Villa statement is total rubbish, only one we want

Sorry Villa but the statement you have issued is total and utter rubbish.

So you see a post saying a Villa statement and what did you think ??

Yes the same as me and then read THIS and you ever read such rubbish.

Note in this statement it does not even mention McLeish by name and a brief mention of support. Sorry randy and Paul this is just pathetic from you. I will ALWAYS support the club and you do not have to ask for me to do that. However this patronising crap is worse than the ‘be the 12th man’ rubbish we had last season.

We are in serious straits now, the players clearly have no respect for the manager, the fans said it all last night. There is only one statement we want to hear from you.


Thats all, nice and simple

However note the no long term commitment to McLeish, he can not get 40 points, what have I been saying ?

72 comments on “Villa statement is total rubbish, only one we want

  1. I’m beginning to think that Aston Villa FC are not worrying to whats going on, the idea is if we do not get relegated we will sort the wages out in the new season, But if we do get relegated, it may mean contracts to players are void and new ones will be made. The FA will give us money to bounce back, wages will be lower, agents cuts will be less, plus the new rule will be near for all clubs. There is no other reason to me what that pratish management have done to the club over the season..

  2. I thought mcleish would have been sacked this morning.

    • Ha! Fuck me JD, u are the optimist! Have the horrible feeling Randolph will stick with that fuckwit even if we go down. Even then, I have zero faith our illustrious owner will have the ability or testicles to hire a ‘real manager’.

  3. Sacking him now could give us some momentum and freshen things up, if we keep mcleish for the rest of the season, we will lose all 3 games and be relegated, if we sack him now,get kevin man in and we may stay up! Did wolves win their first game as sonn as MM was sacked? Well that’s all we need.. 1 win, just 1 win!! We can do it

  4. More waffle from the yank and his sidekick.

    Only the large amount of venom being directed at McLeish is saving Lerner and Faulkner from well deserved heavy abuse.

    All three individuals are responsible for the current predicament. The club would be on the right track only if all three were long gone.

  5. Lerner the fraud has been found out

  6. Most worrying aspect of this whole fucking mess is that with Lerner and Faulkner running the show, after the appointments of Houllier and Mcleish, you have to wonder who we’ll scrape the barrel for, and end up with next.

    Just as worrying I suppose, is that no way will this current AVFC set-up return to the top flight at the first attempt. It just wouldn’t happen. We could easily fuck around in the championship for a few seasons, such is the grand scale of the mess Lerner, Faulkner, and McLeish have created.

  7. Empty. Nameless. Claimless. Weak.

    Aston Villa FC, you have let us down so, so, badly.

    Lerner, Faulkner and McLeish, you three take this piss beyond belief. As regards the vocal abuse displayed last night – I have two words to say: “AT LAST”!!!!

    You’ve hidden behind the ‘silent majority’ excuse for too long but now the dam has burst. McLoser, you’ve had your chance and blown it BIG TIME. We’ve only had injuries recently, so that is a weak excuse to hide behind.

    Whether it’s a sacking, resignation or ‘mutual consent’, get the fuck out of Villa Park.

    Lerner – your stock has fallen so low, you are an embaressment to English Football, and you’ve shown yourself for your true colours (that’s how we spell colours in the UK, not ‘colors’), you have NO IDEA and you are FAKE. I hope u enjoy the rate of interest u get from loaning your fathers fortune to us.

    Concentrate on the fortunes of the Browns, and sell us now! The local owner of the cab rank has more idea than you and your Yes Men.

  8. Lets face it, Kevin McDonald is way out of his depth as a premier league manager, but his appointment for the last three games might just provide the required spark to ensure we could pick up at least three more points to secure safety.

    Put it this way, he couldn’t do much worse than McLeish. Surely?

  9. The official club statement is just another kick in the balls from Lerner and that arrogant fuck Faulkner. Two useless wastes of space who need to take a long look at themselves before they start pissing all over this club’s great supporters yet again.

  10. I could be wrong but there is no long term backing for Mc Muppet in their statement. I want all three gone at the end of the season but I can see they wont want to sack Mc Muppet before then as it looks knee jerk after last night and to not back him for the remaining three games would be mad of them. I honestly think there will be a parting of ways come end of May. Let’s hope we’re still in the premier league.

