‘Not a Big Club’ – No Surprise

Not good times for Villa, but hardly surprising either.

Given our league position and current manager to try and get any player with ambition is going to be very difficult. We were linked with Bas Dost who has a very good record in the Dutch League. When I posted the link it was a promising one as we should be going after these kind of players. However as reported today his agent has said

‘He turned down Aston Villa because he wants to play for a top club.

Well that is the truth isn’t it. Any decent player with ambition will want better than us and getting quality in with the current set up is going to be bloody difficult. I know some may mention Holman and I hope he is quality and this proves we can attract quality.

Of course the other thing is that this confirms we have been after a forward. Given who we have at the club at the moment with Weimann first choice then there is one conclusion we can make from this.

If we are after a forward then one of gabby or Bent is leaving, that is the logical and sad conclusion of this comment.

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75 comments on “‘Not a Big Club’ – No Surprise

  1. asside from Heskey, Fonz i’d move delph on, he’s never good enough for this league either, another gem sigining from MONG sorry i mean MON

  2. Appointing Alex McLeish proved that we are no longer a big club. The fact he still has a job after 7 wins all season just proves that

    • Have you written to sponsors of the club pointing out the empty stadium and that a high volume of ST holders are not going to VP and wont be until Mcleish is removed. Randy sees Aston villa as a business, sponsorship is a massive part of the revenue, we are the customers the sponsors are trying to attract if the club are failing to keep us the target audience happy, then the sponsors wont want to advertise anymore or certainkly wont want to pay top dollar. Just a thought

      • just a thought are you out to sabotage the club you support because you dont like the manager.I dont rate mcleish as a manager he has won some things but his record in the prem is poor but dont try and hurt the club its just stupid and ignorant A lot of people want mcleish gone granted his record is poor but this total arrogance of we can do what we want to AVFC is completely gutter fodder.Your supposed to love the club through thick and thin thats what real supporters do whether you like it or not alot of people are starting to act like they dont love AVFC by doing what they are doing and if you dont love the club enough to suport it at its low points what are you doing supporting avfc at all.

        • Well written observations JDVILLA. I can only echo your sentiments.

        • I do love the club, but I am aware that protests are not working, and i can only see this ending with us in the Championship, I respect your opinion but i am sure that it would alert the club to make changes. I have never seen the Holte End so empty.

          I support Aston Villa through thick and thin but i will not back what is going on, its a joke and its not very funny, to say i am not a good supporter when you have never met me, is without doubt ridiculous. I have not called anyone on here for there opinion, my opinion and methods may differ from yours but i like yourself love the club, that is being stripped to the bare bones by a chairman who hides behind his poor decision making, not a critique on him personally just an observation.

          May i add that if someone was to write to the sponsors they would make it perfectly clear that once AM has gone the boycott would stop, so although this looks like a horrible way to proceed , it seems it is the last option that will make the board listen.

          I miss my Saturday trips upto the Villa

          • Mate it is sad that supporters are having to think like this because of concerns for the club.What remains is this Randy lerner and the rest of the aston villa board have no intentions of crippling to supporter protests, supporter threats of blackmail as it would be wrong to sucome to such exploits ie hanging off the front gates,boycotting matches and ST non renual unless mcleish goes.This is up to the individuals but will not impress the likes of randy and his crew as they would see it as thuggery and blackmail.I concur with all the supporter sentiments of mcleishes failings and i to want a better day without mcleish my jury was once out about mcleish but i now think his style is stagnent and non progressional dead football and wish for better but think he was the last resort.He will be the the ruler of his own demise but i doubt will be this season as next season beckons and RL and the board are behind him i think.It will be the defining moment i think xmas this year if hes below mid table and still playing his brand with no progression he will be gone.

          • I respect your views but if i am honest i dont care what randy thinks of me, as i am sure he could not care less what i think about him. I care about Aston villa he cares about his wallet. if his wallet is affected he will rethink what he is doing.

            Mcleish Out


          • Totally agree we all want successfull,progressional,attacking,enjoyable to the eye football at aston villa.When oneill left everyone expected a fall out but not as bad as it has been.The fact that we are exepting bosmans is a clear indication of restructure and the fact that players with large wages are going, also the wage cap on new players is a clear indication of the club watching the money so we do not end up like rangers.oneill massively overspent and gave out stupid wages which RL obviously agreed to but he trusted oneill who ended up not repaying all the trust shown. leaving and exiting he wasnt sacked. The daily express reported he left because of the milner deal not being put back into the squad a fall out about that that RL wanted to sell our best players to recoup losses due to no return/trophies and oneill couldnt agree and he obviously saw the future of cutbacks so chose to go because oneill likes spending money willy nilly. A settlement was agreed to.Mcleish was the last resort a poor choice but i think the only one who really wanted the job.We all want villa wining again but this is a direct result of overspending on MONS part and poor manager choice which may have been the only one who really wanted aston villa.

