James Nursey – Mcleish to Stay – Worst ever home record, journo’s protecting Mcleish

James Nursey has tweeted this tonight.

#AVFC fans are doing their utmost to get McLeish sacked given the results but Lerner was at tonight’s game & is still backing Big ‘Eck

Was Lerner there then, well he must be deaf or blind not to hear what we want or see where we are going. Why back a proven relegated manager and someone with a win ratio of 20%.

Of course what tonight has confirmed. In terms of the number of wins we now have the WORST EVER HOME record in 138 years.


then Neil Moxley from the Daily Mail has joined in

In 18 years of covering this great club I’ve never heard abuse like that directed at #avfc manager. Sad, so sad

Well Neil we are heading towards relegation, want us to be happy eh ?

Why do they all protect Mcleish ?

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65 comments on “James Nursey – Mcleish to Stay – Worst ever home record, journo’s protecting Mcleish

  1. If we do stay up it will be because teams below us are really shit , not that we deserve to stay up. 4 home wins all season just says it all really .

    • This feels like a bad dream but you better believe that this is really happening. I can’t see us picking up a simgle point from out last 3 games and it looks likely that we will be playing in the Championship for a few seasons at least.
      I’m not a fan of anti mangaer abuse but what else can we do? Maybe the time has come to stay away, maybe empty stands will make them see sense. They didn’t listen to us when Eck was appointed and now have been made to look foolish because what we feared the worst is happening. I get the feeling that faulkner and Lerner are simply hoping for the best without being willing to take action to change our beloved clubs fortune. Please, Please, Please Mr Lerner, you have brought good times to Villa but this appointment has been a mistake from the begining. Hand team affairs over to KMac for the last 3 games and give us a fighting chance.

  2. I can’t do this anymore. Im fed up with poor performance and poor result, worried every match about relegation. I love football i love villa and will always love villa it’s in the blood and there’s no removing that. However, at least once a week I’m in a miserable mood as a result of my teams consistent poor performance. I’ve decided to take a step back from football and make the most of my son and partner on the weekends. I will keep an eye on scores but that’s as far as I’m going to go now. Football as been with me from day one and I don’t remember not having a current villa from the age of well as far as I can remember. So I know this message will never be seen by the right people but writing it on here helps. Thank you Lerner, Faulkner and anyone involved the appointment of mcliesh. I can’t even bring myself to start on mcliesh!


    • 3 words Geordie – COME ON CHELSEA!!!!

      It would be so funny to see u lose a CL place as Chelski win cup! Ha ha ha!!!!

      • Actually I take that back. You’ve been great this year. U give the rest of us fucking losers hope! Fuck Chelsea!

    • Fair play to you I thought the shit you got at VP when we relegated you was bang out of order can’t blame your vitriol one bit , but that’s football fans for you , the majority are arseholes who get more pleasure from other peoples woes than they do in there own teams success.

  4. Nufc fan….. Ha ha ha my shed is worth more than youre house

  5. How bad we’re these chants?

    Coyle said they were ‘poisonous’ and looking at Moxley’s tweet they sound pretty bad.

    Calling from him to leave is one thing but if it got personal then that’s bang out of order.

  6. Any wonder why the home record is crap, most important 15 mins of the season and instead of backing the team all the mcleish crap was sung, should have saved that for final whistle, as the Brigada sang ‘you only sing when your angry’ sums up a lot of villa fans up perfectly.

    • Spot on, totally agree, McLimp isnt the guy for the role but equally our efforts during a match should be directed at boosting the confidence of our young and inexperienced team, not demoralising them further and helping our drift attempt out the league, I was there last night, the fans gave next to no support of the team in the last 15, more intent on making a statement for the press and board to hear, sad.

  7. Nursey & Moxey need access to the manager & the club for stories, so they are not going to be directly critical ……

    The whole worlds laughing at us now…the majority hoping for a big scalp into the NPower.

    If we stay up then will Lerner still stay supportive of McNoMates ?
    Yes he will ..!!

    The long-term answer here may well be the Championship , with a new energetic maanager,
    who has the opportunity to let the young players grow within a winning team.

  8. well guys it will be Jenas and co next season under a new manager………Thank god we sold Hutton is all I can say!!


    A quote from Vital Spurs says it all, I think relegation is the only answer now, i have never wanted this too happen to us before but that fuckwit RL and his useless sidekick might actually learn that football is not just about numbers. Us fans love the club and they are systematically destroying it, they wont get rid of mcLeish because he has no money to spend in the summer. Go out and buy your ST’s sheep you are a part of the problem

  9. Even if we get relegated they will keep him on

  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/aston-villa/9224284/Aston-Villa-officially-enter-the-relegation-race-where-did-it-all-go-wrong.html

    Finally a media report that doesn’t look to protect Mcleish and where our views are actually reported correctly. i.e. shit football and bad management is why we hate AM rather than his link to small heath

  11. I said weeks back that mcleish will take us down, and the club will do some shit p r about him being the man to take us up mark my words u heard it here first i fuckin told you so start planning ur trips to leeds, watford, forest nxt season fellow villians this is why we should never let americans take over they destroy everything they touch, coutries, companys, and football clubs, their is a man availble that we might need for championship and thats simon greyson if not alan curbs and yes it has come to this

  12. Anyone who knows anything about football knew the day McClueless was appointed it was bad news. Everyone knew about his negative brand of football. Like many other villa fans i feared the worst upon hearing of his appointment. One thing that has always stuck in my mind was the day he brought his Small heath team to Villa Park when we humiliated them 5-1. I was shocked how little fight they had and seemed to have no plan or tatics. Never had i seen a blues team just give up in a match against their hated rivals like the way they did that day.They seemed to just roll over and die. I fear things will just continue to get worse untill we are rid of this clueless so called manager

  13. I am going to defend Mcleish as well as the journos. He is a proven manager that wins cups, gets birmingham into the EUROPA LEAGUE, and did really well at rangers. some of the football he gets his teams to play isnt to everyone’s satisfaction but it will prove effective. we need to sign up heskey as he makes his strike partner play better. not enough credit to both of the incredibly important people at our club

  14. the journos arnt defending mcleish alot of writers inc the gaurdian saying he should go

  15. I think Big Eck has gotta be given the chance to finish the job. Wolves sacked McCarthy and Terry O’Connor has picked up 2 points since then. Changing the manager at this point could be catastrophic. UTV.

    • I am strangely calm just as I was throughout all last night. Expectation has dwindled away over the last few weeks. There is no prospect of picking up any points from the last three games and relegation is inevitable. What way forward? Everyone can make mistakes but unfortunately the ones made by RL and his team have been compounded for a variety of reasons including bad luck. We have to continue to support Randy because the financial ramifications of relegation will be massive and we will need him to put his hand in his pocket again. He will stick with McL till say October to see if he can get the team into a challenging position. If not he will be gone. There is another certainty. The team will be unrecognisable next year from the current team. Bent given nzog and probably gabby will have to go as will cuellar heskey and hopefully dunn. Everyone was carried away by the blarney. How long will it take to recover? We have to dig in and be proper supporters.

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