The Brand of AVFC has been damaged

Longboyssc has sent this in about the branding of villa. An horrible word but you know the point.

Now I am not a marketing expert by any stretch of the imagination but I can see some fundamental flaws in the current “strategy” being employed by the board.

All business’s rely on customers, for a business without a customer is not a business for very long. Now within this customer base there are typically 4 types of customer,

1. Fanatics / Loyalists: people that typically will buy anything marketed by this company regardless of the product (think Apple in this case).
2. Loyal but “Savvy” buyers: people loyal to the brand but need to feel that the brand is “developing / suiting their needs”. In essence these people need to see value for money to make the purchase
3. New customers: typically young and finding their place in the market or people who have developed a taste for certain brands /areas
4. Anti-fanatics: Goes without saying (again think Apple in this case)

Now our club has its fair share of No 1 type customers and they rely on them to keep the brand ticking /cash flow rolling in (Free marketing in some cases through word of mouth / wearing the brand etc). In essence these are the base life blood of the company but shouldn’t be taken for granted (there are so many times you can flog a horse!!)

The no 2 and no 3 groups though are the most important parts of the strategy (think trying to get a mobile upgrade and the typical argument over new customers getting better deals and you see the point). This is the battle ground for brand development, the people that you are looking to tie into long term affiliation for the company and this is where I think this current strategy by the company (AVFC) is very sorely lacking.

If we take the only real product on offer from the club (the style and results of the football) then this is now a tarnished product and something that is obviously not sitting well in the minds of their target audience. On top of this the company is engaging in a very strange policy of maximum silence / of secrecy whilst also playing the spin card to the nth degree at every opportunity.

Again, no marketing expert but my general take on this is that there is a distinct lack of respect for the customer, almost as far as assuming their typical customer base is somewhat dense!!! Their strategy clearly is that of a company that thinks its brand equity is infinite and that the customers will always be there (if you offer it, they will take it?).

I would argue differently, the success of any brand is the number of new customers that wish to offer their support and hence money (thus increasing the repeat order potential down the line….. Hence GROWTH).

In order to do this the company need to realise that “Spinning nice stories to the masses” won’t grow the company over the short term, let alone the long term and the only way to do this is to improve the brand on offer and that is simply the football played and the results attained.

Therefore we are left with one conclusion, change the direction of the product and more importantly change the bloke directing it……New manager please?


32 comments on “The Brand of AVFC has been damaged

  1. this manager is the WORST manager in the premiership by a country mile – if he is here next season I’m distancing myself from villa – i won’t watch any games nothing – joke of a manager his stubborn attitude of thinking his tactics are successful is unbelievable. a strong villa fan needs to get high up in the media and start creating stories about how awful he is

    • What makes it worse is that Thr media haven’t got he balls to question his record. Not one person in the media has questioned him. He seems untouchable to them.

      Fact is he’s The worst manager we’ve had in epl history.

      • True and the one guy on here yesterday (think it was Morgan Villa) said his son has already jumped ship to Scousepool partly because of how bad we are.

        RL and PF appointing AMC have tarnished the club through his negative brand of garbage football and are losing future fans because of it! Terrible situation

        • All points to one thing – naivety. They outright refused to listen to the fans in their arrogance. And now they are paying the price (as are we!)

        • was that your article mate.Good post and it is true what is being pushed out of AVFC at the moment is not appealing unatractive football and an unatractive manger styling the football.Ask yourself this question If your electricity bill is to high and you cant afford to use as much what do you do??????cut down on the electricity used i think.If we look at AVFC what is going on.Wage capped players new and old capped at max 40 gs a week,bosmans buy ins,,not the best manager in the world with a poor premier league record and the selling of the highest paid markee players.What does this tell you it doesnt say AVFC are rolling in money.RL might be but every brand has a budget and you cant have champagne taste with beer money.

          • Dont think thats up for debate chap. Swansea, Norwich etc have all played a better brand of football for less money.

            If say we has appointed Brian Mcdermott when we employed Eck, with the same rules / restrictions…
            Do you think we would be where we are now playing the same garbage? I doubt it……and thats the problem, its not the bus that is crap, its the person behind the wheel that is to blame

          • cant argue with you mate i gave him a chance to see if he would be diff at villa but he has just proved he can get villa where he got small heath.I do beleive some of it is money restrictions.If he doesnt improve after his transfers i think he wil be gone at xmas.UTV.

