Without Bent, Villa are in deep trouble

Luke Marshall (twitter Id @marshallavfc) has looked at some interesting stats in regards to Bent.

Actually this is a positive post about Darren Bent. I know some people do not rate him highly and some have even suggested he should be sold. If that is correct then these figures over the past two seasons with and without him should give some food for thought.

Over the last 2 seasons

With Bent

38 games, 13 wins, 14 draws, 11 loses, 48 scored, 48 conceded, 53 points

Without Bent

34 games, 6 wins, 13 draws, 15 loses, 35 scored, 59 conceded, 31 points

In the 11 games Bent has missed this season we have scored just 9 goals and conceded 20. Picking up just 9 points

This season

With Bent: 22 games, 6 wins, 9 draws, 7 defeats, 26 goals, 28 conceded, 27 points

Without Bent: 12 games, 1 win, 6 draws, 5 defeats, 9 goals, 20 conceded, 9 points

I think those figures speak for themselves. Look at yesterday’s game I am convinced that if Bent had played we would have won. In my view if we have any serious ambitions for the future neither he or Gabby should be sold and the whole team built around the two of them.

In simple terms if he had not been injured then we would have been top ten in my view. However injuries are never an excuse for any manager and the ability not to compensate for Bent is Mcleish’s biggest downfall.

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41 comments on “Without Bent, Villa are in deep trouble

  1. Wouldnt this make us a one man team?

  2. Come villa! I want a clear win tommorow.

  3. An intersting stat is last season we had an average home attendance of 37, 000 this season it has dropped to 33,000 so far, thats a loss of 4,000 customers. I expect this to at least double this summer if Alex Mcleish remains in charge, These are figures that they cannot ignore, i expect we will get some unified arrogant response to lack of ST sales, as the club are now so far removed from the fans. but the bottom line is the football is shit to watch and a total waste of money and people are not going to waste anymore

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