‘Not a Big Club’ – No Surprise

Not good times for Villa, but hardly surprising either.

Given our league position and current manager to try and get any player with ambition is going to be very difficult. We were linked with Bas Dost who has a very good record in the Dutch League. When I posted the link it was a promising one as we should be going after these kind of players. However as reported today his agent has said

‘He turned down Aston Villa because he wants to play for a top club.

Well that is the truth isn’t it. Any decent player with ambition will want better than us and getting quality in with the current set up is going to be bloody difficult. I know some may mention Holman and I hope he is quality and this proves we can attract quality.

Of course the other thing is that this confirms we have been after a forward. Given who we have at the club at the moment with Weimann first choice then there is one conclusion we can make from this.

If we are after a forward then one of gabby or Bent is leaving, that is the logical and sad conclusion of this comment.

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75 comments on “‘Not a Big Club’ – No Surprise

  1. Can anyone think of a reason Holmans deal has been agreed if McLeish is leaving? please someone, give me some hope

    • Hopefully, at the time the transfer was agreed AM was staying, but since then the comment after the Arsenal game, the embarrassing surrenders against pretty much everyone really but especially clubs in the top 6, the dire football and poor ST renewals are finally making Lerner take notice. Hopefully….please.

    • Alex is going nowhere. He’ll be a fixture at Villa Park for the next fifteen years. He will be our very own Bill Shankly.

      Of course I jest. I hope!

  2. Gabby, surely. And I can’t say I perish the thought.

  3. Gabby I reckon. Hence the captains arm band

  4. We were a big club-Now we see that the shimmer we once had under M.O.N has tarnished and left us with all the broken peices of urine and stool. (just a little thing I wrote :D)

  5. I think alot of clubs will be making cheeky offers for our players seeing as we are in so much disarray and bent and gabby are probably our most saleable currently, but personally i think bent is the one who will go if either as he just plays for villa and they are no more than his current team – Villa is a big part of gabby and he would only leave for a CL club i reckon, and i don’t think a top 4 club would come in for him.
    DB i can see going to Cheque Book Kenny for around £20m. I really hope not as with the right manager he could score 20 a season easily. Unfortunately our current manager isn’t even close to the right manager.

  6. Zigic – I can see it happening if blues don’t come up.

  7. We should be a (relatively) big club – cash will stop us being one of the truly BIG clubs, but big club compared to most? Yes, definitely.

    That we are not, is a disgrace.

  8. Hey knowing this lot sell both and heap the pressure on weimann fuck all would surprise me with our club at moment and i do mean nothing at all.

    • Agree upthevilla76. Once Lerner gets the smell of cash in his nostrils, anything can happen, and probably will.

  9. sky sports have done an article about villa – mcliesh is starting to get his critics now – looks ilk his days might be over

    • Until Lerner becomes a McLeish critic, I wouldn’t get over excited were I you.

  10. Hardly ‘news’ is it? Barry, Milner, Webcam and Downing didn’t leave just for more money, any more than Yorke did.
    The sad fact is that for 10 years or longer there have been only three or four clubs who could ‘guarantee’ winners medals in anything other then the FA or League Cup’s as well as CL appearances – and we’ve not been one of those clubs during that time. Of course, once you see players who are hardly household names telling the world that we’re small-time, it hurts even more.

    As for the striker – Bent is probably our only saleable asset, so maybe RL will cash-in while he’s still got some value. Anyway, isn’t Heskey’s contract up at the end of this season?

  11. What a load of shit bet you we wasnt even going for him what a load crap trying to get us down even more i wont have it, we are a big club the so called big clubs couldnt win the ecup first time with loads of money we did no one can take that away from us, we helped form the football leauge so with out us their be no football as we know it, and we dont cheat to win games like the big clubs man u, chelsea do we dont were the bigger club at least the club helps other people and gave me a great wedding recp the big clubs dont too busy paying refs rant over

  12. If gabby goes im sorry but im never going to support this club under lerner and if the fans dont act against it i cant see myself ever supportin this club again.
    Although gabby might not be the best striker in the league he has proven when given chances he can score.
    And the best thing is he is villa through an through and has a passion and loyalty for the villa, and for the villa fans to not understand this would just be a disgrace.
    Gabby is like the gerrard for villa, and if he goes im sorry but ill never look at villa in the same way again

    • What has Gabby done to make you like him so much? Surely it’s not just cos he is a Villa fan? His goal scoring record is poor.

