Only one person can save relegation – Randy Lerner

This is a match report I NEVER wanted to write.

OK as to the game, yes first half we were great ! We should have been three nil up but we were not and that cost us in the end. When we went one nil up the game should have been over but was not. We panicked it seemed, we made stupid mistakes, the mistakes we made all season, the mistakes the manager failed to correct.

So where we are now is clear, three games left and we are going down under Mcleish, Randy has just ONE option now, just ONE. That option is the one the holte called for, it is one most of us wanted for the past two months. In order to save us then RANDY MUST SACK MCLEISH TONIGHT.

Then he can put Macdonald in charge which could give us the boost required but I would personally say to Ron Atkinson. Mate, for £500,000 keep us up ….

We need a rabble rouser in charge, someone to energise us all. If we go into the West Brom game with Mcleish we WILL GO DOWN, it is that clear.

Randy it is UP TO YOU to save us.

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87 comments on “Only one person can save relegation – Randy Lerner

  1. The players would rally for KMac of that I’m sure, please Mr Lerner, we all make mistakes and this one will be forgiven but if go down on the back of this foolish appointment, your reluctance to admit and try to restify the mistake will be unforgivagiveable!
    Please give our club a fighting chance.

    • I don’t think that we should panic just yet.
      I feel sure that Randy Lerner will be looking to put this right.
      He seems to be a shrewd businessman, he made a mistake in appointing McLeish to the job, but this is a relatively new type of business to him and I am sure that he
      is used to firing executives that fail to deliver.

      However, I feel that it is too late for this season.
      I am afraid that recent results have shown that all of the teams below us are
      better motivated than Villa and are capable of getting results out of tough games.
      Our position at the moment means that on expected results we will go down.

      The sad truth is that at the moment, we do not deserve to be in this league.
      We have just completed three home games that any team in this league must
      expect to get a minimum of 5 points from. To get just 2 …

      On last nights performance Bolton will get at least 4 points to go above us,
      QPR and Wigan only need 3 to go above us, which I think they will get.
      Will we get another point?
      WBA away? Not on last night’s performance.
      Spurs, poor results lately, but even so.
      Norwich, first season back up, at home in front of an expectant crowd and despite losing at V.P this season, one of the best performances from any team at V.P. this
      season, We edged it, but only as a result of probably our best performance this season.

      My worry is the financial position for the club. All I could hear last night walking back from the ground was fan after fan saying that they would not be renewing their tickets next season, add to this the loss of Premiership money – ouch.

  2. please randy do the right thing and get rid of the clown mcleish your fans need you randy

  3. Were you here when Kevin MacDonald had a try at first team management ?

    As for Ron, you have to be joking. He’s a washed up poor man’s comic these days, and you’d give him the helm at Villa ?

    I think we’ll be ok but just because the other three won’t all get enough points. I see Blackburn as gone needing at least six points.

    Wigan – Newcastle h, Blackburn a, Wolves h
    Bolton – Sunderland a, Spurs h, WBA h, Stoke a
    QPR – Chelsea a, Stoke h, Man C a

    Blackburn – Spurs a, Wigan h, Chelsea a

    You’d expect Wigan to get four or more with the ‘easiest’ run in.

    Bolton would hope for up to five points from their games.

    QPR have to get a win against Stoke, a lot depends what sort of side Chelsea put out on Sunday. I would expect that they’ll be playing for places and will beat QPR, there’s also the bad blood from the QPR win earlier in the season.

    I can’t see where our next point is coming from. WBA were awful at Anfield, but won. They’ll be desperate to stick the knife in.

    Spurs game is simply massive. They are playing poorly, but we don’t have a great record against them. I’d hope we could nick a point at Norwich who look a side grateful to have stayed up and who are likely to be in celebration mode, where we could get something.

    It makes life interesting, who said finishing sixth to twelfth each season was boring ?

    At least it has made it clear that McLeish has to be replaced in the Summer.

  4. it beggars believe its randy learner who’ got us this mess come on his no idea how to run a football club ,since mon left learner has made a mockery of running look at the decisons has made over the last two years has made us laughing stocks he tarnished the good name of aston villa football club ,may be club needed a change from doug ellis years but in some ways club was better state than we are today because i firmly believe some of the decisions over the last two years would not have happened ,at least ellis had good backroom staff behind him who understood the club and were villa through and through not like muppets who are running the club today after all said and done they employed mcleish. his this club any more forward when ellis was in charge i don’t think so

  5. The stark realisation that we could be playing Championship football next year and the Sty Dwellers could be playing Premier league football has just kicked in……..I’m going to throw up……

  6. im pretty sure randy lerner isnt looking at these !!!!!!

