23 comments on “Kit thoughts, lets get minds off Mcleish

  1. it’s off. not of.

  2. Good thought, I really liked the blue and black away kit. Something more creative would be nice, nothing to purple or pinkish… but something that works nicely

    • I presume the NTL kit is the main reason for this comment. claret with blue sleeves, minimal white trimming and no silly logos or oversize sponsor please! blue and black was stunning – regret not purchasing it. can only find it on-line with Barry, Milner, Young or Heskey on though…..

  3. I think im in the minority here but i liked every single Nike kit, and have most of them, what did we have them for, four years? I got all three of their first year, then one shirt from each of the other seasons we were with Nike. And ive got the Nike jacket from last season (sexy as hell!)

    • I agree with you I was always impressed with the nike kits and the checks didn’t bother me at all. I’m not looking forward to seeing the crap macron symbol that they put on the sleeves that make their kits look tacky.

      • Yeah thats what bothers me, i dont mind the fact weve changed from nike to macron, its teh fact they dont look very good, out of all the macron kits ive seen only the apoli one looks any good. For me, the macron on the chest is just far too big!

  4. I’d love to see a dark navy blue away kit, something a bit different, but please please please no stupid macron symbols that they put on the sleeves, they look awful, and I think everyone agrees on that?

  5. Hi Adam G and JustRich I was the James who wrote this article and glad people did not slate this for being ‘unneccesary’ or ‘pointless’ whatever.

    I agree to some extent JustRich, the first 3 home shirts were nice and simple, was unsure on checks. But colour schemes of away were brilliant.

    I am desperately hoping for a Yellow with Claret away kit – it appears there will not be a third strip. Which I like for saving money, but dislike seeing random shorts with shirts, for instance the sky blue shorts look poor with this seasons away strip.

    • Completely agree about the shorts! Its like they dont care about the shorts and just stick any with no effort or thought.

      • I do however quite like the Home shirt with alterations of shorts, the blue and claret both work. But certainly not with the away kit – why against Liverpool were the home shorts not used?

        • Yeah i quite like blue shorts with the claret shirt but aslong as the socks are claret or blue or half and half

  6. The home kit should be kept simple and traditional, I don’t want that bloody Macron logo all over the place. And no checks or other stupid things that have nothing to do with us.

    The away one should be all black. Like Batman.

  7. I wouldn’t give a shit if we played in shocking pink, as long as we played decent football, entertained, and won a few games.

  8. Not spending another penny on merchandise untill major changes are made

  9. McLeish drama aside, I would love to see:

    HOME – traditional claret/blue along the lines of 2009.

    AWAY – crazy and modern along the lines of Marseille FC. They have had a lot of great designs that grab your attention but are still reserved enough unlike Everton’s pink kit last season.

    THIRD – None. I don’t think we need it with two distinct kits in the line-up.

  10. For me I’d love a high quality kit, but just clean and simple. More like an international kit, I guess- Holland 10′ Home kit or the England kits now. Personally I think the stripes will just make us look like West Ham and the checkers never did it for me. So for a home kit, perhaps a little less traditional; a solid claret with white lettering and blue trim. Away Kits; I would love the all black with blue lettering, all blue with white lettering and claret trim, or something out there like a rich yellow. Although yellow will be tricky, it’ll be hard not to look like a bumble bee or ungodly bright. Macron’s logo does worry me I have to admit. I am really hoping they keep it simple with just one logo on the shirt and shorts each… and as small as possible.

    Has anyone seen that new Vfl Wolfsburg kit with the embossed or shiny wolf? Let’s hope for nothing like that.

  11. If McLoser is still here next season, in whatever league, I’d like to see a big blue cock on a claret background.
    That would suit us down to the ground.
    I quite like the checks actually.

  12. If next years’ kits are close to what West Ham’s are this year I’ll be happy. I agree with others that the macrons on the sleeves looks awful though. Would love an alternate kit as well. Not so sure about the yellow idea…. For me the perfect set would be white away kits and sky blue alternates.

  13. I dont mind any of them except the grey that is just to bland. Like the yellow, would like to see the badge back in the middle of the chest again

  14. Home kit should be ginger with a big fuckin yellow streak through it and no badge just a white flag.

  15. All I know from my ITK is Macron are going to do a massive range of clobber compared to NIke. The deal could have the arse fall out of it if we are relegated, so we don’t want that to happen.

    I also heard from another well connected ITK – McLeish is gone whatever the result in 3 weeks, so forget the McLeish out protests – let’s just get behind the teams and trust me it will be taken care of……..

  16. Ian, by chance did you see Macron’s new Sheffield United kits? Between the Leeds and Sheffield designs I’m starting to think we may be stuck with those terrible icons on the shoulder, shorts, and socks.

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