9 comments on “Freedom of speech not allowed at Villa Park

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  2. Should say world, autocorrect kills me lol

  3. I don’t see how a tatty old bed sheet being removed by a member of the gestapo,denies you freedom of speech? After all we do have a mouth to vent our spleen if we wish to …don’t we ?ps I hate stewards ,they are only there for the ruck .
    In my opinion of course.

  4. I think the boos at the full time whistle made it abundantly clear what the feelings of the crowd were.

    It had greater effect and significance than any banner

  5. Is the protest during the Spurs game only directed at AM or has it now expanded into voicing criticism of the board and Faulkner? Nevertheless, I hope there is a good turn out.

  6. villa fans, fickle, mouthy and stuck up your own backsides. i challenge any of you to become a steward for 1 season, learn the job, rules and do the training. you will soon open your eyes! get off the dole!

  7. oh and for the record villa fans. when you buy a ticket, regardless of whether this is a season ticket or matchday ticket, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of that ticket, 1 of which is abiding to the ground regulations. stewards do have the power to detain until police arrest or to eject anyone breaching the terms and conditions and/or ground regulations

  8. couldnt believe the stewards stopped me from takinga photo at villa park during the match with arsenal?? I havent been there since my family left Birmingham 20 years ago. Am a life long Villa fan but live in the States. Kinda ruined my trip down memory lane. Still a great ground tho just pity bout there pettyrules.

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