9 comments on “Given finding it tough at Villa and WBA put shots in

  1. Who gives a fuck about the 1975-1976 Centre Midfielders, I mean what the absolute fuck!!! Why is this pure and utter tripe being posted, fuck off Patrick and grow a pair of balls Ian and stop accepting this shite. We’re all depressed enough atm without looking at this wank.

    • shame you can not write a civil piece and why bother commenting if you do not like it ?

    • If u actually stopped to look at the stats, u might realise the relevance. Terrible ignorance and very iffensive

    • An enjoyable bit of ranting there! Certainly made me chuckle.

      There’s always room for stats though and it’s good to be reminded that our mid-seventies rise to league and European glory started from similar circumstances.

  2. Me thinks that I R can not handle his Guiness

  3. Just more proof we’ve had an absolute nightmare season. I haven’t felt so nervous since my wedding day. Really bad. If we get 3 points at tesco’s I’m celebrating, properly. And look forward to a more exciting next transition period.

  4. WOW what a hammering of Kinmartin from one of his fellow Irishman. Cruel world.

    Gonna say 1-1 at the Thorns tomorrow….we go up in the first 20 minutes with some kind of wonder goal and then can’t hold off Albion in the final minutes.

  5. Kinmartin OUT!!!!!

  6. Very interesting stats. And the most interesting fact is that from adversity came strength and future success under the man who became Villa’s most successful modern day manager. We can only hope history repeats itself. Irish-Villa you’re out of order.

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