  7. I give up lerners not gonna listen i acually hope we go down so he lose money i know i shouldnt but i so pissed, angey that relegation is the only way to get rid of mcleish the villa is dead

  8. RL is at the top of the tree so he is souly responsable for aston villa.But the reason we are in this mess is because of cut backs which have had to happen because of overspending,poor results from the football side of things from our current manager and players who have not been good enough.Also injuries,lack of depth in the squad.RLs employment of mcleish was stupid as the man had relegation qualities.PF dunno about him if he was involved with mcleishes employmeny then he needs to learn about football. mcleish out

  9. Apparently we haven’t lost away to any team outside the top six this season so for that reason we should hope for another 2 draws at least at west brom and Norwich. That’s being optimistic because I can just see three straight defeats now which would definitely send us down. Get rid of McLeish now before it’s too late as I’m sure we would get the points required under McDonald as the players would at least play for him.

    • Already to late RL totally behind mcleish.Nothing we can do.It wont change a thing even if we go down i think mcleish stays.The only way we could change anything is if everyone stayed away from VP and there wasnt a solitary fan in the ground.

  10. Our only options now:

    Best result possible:- Just stay up, lose mcleish, get a good young manager and move up the league next season
    May be worth the pain for the gain:- Go down, lose mcleish, get a good young manager and get promoted next season
    Doomsday scenario 1:- Go down, keep mcleish, have to watch a season of long ball hoofing in the Championship but may just get promoted
    Doomsday scenario 2 (my greatest fear):- Just stay up, keep mcleish and have to put up with another season like this one

    The Doomsday scenarios terrify me so much that I’d take relegation and no mcleish now if it was offered! The last time we went down we got Graham Taylor 1, came straight back up and on the back of that had our best run in the post 1982 era (2 league cups and a couple of 2nds in the league).

    How many would accept relegation if it offered us our only real chance of getting shot of mcleish?

    • Doomsday scenario 3: We get relegated this season, keep McLeish, we can’t get rid of the high earners, we don’t get promoted next season, we still can’t get rid of the high earners, the club is now £150m+ in debt, RL keeps the training ground and Villa Park(and any other assets of any value) in another company but puts Aston Villa PLC in administration, the club cannot settle the debts so it is liquidated.

      A bit far fetched? Two years ago we were shooting for 4th place in the EPL, now look at us. I would not put anything past the business acumen of RL and PF

      Relegation is a disaster even if it does mean McLeish is sacked.

  11. From top to bottom, the club is a mess. A very sorry state of affairs, and the buck stops with Lerner. Sadly though he aint going anywhere, anytime soon, so whatever now happens during and after our final three games, and personally I fear the worst, then our beloved yank owner has to make some major changes during the upcoming summer.

    Obviously McLeish has to go, but that is only the first step. Kick Krulak out of his non-executive boardroom position, and lets get some football savvy people involved in the boardroom and behind the scenes.

    Faulkner too should be replaced. Again, a football savvy individual as our CEO please Mr Lerner.

    The squad? Well its nowhere near up to the task of premier league football. We should have built and pushed on, reinvested every penny of the Young/Downing fee’s into the team. Quality should have been introduced. Instead we stood still, and the decay and decline took over.

    Yep, I know that there was a need to balance the books. You do that gradually though, you dont call an immediate halt and go with what you’ve got. That’s suicide. As has been proven. You cant stand still in the premier league. That is rule number one.

    No corporation out there in the business world calls an immediate halt to the introduction of new products, decides to stand still and mark time. Your competitors aren’t going to follow your lead. They are going to strive to continue to build and improve. It is the same in the premier league as it is in the business world.

    I’ll be in attendance at our last three games, cheering the lads on until I’m hoarse. I support (love and cherish) AVFC. Not Lerner, not McLeish, not Faulkner nor Krulak.They are insignificant individuals in the glorious history of our great club.

    I was a Villan long before they arrived on the scene, God willing I’ll be a Villan long after they’ve gone.

    Fingers crossed chaps. Lets hope and pray, lets cheer and encourage. Lets play our part to the full. We are the one’s who relegation to the lower leagues will hit the hardest, not Lerner, McLeish and their cohorts.

    The Hawthorns here we come!!

    • I like your post and that is so true as we have stood still we also have decayed.Our squad has been poor this season and also our manager which i was one to give a chance to which i regret and feel stupid for saying give mcleish a chance.I also understand RL is totally behind mcleish who i expected to be sacked this morning.The lack of reinvestment into the squad is so evident as experianced depth is so non existant.Yesterday when we scored i was so chuffed then im sorry mcleish is excused from this one the shambolic unprofessional,school boy worthy defending which was so porr and laughable made me ashamed.We looked better last night and created alot of chances which is a plus i liked the 4-3-3 formation we actually looked motivated at times.We should of had 3 or 4 easy.

  12. dunno how true it is but Radio WM are saying AM has been Summoned to VP

    i stress i didn’t hear it – but someone on VT did

  13. If lerner dosent sack mcleish the his the biggest prat in the world villa might as well close down cause their be no fans there nxt season plus we might go in to bust r i p avfc 1874 to 2012


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