Villa statement is total rubbish, only one we want

Sorry Villa but the statement you have issued is total and utter rubbish.

So you see a post saying a Villa statement and what did you think ??

Yes the same as me and then read THIS and you ever read such rubbish.

Note in this statement it does not even mention McLeish by name and a brief mention of support. Sorry randy and Paul this is just pathetic from you. I will ALWAYS support the club and you do not have to ask for me to do that. However this patronising crap is worse than the ‘be the 12th man’ rubbish we had last season.

We are in serious straits now, the players clearly have no respect for the manager, the fans said it all last night. There is only one statement we want to hear from you.


Thats all, nice and simple

However note the no long term commitment to McLeish, he can not get 40 points, what have I been saying ?

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72 comments on “Villa statement is total rubbish, only one we want

  1. Where was Stevie Ireland yesterday? Muck formation, muck tactics, muck choice of midfield and most importantly muck manager. I cannot believe he has persisted with his shite style of ball this long! The protest for the Spurs game is going to be massive after that pile of dross yesterday and all season really!

  2. Yeah i was wondering where Ireland was, another injury in training no doubt,there seems to be one before every game.With McClueless in charge it is bad news on all fronts

  3. Doug Ellis is right !!!! We will finish in the top 6 next season ! He failed to mention top 6 in the championship lol deadly doug would have sacked MacLeish by now !!

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