Good News – Villa give Mcleish vote of Confidence

In football we all know the vote of confidence is a ‘KISS OF DEATH’ for any manager.

So the Daily Star yesterday must have shook them up as the Sun now has direct quotes

A club source said: “There is no foundation to this. The club believes in continuity. We are putting in foundations on which to move the club forward. Alex remains an integral part of that.”


Now to anyone this is a vote of confidence. The Source is without question Paul Faulkner as others have been given this news this week (you may know who they are – MYSTERYMAN for example posted that on here within minutes of the STAR story going up).

So this is Good News because normally the club would refuse to comment on speculation. They felt a vote of confidence was now needed and of course the looming visit of MON is not exactly helpful to Mcleish at all. If normal football practice carries on through then within a few days of the season ending he will be gone.

Lets hang hope on that.

44 comments on “Good News – Villa give Mcleish vote of Confidence

  1. Sorry but that’s not quite the same. As much as I’d love to think it. The vote of confidence you’re on about i.e. the kiss of death, is a statement made by the board that has not been prompted as a response to an article. This isn’t that. This is the board debunking an article that was claiming moves were afoot to change the hierarchy. So it was prompted by the meeja. Sadly that’s not what we’re looking for.

    But at least the meeja now seem to have turned their attentions to McLeish’s tenure. Something he seemed inexplicably immune from for too long. That, for me, is the most encouraging development over the past week.

    • except you know BOF that these words came from PF directly so for me it makes a vote of confidence

    • Sorry, Ian, I agree with BOF. I don’t agree this is a simple and meaningful “vote of confidence”, there’s more to it I feel.

      I feel that the Villa management just don’t want to admit a mistake and are blithely going on to bury themselves. And the club (as a menaingful football enterprise) as well if they’re not careful.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t see they’ve made a mistake.

    • no sources is a word sky say for something they hear mate.. usually faulkner would come out and say full backing and to my knowldge he has not last few days

  2. Why worry? The Qatari’s are gonna buy the club by end of March 2012…
    Waste of time reading some the bs online..

  3. The club believes in continuity.
    Oh well looks like loads more of the same shit for the foreseeable!

  4. ditto. really cant wait for this circus act to end. Be great to get a guy in who the fans believe in like the MON days, miss them dearly. Martinez, Lambert, even poyet whould get the bells rocking again….

  5. Think your bring too optimistic for your usual self Ian lol. I’m not sure if it is a vote of confidence to be honest

  6. This is quality:

    Alexander Hleb

    “At Birmingham, the team played the long-ball game, practically bypassing midfield. To get into the game you had to play up front or linger at the back with the defenders to get hold of the ball, which more often than not flew right past me.”
    Hleb, who played 19 times for the Blues in the 2010-11 season, described then-Birmingham boss Alex McLeish as “not a bad bloke” but criticized his tactical preparation.
    “The day before a game he would come onto the pitch and show us what to do: ‘You stand here, the goalkeeper will give you the ball here, kick it as far as you can and don’t pass to anyone nearby. And we all run.'”

    Surely this can’t true but there again.

    • Think you’re right, BWS; this has to be a wind-up but it’s bloody funny. No, wait a sec, think about it and it ain’t so funny after all…

  7. Jeez. It’s almost funny isn’t it.


  8. Its not a blag here’s the link: http://en.rian.ru/sports/20120419/172911969.html

  9. Does this now mean that the lords pray that I posted on the debate that Mcleish would be going and asking the lord to sack him is not going to happen? Well thats it, not going to church again. To tell you the truth he will not be going anywhere yet, even when we get beat by Sunderland, next year is the time that Lerner will wake up to the cock up that Ellis made for Villa by looking for someone to buy Villa and not sell the assets of the club and pick a prat of a Yank that knows nothing about English football, all he wanted was a foot into the business world that this country holds. everyone is hopeing for a miracle thats not coming yet. The Star looking for readers, the Sun firing back at the Star, its not going to happen lads I wish it was.