          • I am not disputing with the restructuring and the over spend martin O Niell or any of the other rubbish i keep hearing coming out of the club. I want to watch a decent match, i want to goto VP and feel like i have been entertained, the winning and the successful part are atm in my eyes a bonus, and i accept our squad is thin., but it would be nice for the team to play like they want to win a match not hang onto a goal less draw.

            I am a fan and the accounting books are not my concern they are the chairmans and the board, my concern is are we playing to even score a goal or give teams a game. The answer is no and no will always be the answer with McLeish in charge.

            All the big club stuff aside and whether we should be further up the table seem irrelevant to me now, the football is awful and does not work. Another debate is whether we can attract players, well the club is struggling to attract fans let alone players.

            In regards to sponsor i find it arrogant that the club believe they will win us round or are blatantly lying to attract sponsorship. A majority of fans will not be returning to VP until Mcleish is gone it is as simple as that and they need to wake upto this fact sooner rather than later

          • The football definately looks void of creativity and ambition.I worry about every corner or set peice.I have hope at the start of a game but know we will struggle in reality.The arsenal comment was unforgivable i remember oneill saying something like that once was it about the same team arsenal.How will we get a good manager at our club in the state its in with the money restraints that RL has on the club managers like money to spend.I dont think this is a quick fix process and think a long term plan has been drawn up with mcleish at the helm.i think staying in the prem under restraints given was the aim this season otherwise if it was finish the same as last season mcleish would be gone by now.I see something in the DOF as mcleish clearly needs help.We are entitled to entertaining football but we need a manager with those qualities who wants the job 1st and it seemed those managers were few and far between.

          • Do you reckon we could get this post to one letter all the way down😉

  3. Who cares, not got the right attitude if he needs the comfort of a big team in order to show what he can do. Lets get players with backbone that just want to show the world what they can do.

  4. “just a thought are you out to sabotage the club you support because you dont like the manager”

    First of all, as far as I’m aware of, nobody who’s against McLeish as our manager, is out to do that. Personally, I’m concerned that his management style, and capabilities are not good enough for the PL, it also seems that he’s unable to motivate, or inspire players, this comes out in their performances and body language on the pitch. He is not the man to take Villa forward, just the opposite.

    Maybe, your comments should be aimed at the owner, and his sidekick, their appointment, and apparent lack of knowledge of the game could be what will sabotage the club.

    So why not keep your non constructive, arrogant, and patronising comments, aimed at other Villa fans to yourself.

    • Boycoting games,nonrenual of ST and protests also talk of contacting sponsers is out to harm aston villa because it is not supporting AVFC but just the opposite because like nearly all of AVFC supporters dont like mcleish.I also dont rate him in the premiership but mainly dont rate him for his time at villa.

    • im not arrogant mate or patronising but contacting sponsers,nonrenual of season tickets unless mcleish goes and boycotting games is harmfull to aston villa fc.As it is obviously not good is it or benefitting AVFC.

      • JDVILLA a fool and his money are easily parted I know which one you are!

        • im the fool who knows that RL is making his own mind up and this anti mcleish stuff has been going on since the start of the season and still hasnt made any difference.I think he knows by now what the general feel is around villa park about alex mcleish so why is mcleish still in charge duh im the fool.You could boycott the hole of next season it still wouldnt bother RL as he wont buckle to supporter pressure about mcleish.The board are behind mcleish and as far as they are concerned they make the decisions as owners not the fans.I dont like mcleishes negativity and would prefer a new manager to.Do you really think RL is going to sack mcleish now when hes heard fans say they wont renew unless mcleish goes he probably will cut his nose off to spite his face whats he got to lose hes a billionair.

          • Exactly goes to prove he’s a big a fool as you and a p*ss poor business man to boot!

          • So why am i a fool ken.

          • Because you appear be incapable of understanding the damage R.Loser is doing to the club and people renewing out of blind loyalty are condoning his stupid and decisive decisions!

          • What i understand is oneill wasted a shit load of money with RLs consent with no return no trophy in the cabinet after over 100million spent. 100 million is major commitment to a club not chicken feed you wernt complaining then when RL was splashing the cash.When oneill left the club there was bound to be a fall out. New managers rarely get much out of their 1st season in charge as restructure takes place.this is the 2nd restructure.A 2nd new manager in less than 12months and not the millions to play with that the nearly man with no trophy had. Very poor season granted money restrictions are warrented to try and recoup the 50 odd million losses.I understand that sometimes decisions have to be made that will not always be understood mcleish is one i do not understand but i also know that RL is in charge not me and even if i disagree with what he does i do not have the power to fight the owner or fight a billionair.

          • Strangely enough JDVILLA I thought Oneill wasted a lot of money after his second season and if I had been running the club I would have pulled him up about it but R Loser did nothing and I’m afraid it’s all his fault. Frankly that man couldn’t run a p*ss up in a brewery if you open the doors for him!

