Lambert and MCleish do nothing to quell the speculation

Well, I found this comment from today’s press conference from Paul Lambert.

“Speculation about players is something you can never do anything about. That happens. It happens with managers as well and you can’t stop that,” he said. “If my players get linked with other teams there is not a thing I can do about that. It is the same situation about myself. It is extremely unfair with me being linked with Aston Villa when they have got a really good manager up there who is doing everything he can to stay in the league. It is an unfair comment for me to say anything on that.”


Not sure on the ‘really good manager’ bit but when you do not get an outright denial then the conclusion is clear from that.

Added to this, Radio WM have just tweeted

Just interviewed McLeish, he says he hurt more than anyone at Villa Park on Tuesday night. Is focussing on the next three and not long term.

Now you may say I am hoping for something by linking things together but whebn OUR manager says he is not looking at the long term, HE IS GONE.

31 comments on “Lambert and MCleish do nothing to quell the speculation

  1. Lambert for Villa! McLeish Out!

  2. Nothing is guaranteed until any new manager signs the dotted line. Until such time we can only presume that the present manager will remain in his position.

  3. If we go down we will go for curbs!!

  4. Have I missed something? Where has Lambert been linked to Villa? I don’t know if this is wishful thinking on my behalf but seems like Lambert wants his name linked to us. I would love to see him at the Villa, our stock might be a little low at the moment but Aston Villa will always be a step up from Norwich.

    • He was linked in both the Sun and the Mirror, the two biggest selling tabloids in the country.

    • A bit like Aston Villa were a step up from Wigan for Martinez?

      • lost4words answers that one

        • Yeah, this time last year we were ‘looking’ at Benitez, Moyes, Hughes, Ancelotti… How we’ve fallen.😦

          • Would rather have Paul Lambert than Benitez or Hughes.

            Ancelotti was a dream for most of us at the time, but on high wages and probably demanding more in transfer fees than the very little we could afford, probably unrealistic.

            As for Moyes, the only way he will leave Everton is if a champions league club come calling.

            What is to say that Paul Lambert wouldn’t build a dynasty at Villa and turn himself into a manager recognised in the calibre of Benitez, Moyes, Hughes or Ancellotti. The man has achieved everything he could possibly achieve with Norwich.

            In our current position, we couldn’t complain about getting a manager like Lambert, in fact we would be lucky, and i think providing we stay up, technically we will be in a better position than we were last season when we were linked with all of those names, we have seen a lot of the new young players and have improved the financials.

      • Martinez knows we are a big step up from Wigan, but Whelan played the guilt trip on him and convinced him he was destined to manage the likes of Barcelona, as a pose to a small club like Villa! BTW, I’ve never liked Whelan. Has always come across as egotistical.

      • im a villa fan and i have to applaud that one!!

  5. I think fans are so desperate for McLeish to go that wishful thinking is ruling the brain. I would be highly surprised if the same board that dithered and pontificated so appallingly over a new manager when Houllier left has been so quick in setting their sites on a new appointment this summer. If we are to believe that Paul Lambert is avoiding an “honest” answer we would have to believe that Villa have already approached him one way or another. I really don’t see this, I think fans should accept that McLeish is here until at least the summer and forget anything beyond that.

  6. Okay – I have seen the other piece you wrote now Ian, I was reading the newest first. Still, I think he is happy to have his name next to Aston Villa and he could easily kill the speculation. “I will be Norwich City manager next season!” Paul Lambert – Aston Villa manager; sounds good to me!

  7. To be fair, the Martinez thing was a unique situation to do with loyalty and not because he didn’t see us as a step up.

    • Martinez knows we are a big step up from Wigan, but Whelan played the guilt trip on him and convinced him he was destined to manage the likes of Barcelona, as a pose to a small club like Villa! BTW, I’ve never liked Whelan. Has always come across as egotistical.

  8. So presuming this can everyone get behind Villa now and lay off Mcleish. I don’t know about the rest of you but unless we win a game, i think we could well be down. The fact we have young players under pressure really doesn’t help when the atmosphere is hostile. We NEED to stay up.

  9. There is no way Lambert will drop down a division,so forget him,more probable,mick mcarthy or steve bruce

  10. Sorry, but an empty blog and even emptier replies. Lambert is saying what they all say about fellow professionals – nothing adverse.
    Let it be until the axe (hopefully) drops.

  11. Mcleish is focusing on the next three games because they are the most important games whether villa go down or stay up it doesnt mean paul lambert is going to managea aston villa.

    • I bet Delia cooks him cakes wearing nothin but a plastic pinny. It’d keep me at Norwich!!!!! Phwoaaarrrr!!!!!!!

  12. Lets deal with keeping our status in thus league first guys then lets sort out managerial part. its Three games that will decide us as a football club. we need a hero to step up to plate

  13. Great tactics mr Lerner. Get the manager of the team we play last to be our manager next year. That way we should survive as he won’t want Norwich to send us down. 3 points in the bag!!!!!

  14. 1.Martinez

    Or Di Matteo above anyone if he doesnt keep the Chelsea job. Ive wanted him since he lost the Baggies job. He did really well there and i always loved the way he had his team play football, but when they went on a bad run of form he was a victim of his own success and obviously got the sack. Would f*cking love to see him at Bodymoor Heath holding up a Villa jersey!

    Anyways, if Randy cant get one of them then he shouldnt be in charge of a football club full stop.

  15. this should have happened at xmas, not now.

  16. As per usual bluff and spin leaked from Villa Park, keep the peasants quiet and keep getting their money off them.

    As much as I would like to see Lambert at Villa, I very much doubt he will be here next, or any season, Randy will stick by his appointment, McLeish, as will faulkner who was instigational in bringing him to us. They can’t sack him as they would appear to be weak, and giving in to supporters demands. That’s apart from even more compo to pay out.

    Will McLeish resign? Would you on the money he’s on?

  17. There is as much chance of Lambert opting to move to Brum B6, as there is of the yank selling up and pissing off back over the Atlantic.

  18. Very strange how Lambert hasn’t come out and said he knows nothing about it, had no contact, load of rubbish etc, even if it’s not true.
    Which I actually find a little bit disappointing, given that managers always look after their own, in public at least.

    Whatever, how about this for all you Collins haters?

    James Collins has been one of the most aware players in the Aston Villa side this season. James’s ability to read the game in front of him has meant he’s claimed 218 interceptions this season, more than any other Premier League player.

    As well as interceptions, Collins is also top of the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index for clearances made. Collins has made 88 clearances this season.

    Food for thought perhaps?

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