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34 comments on “Mcleish has to Finish

  1. The young lads are giving their all. Chris Herd has been exceptional, Nathan Baker too. Eric Lichaj improves with every game, while Andi Weimann has proven what a great prospect he is.

    I have been disappointed with Marc Albrighton, he has gone backwards, but hopefully he can end the season with a flourish.

    Its these lads who will see us through…not McLeish.

    All’s not lost yet. We’ll stay up inspite of McLeish, not because of him.

  2. I dont think it matters atm who is in charge, the players look so defeated. A change in manager with Sid and Kev for the last three games would boost the youngsters, I also think the senior players would respond to KMac he is well respected within the club. I remember Ashley Young scoring last season and he and the players ran over to KMac to celebrate, it showed a sense of unity in the sqaud, which for all the shouting in the press this season is blatantly not there

    Richard Dunne shut the fuck up and prove it on the field

  3. Oh dear more bad news,i have just read Dunne is set to return against the Baggies.It is good news for the baggies as they are almost certain to get a penalty or own goal

  4. Yes RL is largely to blame, much as I hate to say it, for not keeping a eye on MON’s overspending on average player’s. He’s also to blame for appointing GH and for taking the advice of whoever to appoint Mc Leish. But he’s not to blame for the dreadful performances of the team this season. That honour fall’s directly on the shoulder’s of the manager. At the beginning of the season he had a team of full international player’s. He should have had us safe before Christmas. Now he talk’s about the problem being the kid’s. They are all grown men for god’s sake. Trevor Francis was 16 when he made his debut Pele 17 in a WC Rooney 17 etc. As the great Wolves manager Cullis said ‘if they are good enough they are old enough’ Are our kid’s good enough or is Aml killing their flair. Who ever is to blame changes have to be made. If we are to remain a viable PL team we have to cut our outgoing’s as well as increase our income. Memo to RL you wont increase your income with a empty stadium. Mc leish has to carry on for the next 3 games but should take the bus from Norwich to Glasgow and never return. Randy it’s up to you get some ex Villa players supporter’s and listen to what they say. By the way Randy burn that letter.

  5. Sack Mcleish and give Sid a couple of games to teach the players what it is to be a Villa player.

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