      • What a load of bollocks!

        Let’s get this straight.
        Footy isn’t real world, it’s a sort of pretend world, where (mostly) working class people go to vent their spleen watching kids kick a bit of plastic about.
        And they pay a lot of money to do so.

        You’ll be asking for no swearing next.
        Bloody pathetic, imo.

        The manager is being paid £2 Million a year, for being one of the worst managers we’ve ever had in our entire history!

        I’ll never subscribe to your namby pamby view, JDVILLA and the truth is, I think you’re talking out of your arse.



        • Football is the real world of course it is. What a weird thing to say. No matter how much people get paid they are still just men and some villa fans have put the pressure on and never let up. To be perfectly honest if people gave 100% everytime those players and that manager stepped out on to the pitch I bet we would’ve had a completely different season. Some people can’t even fuck when they’ve had to much champagne. Do you think you could perform under the pressure the team has been under? Because they are just people.

          • Bollocks is it. Anon3 is spot on. It’s a fantasy world.
            Wanna pay me £2M pa to beat humiliated on a 3 yr contract? Deal.

          • IT looks like ANON3 thinks im talking out of my arse and thinks personal abuse of a person is ok when they are having a bad time.AMs a poor manager in the premiership granted and has been poor at villa but the personal abuse tactic is bollox mate.There are kids present at AVFC games what sort of example are you setting to them it may be fantasy to you but the people are real the kids are real and AM is real to.Which only goes to show what type of person you are who agrees with personal abuse.Mcleish has been poor and should go but why the need to abuse the man as RL and the rest of the premeirship know the feelings of the fans as it was apparent when he was appointed.What message are you getting across by abusing someone.I know its common place but it has been the bad face of modern football as nobody decent wants it infront of their family and kids who go to games.So get back in your cave captain caveman and beat your chest and smash a few things up with your big club and try and find some class kind regards and all that.lol UTV

      • Legendary. I’ve said the same. People just don’t listen

    • What do u mean mr robo?
      You don’t want Alex mcleish to suffer an illness .
      You’ve tried to hang him all season .

  5. Yes, he’s a dead man walking. I agree with Ardent Villain. He looks as if May 14th cant come quick enough for him. He can walk into Bodymoor Heath, clear his desk, and disappear.

    Pity he cant take Lerner, Krulak, and Faulkner with him.

  6. Bit of early team news chaps!ireland is out with a groin injury and collins is fit to play although he has had to have a injection

  7. No worries mate.nah there’s no chance of bent being on the bench.and the mood in the camp is as usual u would not believe it.I no cuellar was getting some stick in the canteen yesterday for the penalty he gave away against bolton.

    • OK lets ask the Question you know is obvious …

      Karl, do the players think Mcleish will be the manager by the end of May ?

      Because if the mood is like that I am worried the seriousness of it has not come through.

  8. I no what you are saying but I am just telling you what I see and what I am told.mcleish is a top bloke he really is I just think the job at villa is to big for him.there is a massive difference now in the camp as to when houllier was there and the players hated mcallister!

  9. will it be dunne and collins

    • Certainly hope it is Dunne and Collins. That’s our best pairing.

      Cuellar for janitorial duties in the dressing room. Just keep him off the pitch, dont let him get involved at all.

  10. No jd there not fully fit! they are being rushed back to add experience to the back line.I will be glad to dee dunne back I think we have missed him big time.

    • Karl have u not forgot how shiy Dunne is. We were all going on about king Carlos instead of Dunne not long ago coz Dunne was so shit. He always has a mistake in him and I bet u he will make a major bollock tomorrow. The guy is a useless lump on and off the field.

  11. Nah oohahh your totally wrong about dunne he Is a good top flight experienced defender and like all defenders they do make mistakes but he is our best defender.have you met the bloke?its a load of bullshit about him being bad around the club totally the opposite

    • Met him a couple of times seems a decent enuf bloke out and about but was instrumental in trying to undermine houllier last season. He is good on occasions but always has a major mistake in him coz he switches off. If you look at goals we have conceded this season and last u cud probably attribute most of them to Dunne and that’s a fact. Yes defenders make mistakes but he makes too many.

    • Hopefully you are right Karl, although you always stick up for RIchard Dunne so I’m starting to think you are the man in question!🙂

      Personally I don’t care about anything if we can get 3 points tomorrow

  12. Mat Kendrick thinks Mcleish will be gone by the time I have to renew

  13. Mcleish is Gone I said this weeks ago he failed to meet his contract requirements and whatever people thought was a large payoff it will indeed be a nominal fee compared to the previous managers let go.

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