  10. The thing I find hardest to deal with is that we all saw this coming. I can’t bear it. Argh!
    Time for a banner saying ‘Randy, hate to say we told you so but…’

  11. I’m still holding hope!

    If the board want to discredit the article from the Daily Star, why didn’t they just come out and say it rather than rely on a ‘club source’?! If they were really backing the manager, they wouldn’t be too scared to come out and say it.

    I’m sure McLeish is not a terrible manager, but he is not good enough to be a Premier League manager of the manager of Aston Villa. The sooner the board get that through their thick skulls the better!

    McLeish out!

  12. MYSTERYMAN lost all credibility during the summer and has since been in arguments on twitter with some highly place fans of the club…What I will say is that Mcleish has a mutual termination clause in his contract and IF he failed to meet the targets set at the beginning of the season then that would be triggered by seasons end. The release clause is Nominal.

    I usually come on here and say stuff about Ianrobo and negativity but in all seriousness the info I have is solid and I did say the story will trickle through the nationals 2days on the trot to national tabloids have covered the story its only a matter of time before it goes further he is on the cusp of leaving.

    • you did say that mate and happoy to confirm it.

      there are two distinct stories here, the one you have said and others and the clib line he is not going anywhere.

      I am 100% convinced now the 40 point limit is where any clauses will kick in, all Villa fans should pray for 39 and that is safety.

      • yeah mcleish keeps talking about the magic 40 points, i reckon that if he fails to achieve 40 points we can release him without paying him a penny, completely agree hopefully 39 would see us safe but at the minute 39 points looks a struggle!

      • Hi ian do you think that the suns report is total BS.A club source says Mcleish is staying and that foundations have been put down for the future of the club to move forward and that the club beleives in continuity and that mcleish remains an integral part of the clubs future and is going nowhere.????????

      • yeah but one problem there did not mr faulkner say 8th and european challenge thats not happeing on 40 points is it.. so i dont think for one minute that his objection was to aoid relegation or hit 40 points… i just dont believe that for one minute

    • I was told that 40 points was one and the other was that we had to be safe by a certain number of games which was 34 or 35, did not make sense at the time. Why 34? but we nearly hit that number and this comes out in the press, if we lose or are not safe come Saturday he may well go then, (this was told to me in a pub which for me makes it bollocks) but i will believe it when i see it

  13. The suns grahem bryce has said that a club source from aston villa has rubbished any truth in that mcleish will be going and that the club beleives in continuity and that foundations are being put in place to move the club forward and that alex mcleish remains an integral part of that.So dreams of martinez,houllier,lambert ect ect are over.So its either get with the programme or dont is the message to the fans/supporters.Did you actually beleive RL PF would be blackmailed into changing the managerial set up that has cost millions to set up because we dont like it.

    • Valid. Both sides (fans and the club) are taking a hard line on the issue of AM and I do agree the underlying message from the club has been take it or leave it. Although, purely on a business stand point it does seem foolish for the club not to make a greater effort to console and communicate with the fans. Because lets face it without the supporters the club really isn’t worth that much. What’s the point of having a club or stadium if you have no one to fill the seats?

      • I agree totally with what your saying and that RL PF should take notice and beleive me i think they know by now what the general feel is regarding alex mcleish,season tickets and the view on alex mcleish.But the simple facts are that whatever the fans are doing to voice their opinion banners,non renewal of season tickets,insults to alex mcleish ect ect just seem to aggrevate aston villa football club and the fact that supporters have said sack mcleish or we wont renew our ST to them is out and out blackmail and to executives just wont wash.AS RL will not relinquish his ownership and power to the supporters.

        • Venting frustration, persuasive manipulation, blackmail… regardless it’s basically a game of chicken. Although sooner than later personal pride (RL) and communal pride (well-being of the club and it’s supporters) need to align for everyone to move forward.

