Ellis speaks and thinks 6th is possible, not sure which league

Oh I love it when Ellis speaks, it is fantastic, like in the good old days every pronouncement is utter rubbish.

The Evening Mail finally pulled out the Villa in Crisis issue and they have headlined it with

Of course they refuse to have a go at Mcleish like they have all season. they have issued the boring and bland club line of

‘get behind the team’

It is almost what the club said last night, make your own conclusions.

However Ellis pops up. It has never failed to amuse me why anyone thinks he adds anything to the debate. Ever since I have known of him 30 years ago his words were utter rubbish. He has surppased himself this time by backing Mcleish. Like in the old days always against the vast majority of the ‘man on the terraces’. However when he says

‘Villa will finish in the top 6 next season’

He must mean the Championship surely ?

Is he expecting us to get relegated then and still keep Mcleish ?

Or if he actually meant the PL then it confirms what we all knew about him over the years, out of touch.

If this is the best the club can rustle up to stop protests it is shameful. They tried to stop freedom of speech and now use emotional blackmail through the old and tired get behind your club.

Old Ellisan tricks, the Padawan has learnt well.

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74 comments on “Ellis speaks and thinks 6th is possible, not sure which league

  1. All the cheering, clapping, singing and happy thoughts will never change the fact McLeish is a poor manager and taking us down.

    Every fan has been behind the team all season so why do they have to spout that tripe about getting behind the team??

  2. “Or if he actually meant the PL then it confirms what we all knew about him over the years, out of touch.”

    Why can’t you just start using all the words you’re supposed to. “that he is out of touch”. It would be one step to not having to decode everything on this website.

    • Pernickety tosser – ignore Rolta and keep up the good work Ian

      • I don’t think it’s so pernickety. It’s just wouldn’t take much effort at all to make the writing good – so why not do it?

        As for the tosser thing, I apologise for saying such things good not to have to

        • I’m not sure how to ‘decode’ that last sentence – any ideas Ian? Its a football blog, not a Times article.

          • Rolta, Ian’s just being all ‘street’. It attracts the kids! Cool those jets, Mr Bennet.

          • TB, I was making my point with the last sentence😉

            I wasn’t picking on just one instance…every article has simple things like missing question marks and the weirdest way of putting sentences together and it’s not hard to get it right.

  3. could moan for days about mcleish, but will hold fire to get these deseperate points first. come the summer he will go but right now lets back the team as premiership survival is now and the manager can wait 2 weeks. just hold fire 2 weeks thats all.

  4. Ellis out !!!!

  5. Di Canio in !!!!

  6. Sack him or keep him, either is a huge risk now. I’ll ignore any protest and get behind the team for the remaining three games, then protest at full time at Carrow Road. Even if we stay up his days are numbered, and with him on the sidelines or not, the players need our support now more than ever. F*** McLeish, support the team – then worry about him come the end of the season, because any change now is too late.

  7. dont worry lads….. we will be safe by 6 o clock sunday evening! UTV….. SOTC

  8. Time to open an old debate? IF we sacked AMc who would we appoint? Who would want to manage us. Seem to remember we had this debate last summer and the summer before…

    • Proley, do u remember a few months back when the board declared they would respect other clubs and not approach an ‘in work’ manager?
      Who the fuck would have thought he’d pay compo to the scum for their double winning, sorry double losing (read relegation), excuse of a Manager. Lerner really does delight in the obtuse.

      Glad the papers are FINALLY taking note apart from one or two prats including the sychophantic B’ham Mail. They should be put in front of the Levinson enquiry for collusion.

      McRelegator OUT!

      …And can we have our banners back please? Bunch of wankers the stewards are.

  9. Don’t believe in anything that he says (Doug) he has had 3 major operations for cancer, cannot remember things of importance, I would hazard a guess he living in memories of years gone by. To me he is the reason that Villa had Lerner and helped to have Mcleish for money reasons.

  10. Deadly was a Birmingham City Director before crossing to the Villa…

    & Mcleish was a Birmingham City Manager before…….

    Aaaah Say No More….

  11. He is the honorary Chairmen so he is bound to the club. The message to the fans is clear we are not going to sack him now! They are calling for a united front- if they were going to sack him they should have done it after the must win game against bolton. We just have to hope that if we have another loss (maybe get horrifically beaten by west brom) that they may feel that supporting him has done nothing.

    I reckon west brom will stuff us. no one affliated with the club is gonna speak out of turn until the head honcho says he has to go.

  12. Three matches to go, let’s just get behind the lads between now and the final whistle of the final game. It’s not the right time to be talking, analysing and fault-finding – as soon as that final ball has been kicked we can do that.

    THREE games, let’s give it 120% positive, uplifting support. When we are assured of safety we can discuss our way forward and vent our frustrations.

  13. Hello my fine Villa friends, Can you recall the large poster in your end saying “who is going to be your messiah” Ant and Dec !! well what comes around goes around Ozzie osbourne and Jasper Carrott aint dong much these days !!! Ken the toon fan

    • oh dear how the tide has turned eh lads
      sob on the Tyne, you can stick that right up ya arse
      where’s ya smart arse bed sheet remarks now eh
      let’s see what ya average attendance is in the championship,won’t be 45,000 like ours was,saying that you don’t get that in the premier
      shit club shit fans

      • Massive club Newcastle, once Rangers have gone bust they’ll be the second biggest in Scotland. F*** off back to the Sports Direct.