  13. I think we’ll get quite a few rejections this summer, even from players you’d probably expect and hope would jump at the chance of a move to B6.

    Sadly we are no lure nowadays, and not just because of McLeish.

    Mediocrity is the name of the game at Villa Park right now, and as long as Lerner,Faulkner, and McLeish are running the show, that scenario isn’t going to change anytime soon.

  14. Well said andrew we need more like players like him instead of backstabbers judas, fans should defend one of our own, instead of wishing mon, young was back they showed us no recpect what so ever, fans hav short memorys to how many teams we hate did gabby score winners all of them

  15. It sucks, but who can blame Dost for thinking so. I agree, he is exactly the type of player we should be looking for. Although, we have been under performing for the past, depending who you ask, 2-3 seasons now. When also linked to Wolfsburg and AC Milan I’m not shocked he believes he has better opportunities elsewhere in Europe.

    I’m not 100% convinced we will be selling Gabby, Bent, or Weimann. If anything we are probably looking to replace Heskey and possibly Delfonz. If this season has proven anything it is that AM clearly views Gabby and Heskey as more wingers than front men- In his eyes Weimann is the only option right now.

    • D’you know, I’d forgotten that the Fonz was still at VP. Suspect you’re right and he’ll be moved on down to a Championship club in the summer {& probably score against us next season…}.

  16. i think i will just check final scores next season for villa if mcliesh is still here – its been torture this season watching them – a whole other season of mcliesh – jesus that thought depresses me to death

  17. In the week that Man Utd are again named the richest club in the world, Das Dost turns us down as he wants to play for a bigger club and we cannot afford a no hoper like Andy Johnson cause it will bust our wage structure. God help us. Anyone renewing thier season ticket want their arse kicking. Vote with your feet for gods sake and we might just see some common sense prevail.

  18. We become a big club when we have 40000 turn up each week and 30000 season tkt holders. Where will the money come from to pay the star wages? . We become a big club when we fine a player like stuart Downing for talking up a Liverpool move and sit him on the bench all year. We become a big club when we refuse to sell any player who is good for any price UTV

  19. “If we are after a forward then one of gabby or Bent is leaving, that is the logical and sad conclusion of this comment” Negative as ever, I prefer to think it’d be Heskey : )

  20. Yes, Heskey and Delfouneso are the obvious departees, surely?

    Personally I dont think that young Nathan has a long term B6 future. He just hasn’t pushed on and fulfilled his promise. I dont know what’s lacking. The natural ability is there in abundance, but he just doesn’t produce. Emile has to go because he no longer brings anything to the table. Did he ever?

    Selling Gabby isn’t on, not in my book, and I’d be thoroughly ticked again if one of our better players is allowed to move to pastures new.

    Keeping hold of Benty might I think be difficult. The guy is no doubt ambitious, and probably questions where we are heading.

    Yes, important summer ahead. I expect a lot of ins and outs. Lets face it, the squad needs a complete shake up. As things stand, we simply aint up to the task.

    • “Yes, Heskey and Delfouneso are the obvious departees, surely? ”

      you forget Glen about the wage side, losing the obvious ones this summer will not be enough to reach any proposed targets.

      • Very fair comment Ian. Sadly I dont believe we have too many players now that can be offloaded by the club to further rectify the current VP wage bill.

        Charles N’Zogbia, despite a somewhat disappointing campaign could still be sold for relatively big bucks I guess, Darren Bent definitely, but after that duo?

        Worrying times, even if we do survive the dreaded slide into the lower leagues.

        • the one I am really worried about is next season for sure.

          As for selling players just fopr cash tyhat ends in relegation.

          I mean Craig Gardner on the OS WTF is that ????

          trying to soften us up for a relegated Blues team at VP next season ?

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