          • Nobody is expecting us to win the league we wnat to see a decent game of football, McLeish will never deliver that ask a Blue Nose what they think of King Judas of the Villa

    • How can he be the worse manager in pl when there are teams below us.

      • We have the 2nd worst form in the Prem at the min. Only Wolves are worse. How the hell can you defend this mug? Makes you an even bigger mug!

      • Because we have only won 7 games, even Mick McCarthy won 5 before getting sacked 10 games ago, it’s only because we play to not loose that we have enough points to survive, is that good enough for any manager? To not go and try to win, try and draw 38 games and stay up? He is fucking awful.

        • 21% win ratio before todays game possibly less now.

          Cant believe some people are STILL defending him!! Unbelievable Jeff!

  2. Spot on, there seems to be an arrogance coming from the board, it looks to like they think we are EMPLOEES than customers. I also think RL needs to change his stategy to suit the English mind. In America they make slight changes, fill the media with marketing buzz words and the Browns get a full Stadium. In the UK you sell us a load of shit and we wont be buying of you for sometime, not until reassurances have been made that the same errors have been made.

    It also feels that they feel they will win us over and prove us wrong, I cant see that happening now the fans even those who are loyal to the brand have had enough. The only way to solve this issue is to remove the manager immediately.

    I also dont care what the media say, the only one who is really backing AM is Stan Collymore, who i bvelieve gets a lot of freebies due to his job, so as loud as he wants to shout from his platform he is not convincing any of us, if anything he is starting to make himself look the buffoon amongst his own

  3. hope all the fans boo mcliesh all game – he’s a joke

    • Booing affects the players so no booing, i think songs aimed at Mcleish through the game, if we are losing getting sacked in the morning, and any other song the fans can think of

  4. Lies, lies, lies we better win the nxt 2 games of there be a massive uproar cant wait for i told you so banner

  5. My 7 year old lad has a ticket for today’s match which we got from his school on a ticket scheme , for me to take him it would cost £15, can I tempt him??, can I bollox, he said to me ” what’s the point in going , it’s boring and you always lose !, he’s a man city fan !

  6. This makes fantastic sense. Bad buisness at the top by villa. I haven’t been to a game since last season, I wish other fans would make the club directors pay for their errors in this way but sadly a lot of then seem to be all talk no action!

  7. When I was a child I made my choice of football club with a little local indoctrination, while all of my mates made their meaningless ego-boosting choices from man u, Liverpool and arsenal. I am proud of that decision and will stand by it till the day I die. However, I find it extremely challenging to encourage my kids to follow me and support nothingness. I genuinely believe that we will lose a significant proportion of the next generation of supporters – it’s just not cool or good for self-esteem as a youngster supporting a team that loses all the time, with no aspirations of success, with no competitive spirit in such a high profile sport.

  8. Another boring draw.i thought sunderland would nick it they had the ball in ther net we were very lucky to survive.Bendtner missed a sitter so did mclean could of been 3 but they fluffed their chances.We gain a point but will not change the frustrating football surved up today.I hate players not closing down around the box really fuXXin gets my goat.The lack of fire power is so obvious weimann should of done better.Bannan skyed a chance to.It just doesnt seem to click and at times looks forced and doesnt flow.I found myself gritting my teath growling,cursing,bricking it at corners it just isnt on.I cant bare this just survive bollox MCLEISH OUT.

    • Welcome back from the dark side JD…..we all came to the same conclusion…just at different times. He HAS to go

      • qpr are 1 up .Scoring goals or making chances shouldnt be as difficult as it seems to be with the villa.It makes you feel like screaming.Ive been on edge with it for months bricking it at corners and crosses.Every time a team gets near the box my stomach starts the butterflies.Not scoring at VP home isnt much cop does anyone know about collins and run forest run.

  9. Told you it will be 0 0 both managers are crap at villa park if we dont beat bolton were down

  10. as a brand Villa remind me of Rover. Once considered great but gone down the shítter as the years go by due to miss-management

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