        For the record, I and the vast majority of Villa fans (excluding a couple with signs) couldn’t have given less of a crap that you went down, and took no joy from it either.

        Come back once you’ve got a history, and not just one top 6 finish – MON’s Sunderland will be back ahead of you next year anyway.

      • It must be so boring in Scotland drinking whiskey all day you jocks have started looking at Villa forums, I can remember a few months ago you were crying about your fat owner, now you think the Scottish snow comes out of his fat arse. Have fun during the euros watching England play.

        • taking about Europe we’ll see you there,oh hang on

          • You think you’ll take the Europa League seriously when fighting a relegation battle next season? Overachieving horribly, will be back down to earth soon enough

          • Euros you Scottish clown, Chelsea are going to win the champs league and you would have the season of a life time for fuck all.

          • we’ll still be in the Europa cup,any brummies actualy know what there talking about?

          • Enjoy your trips to Raboticki, Shahktar Donetsk and AEK Larnaca Mark – dead jealous we’re not finishing 6th this season…

          • Ye right ,Big eck and ol Randy are shaftin you lot big style , You lot are booin your manager your owner even Martin Oneil got it !! Sad fookers bet even the Villa tea lady gets it

          • HA! I seem to remember messiah Glen Roeder (the man who won you your only trophy in the last 50 years) getting booed out – what-a-mistake-a-to-make-a!

          • Europa league well worth talking about, might be a sell out at the Knobs Direct Sports Arena against Shamrock rovers

          • your clueless , If you lot go down Randy will be off with his cash and you lot might end up like Pompey (well hopefully )

          • To be fair, you lot are rolling in it after you managed to sell the naming rights to that lego stadium of yours… oh wait…

          • Dont forget ,We have been to that pig pen of a ground of yours ? nothing around it but boozebusters and kebabe shops

          • Pig pen?! When I (finally) got to my seat at your place I was half a mile away from the centre circle – lego brick ground

          • Cant wait for Chelsea to win the Champions League it could only happen to the plastic Jock geordies

        • think you have that wrong my friend (we are in the Euro,s ) while the once mighty Villa will be playing Charlton , The reason we are here is the gobshite Villa fans takin the piss 2 season ago with you whitty Ant and Dec , Sob on the tyne comments ! what goes around comes around

          • think me and ken have got our point across with the bites wa gettn
            good look in the championship boys see you in 2 seasons time

          • Good look, is that Scottish.

          • you’ve done yourselves proud lads, well done. now f*ck off in your skirts back to the highlands, and when you fall of your horse next season make sure you don’t hide away and ignore us.

          • wa gettn ?? in english please

          • And Newcastle have won how many European cups exactly. When you had a chance of winning the prem league Keegan was on verge of crying like a little girl after Fergie bullied him. Typical Geordies always the bridesmaid never the bride.

      • Cant wait for Mike Ashley to screw it up again, he always does and always will. BYe Bye to your best players this summer

    • jasper carrott is a blue nose, if you are going to be smart get it right,or as you would say

      jasper carrott is a blue nose, if yee are gunna be smart get it reet

  14. Comparison between Blues last Season & Villa this season..

    Blues 35 8 15 12 35 52 39

    Villa 35 7 15 13 36 50 36

    So as Blues also lost their last three , McNoMates has won only 15 Prem Fixtures
    out of the last 73 he has managed in….. & Trousered a small fortune in wages & add ons .

    How does the man sleep at night..being rewarded for such absolute failure..

    Come on Son … do the right thing now , & leave with a little bit of dignity still intact ,
    & fall on that sword of yours….

  15. Ellis speaks, and no one with Villa connections listens, cares, or gives a toss.

    Nothing’s changed has it?

  16. Nigel Kennedy or Prince William ?

    could be the saviors of the once mighty Villa

    • I’m not sure about saviors, but it would be good PR for the future. They could also tie in Acorns for a charity event. With regards to Prince William, Villa already have a lion on the crest… it could be a perfect match.

    • Kennedy replacing Albrighton and Prince William replacing Cuellar you mean?

      Lets fucking hope so!!

  17. jasper carrott is a blue nose, if yee are gunna be smart get it reet

    We aint from Sweden !

    is it kippa tie or cup of tea

  18. A mate of mine who is not a supporter Of villa reckons we are waiting for the end of the Champioship season and then we will go for Gus Poyet, dont know if there is any truth to it at all, I would be happy if it was.

  19. Only problem is Morgan Villa, is that its doubtful that the comedic duo of Lerner and Faulkner have ever heard of Gus Poyet.

    They’ll have Gary Megson lined up.

  20. As if things arnt bad enough Dunne the useless twat is championing mcleish and saying that he his fit and raring to go. Any small hope of staying up has now gone my money’s on a Dunne mistake or og to send us down. We are well and truly f****d now this clown is back in the team.

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