Ellis speaks and thinks 6th is possible, not sure which league

Oh I love it when Ellis speaks, it is fantastic, like in the good old days every pronouncement is utter rubbish.

The Evening Mail finally pulled out the Villa in Crisis issue and they have headlined it with

Of course they refuse to have a go at Mcleish like they have all season. they have issued the boring and bland club line of

‘get behind the team’

It is almost what the club said last night, make your own conclusions.

However Ellis pops up. It has never failed to amuse me why anyone thinks he adds anything to the debate. Ever since I have known of him 30 years ago his words were utter rubbish. He has surppased himself this time by backing Mcleish. Like in the old days always against the vast majority of the ‘man on the terraces’. However when he says

‘Villa will finish in the top 6 next season’

He must mean the Championship surely ?

Is he expecting us to get relegated then and still keep Mcleish ?

Or if he actually meant the PL then it confirms what we all knew about him over the years, out of touch.

If this is the best the club can rustle up to stop protests it is shameful. They tried to stop freedom of speech and now use emotional blackmail through the old and tired get behind your club.

Old Ellisan tricks, the Padawan has learnt well.

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74 comments on “Ellis speaks and thinks 6th is possible, not sure which league

  1. Dare I say Chris Hughton would be a good shout.. actually anyone would be better than what we have. Perhaps relegation would be good for us in the long run, like what’s happened to the barcodes.

    There’s very little of the squad that i’d want to keep.

  2. Sir Dougs comments = old man syndrome

  3. Rather him that that walking liability Senor Cuellar.

    How ‘King Carlos’ can be viewed by anyone as a premier league central defender is beyond me. Give me Dunne and Collins in tandem anyday.

  4. Pep Guardiola has no class…he could have at least waited until we had actually sacked McLeish before he starts considering his future!

    • Thank you, that is brilliant. The first related to Villa I have been able to smile about since someone told me a joke last summer that Alex McLeish was going to be our new manager.

  5. Old woman Steve Bruce is on his way, good championship manager

  6. I bought the mail today and when i read deadly dougs statement i laughed he has us down as finishing 6th in the prem next season and backs mchaggis.He aslo says we will stay in the prem for defo and beat spurs at VP lol.Either RL is planning to spend a load of cash with ellis’s dosh aswell or he finally has been affected by being 88 and is living in LA LA land and has dimentia.Doug Doug wake up wake up any 1 in.

  7. I see old doug still spouts a load of bollocks .Must be his agei guess

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