          Ultimately it’s up to RL and the board to do what they will, but I would argue that it might actually be cheaper for RL to fire AM at the end of the season. Better now than a year from now when AM has gambled all of the rebuilding money on Bosmans and aged talent. If this happens and AM does stay, we might very well find ourselves two seasons from now in a very similar situation… hopelessly trying to make any return on poor and below average players. Lets face it next year will be another rebuilding year for whomever is in charge. Personally I would rather it only remain one season with a new manager, rather than two under AM and his replacement.

          • I think that RL sees it as he makes the rules and supporters support.He ownes the club on paper and ultimately makes the decisions on what goes on.I agree that the supporters and club need to be in tandem.I also beleive that Lerner is a powerfull man and what he beleives is right for AVFC is ultimately in his mind the go.If he sees the results week in week out and sees the performance of the team either at the ground or via satellite then he obviously forsaw this season and what would transpire.Unless there is a contract clause in mcleishes contract to finish at a certain place he will be around next season.i have also heard his contract will be honoured and he is in place to take the club forward and he is firmly in the clubs future come what may.Now if that doesnt say to al if true he is here to stay i dont know what will.The link is from saton villa news now arpeggiator vital football aston villa.

          • I rang the club today and said i would get a season ticket when he goes, was going to get one last year as i have moved nearer to Birmingham, but cant and wont whilst this idiot is manager.

            The lady on the phone was very pleasant and i could tell she had had a lot of calls saying people will not get an ST until he has gone, she just said at the end of the call ‘we will see you at the Villa soon’. Hopefully they will not seen a single game in 2012.

          • Fair play were i am getting calls from them asking why i wont renew your calling them telling them quality from every angle hope they are not on bonus for sales

  14. The only way we will see the back of Mcleish, is if by christmas we are still as poor as we are now,i just pray i am wrong.

  15. I hope McLeish gets aids

    • You disgust me!!!!!!
      How about I say that I hope you and your entire family get cancer and die a slow and painful death!!
      You sicken me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mcleish is a man doing a job just cuz you dont like his football style you curse his life you fuxxkin idiot i dont like his football style but i understand it alex mcleish is a really top bloke you fuxkin prick.

    • You should be called sick childish bastard.

    • ok guys lets no get personal….remember first and foremost we are villa guys lets not let anyone come between us.. silly comments heat of moment i would hope..

  16. Express.co.uk claims that martin oneill did leave aston villa because of the milner deal.oneill wanted the money to reinvest in the squad RL wanted it to recoup financial overspend.The two fell out couldnt agree and a settlement was met.oneill left villa high and dry to save his own reputation all that constructive dismissal is bollox.

  17. Honestly here’s how it is. Randy Learner has spent millions on our club and he won’t be told what to do by us peasant fans. Yank arrogance rules, we seen the shite that kurlack guy spouted. Never hearing or seeing Learner is so frustrating. They don’t have a clue about football. No one seems to know what will happen next really but something needs to change.

    • Things will change but only when RL says so and what will change is his decision.I think he hears the fans but thinks his plans are going to work.

      • JD you said early Mclown is a top bloke, is he though? What he is (imo) is a very media savvy charlatan, a self serving mercenary. Don’t believe this nice bloke routine, as his history shows he’d leave us at the drop of a hat if a better offer came along.
        Posted this yesterday, have a read, I really think you need to reassess your view of the man

        Hibs fan Jill Birnie on WSC

        A harder question for us to answer is why McLeish wanted to go. This was the man who said on the pitch at the end of the 1999 season: “I am here for as long as you want me.” This is the man who continually told the world he still “had a job to do” at Hibs and that he would not walk away until he had done this job he had started.

        However, this is also the man who played the public relations card to tremendous effect throughout his Hibernian career. Perhaps this shameless wooing of the media and public was the most crucial aspect of McLeish’s man­agerial stop at Easter Road.

  18. Full of siht.out out out

  19. I happen to know that some of the people who come on here every day slagging off our manager are actually bluenoses stirring it up. I advise the true villa fans to not rise to the bait, they will soon f*ck off down the small heath highway. You know who you are.

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