  11. Mr Lerner here is a starent from a Villa fan to YOU. I know you only care about money I know you refuse to engage with supporters I know you want listen to us I know you are arrogant BUT it’s time you did what is RIGHT for Aston Villa it’s time you left. Stop treating fans with disdain realise you have caused this. If you have any decency admit your error on employing Alex Mcleish and take him with you when YOU leave. Villa fans thank you in advance for doing what is right for allowing our club to become free of this appalling manager. Villa fans will do as you ask we will as always support the team. I ask for you to do like wise and GO taking Alex Mcleish with you. You ask us to do what is right, I expect YOU to do likewise and leave. Lerner OUT

  12. Cos I’m based in London I don’t get to many matches but I always buy team kits for my self and sons, Villa won’t see a penny from me until they appoint a decent manager. Cos AMC going is not enough we want a David Moyes or Roberto Martinez type manager who can make good of our youngsters.

  13. “However note the no long term commitment to McLeish, he can not get 40 points, what have I been saying ?”

    All the time I find it hard to work out what you say.

  14. I am 100% convinced McLeish will be gone in the summer – whether we stay up or not. Last night, there’s no coming back from that & hence this statement to calm the fans.

    Now let’s beat those Baggie Bastards & shove it down anyone’s throat who is enjoying our moment in the brown stuff.


  15. I’m sorry Mr Lerner in comparison you have been a villa fan for 10 minutes compared with the lives of most of us. We are feeling it in our hearts your biggest fear is the hole in your pocket. Man up and get rid of this disaster appointment you made. O’leary was bad but this is on another level. I do not know one fan who wanted him, plenty were prepared to give him a chance but since Christmas every VILLA fan has wanted to see the back of him. I’m in the camp of Kevin MacDonald for the last three games cos something has to change.
    Ps can i come and work for you on £2 miilion a year – I can be a crap manager

  16. Lerner is sadly lacking. His evaluative judgment and his football nous.

    His statement is meaningless and worthless. I distrust the yank as much as I despise what McLeish has done to my beloved AVFC.

  17. Get him out fucking now!!!!!! What the fuck Is going on. Never in my entire 18 years as a season ticket holder have I been so embarrased of what we have become! Please remove him before the next 3 games!!!

  18. Great PR!

  19. Dear Mr Faulkner,
    Europe & the top 6 beckons Mr CEO what a joke. My you must rue making such a ridiculous statement a few months ago.
    The Npower Championship is now a near certainty due to YOUR appointment of the worst Manager in the history of OUR famous football club, and a manager whose record throughout his career shows him as a poor manager who has broken records for all the wrong reasons where ever he has managed
    You and Mr Lerner having been somewhat blinded and blinkered in this suicidal appointment and more importantly having continued to support this manager after a disastrous set of results which leave us as the worst team form wise in the EPL*bar wolves). Why oh why have you had such blind faith in a manager who is on course to make history for all the wrong reasons. Having seen his teams at BCFC play such dire football and two relegations he is now about to put us through the misery and heartbreaking of relegation after 20 years in the Premiership and our position of top team in the West Midlands
    I am writing again for the 3rd time this season to express my concern for Aston Villa while Alex McLeish remains as manager. We have now played 35 games this season and we have won an embarrasingly low 7 games, that is a win ratio of less than 20%! We have also scored a shameful 36 goals in those game, so we are averaging 1.02 goals a game. We are on course to “achieve” our worst home record of ALL TIME and our lowest points total since the Premier League began 20 years ago. There are no excuses for our current position. Injuries, illness and suspensions CAN NOT be blamed as even with a full squad this season McLeish has failed to deliver. Fans are being driven away in record numbers, and a recent poll on a Villa fansite suggests that over 50% of fans will NOT be renewing their Season Tickets if Alex McLeish remains as manager. Does this not worry you? As the crowds this season have been very poor and are going to get a lot worse. I am one of those fans, not only will I not renew I will not be attending another game after this season ends while he remains as manager, I will also be boycotting all aspects of the club as purchasing anything from the club is endorsing the continued employment of this failing manager. I have been a loyal supporter of Aston Villa for over 52 years and have folowed them all over the country and even in Europe, but feel your continued support of a man that is dragging this club down means that I can no longer justify investing my time, passion and money in the club. I can assure you that there are thousands of others that feel this way and that will be acting in exactly in the same manner. For the good of Aston Villa please make the change as soon as possible.
    You must have seen the banners being draped around Villa park last night and the chorus of “Sack McLeish my Lord” & “The Villa is our *** off McLeish the Villa is ours” or have you and Mr Lerner suddenly developed an hearing problem to go along with your blindness?
    You Sir along with the owner have indeed bankrupt our club of any credibility we had left.
    McLeish & Peter Grant MUST be sacked today !! YOU must act now !!!

    kind regards

  20. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2012/apr/25/aston-villa-fans-alex-mcleish

    great read…..apologies if it has already been posted on here Not posted for 4 months

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