          • RL gave oneill to much trust with his money.And things do not look good at villa at the moment But RL out is just no point in going on about as RL will be the only person who decides if RL is going anywhere.Same as AM.Villa fans can input their views as they are not buy season tickets,hang off club gates chanting ect ect but whether you like it or not RL and his board make the decisions at villa park not the supporters.Even if RL is going in the wrong direction it wont be the supporters who change his mind as he has the power and will be RL himself who decides anything.

          • Sorry JD i respect your opinions but FUCK MON, he now manages Sunderland so who gives a toss, we now have the shittest manager in our history and until it changes i suspect the stadium will stay empty, but please can we fuck the MON argument off he left 2 years ago so it means absolutley fuck all

  5. MORGAN villa lol we will have to start a fresh mate the reply has gone off the screen lol up the villa.

  6. JDV am stunned by some of your comments “dont have the power to fight a billionaire???”

    What are you going on about? AVFV is a business / brand plain and simple and that business has a customer base. Now that customer base (like most brands) has absolute fanatics for the product, plenty of discerning buyers, some floating buyers / new customers to win over and people who wont buy no matter what.

    Now like most brands it has to be competitive to recieve orders. If BMW put their badge on a piece of crap, some would buy (as they always do), some would evaluate and choose not to buy and very few new customers would come in and those that hate BMW would rejoice at them making such a piece of crap.

    This is exactly the same as with AVFC LTD. At the moment they are marketing utter shit and as such I am choosing jot to buy until they see some sense and make a better business decision. Some may disagree but this isnt fighting a billionaire, this is me holding onto my hard earned money until i can make a purchase that is better value.

    Something Lerner and Faulkner should (I say should) understand.

    UTV and hopefully the moment”business” sees sense soon and starts to market a product that is worth buying!!!

    • AVFC (honestly shit fone)….should have waited for a better product lol

      • LONGUNS i agree totally with every point you have made.what i was trying to say is i think RL is cutting costs to recoup losses and i think he is standing by his decision to appoint mcleish and keep him long term.Reason being if game plan was to finish top half with restraints given mcleish would of been gone by now.Hense RL is sticking to his guns as he has seen the protests and known the feel about mcleish since day dot of his employment.So cant fight someone who has dug his heels in who is the owner of the club.The club has the macron deal rumours of things going on in hospitality and other money making ventures away from the football pitch so off the pitch things are moving.On the pitch the source from AVFC has told grahem bryce of the sun mcleish is going nowhere and neither is RL .

        • A buisness needs customers yes but the owner makes the buisness decisions not the customers.Customers get a chance to input or not buy not make boardroom decisions.

          • A business with no customers is what?

          • Pointless arguing with you all I will say is if your running a business after 2 years of heavy investment you should be expecting some return if not you have to question what is going on not continually keep spending and increasing your debt, to continue down this path is complete folly and a sign of inept management.

          • Ok so BMW again pay a fortune to develop their new car and we all think it’s crap. Should they just expect a return because they paid a lot of money out?

          • 100% agree (sorry Ken…as below misread this post as explained below)

        • But do the maths, £400 on av per season ticket * 10k fans or so who are “choosing” not to buy = £4m then add their purchases over the season (prob another £400 each) so we already have £8m. Then throw in the fans who make 5-6 games a year, the families, the couples etc (so say on av 2 tickets say at £35 per pop + the associated purchases) so probably £100-£120 per game so that’s near enough £600 a year) say x 5k fans so that’s £3m so we are now at £11m

          Throw in the lost merchandise, the birthday gifts, the meals at VP and everything else you can think of and we probably have something like £12-15m….

          Now are you telling me that he will ignore that and accept a shirt deal? He won’t…..suspect he can’t. This is a buyers market and if he were to pay the few quid necessary to replace Mcleish with a manager that will “offer a better product” then the reverse is true, he will get more people through the door, more money at the shop, the kiosk etc etc.

          I’m stunned that he hasn’t thought this through (being from business background and all).

          • Longboy forget it he doesn’t seem to understand I assume he must work for the AVFC PR dept.

          • Sorry Ken, misread your last post. Agree with your comments (interpreted it the wrong way). Sorry chap…UTv

          • No probs Longboy I’m too old to take offence I’m just p*ssed off with a club I’ve loved for nearly 45 years.

          • I hear you (although for 30 years in my case). The principle is true though that we all love they Villa but have different ways of showing it………mine is the tough love approach🙂

            Wonder what the respond would be if RL asked each fan for £10 to contribute to the Mcleish sack fund……me, I’d pay £20… Heheh

          • Do you reckon McDraw is worth as much as £20 me I’d pay him off with fluff out my pocket!

          • Ha, true…….it would burn, like paying good money to eat shit…..goes against the grain to be honest (so by that rule RL paying this useless get £2m per year must burn him like a Vindaloo bollock massage)

        • Bollocks to the cost cutting what has that got to do with my season ticket, we are the SUPPORTERS of AVFC not the EMPLOYEES, when Randy works that one out we might well be alright.

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