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69 comments on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. i want to know from all the ECK out fans who do you want to manage Villa. I don’t want a second rate British Manager somebody who has managed some of the best clubs in Europe. If we cant get one then I’d rather stay with Eck, who i was against being appointed at the beginning. There is no point in bringing in somebody equally bad.. Those bleating for MON, remember he sold Cahill and walked out on us with his backroom staff. Didn’t show any respect ,at least Eck is respectful of Fans and Club UTV

  2. Stick with McLeish. Stability is needed. The last thing the club wants or needs is another managerial upheaval, particularly as no manager of note will want to throw in his lot at Brummagem B6, not with the financial restrictions that are currently in place.

    McLeish has operated with his hands tied, and I feel sure that Lerner will give him the summer to reshape and rebuild the team, allowing McLeish to lead us into the 2012-13 campaign. The squad that McLeish has had to work with is nowhere near good enough, that has been obvious since day one, yet he was unable to bring in the required number of new faces to begin the much needed rebuilding.

    Supporters moaned at MON despite his record of three successive top six finishes, others berated Houllier, now its the turn of McLeish to get the flak. Some fans are just never happy unless they’re moaning and groaning.

    Lerner has his faults I admit, but I’m sure he wont be bullied by the Villa Park boo and jeer brigade.

    If they dont want to buy their season tickets, attend individual games, buy club merchandise whatever, fine. So be it. Let ’em keep clear of VP, keep their cash in their pocket. Good job they weren’t around in the late sixties, early seventies, the truly dark days.

    When the club really needed the backing of the supporters, today’s whingers wouldn’t have been seen for dust.

    Villa supporters my arse. Fair weather fans more like.

    • Bull shit….utter bull shit.

      Bury your head in the sand and stay in denial. Accept second best and you get second best.

      You can foll some of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time.

      McCleish is a crap football manager.

      • Where the hell are the pro-McLoser nutters coming from!!!!!! I’ve not spoken to anyone who supports that prat in 6 months!
        These email stink of more VP PR team intervention!
        Stability with that idiot!!!!! Christ on a bike!!!

        • Fatty Faulkner PR machine in full swing. Either that or blousers supposed to be filling in job forms in the centre wondering onto the wrong website.

    • So lets talk about this here “Stability” Lerner and Mclown bring to the club. From 64 points 08/09 to 48 09/10 to 35 the figures show the club is on a steep downward trend, stabitity? .
      A chairman that fails to keep a handle on the clubs finances letting them run out of control to the tune of £54m up 42% despite selling Stewart Downing and Ashley Young for £37m, stabitity?
      A chairman that sacks a manager that has had 3 top 6 finishes and he was sacked otherwise they wouldn’t have payed him compensation. He is then replaced with a OAP with a dodgy ticker, again so much for stability.
      Employs a manager that’s been relagated twice in 3 seasons and has a well earned reputation for negative low scoring football that has Villa fans staying away in there thousands and is now once again flirting with relagation, if relgated the revenue will diminish by around £25m for the season following relegation, stability?

      Yea we are Villa supporters but not sheep that follow blindly, obviously some of us just don’t conform to your slavish, obedient mechanical way of thinking.

    • i have been going to villa park since my first game in 68 and yes there have been dark days but never do i remember Aston Villa accepting defeat before some games are played, i don’t remember us playing not to lose and winning being a bonus, i don’t remember a defence that has no idea how to defend and i don’t remember a manager that is so disliked, not because he is an ex nose but he is truly an awful football manger and a piss poor motivator and a sorry excuse for a man. I have purchased a season ticket for the past 32 seasons including this one but i would rather give the money to a worthy cause as opposed to a lost cause.

  3. Martin Nicholls 100% correct!

    • Hmmm, Villa employee?

      The man is an inept moron. People go on about operating on a budget blah blah.

      Yup because Martinez, Rodgers, Lambert..
      .yep they have had more money than Man C to spend havent they.

      Ridiculous argument (if not a villa employee). He is a joke and rubbish at the only thing he is trained to do. SACK HIM

    • Yup! MartinNichols’s support of McPrat lacks conviction. Another piece of PR shite……… Absolute bollocks.

  4. Mcleish is a useless manager he and his back room staff are a totally negative entity. Their has to be other options out there look at Newcastle.

  5. I’m afraid many of the Villa fans are blinded by McLeish’s Blues stint. He is in fact not a bad manager – wake up. Yes they were relegated twice, first time was just after he took over. He also got them promoted, won them the 1st trophy in 100 years and got them to their highest ever premier league position, with virtually no funds. In my view he also has an excellent record in the transfer market – the Blues back 5 were excellent and cost nothing (sound like what we might need?). Prior to that he had an outstanding record for Scotland and Rangers. The fact is the Villa fans are very fickle and have inflated expectations – this is not an appealing job. They have shown this season that if they don’t like the manager they will not support him or the team irrespective of the consequences to the club (don’t give me that love of the club BS). No manager will succeed with the fans on his back 24 x 7 – since the day he arrived, before a ball was kicked. Does anyone really think that a decent manager like Moyes would dream of coming to this place, with these fans – are you for real? People talk about Martinez (who also wouldn’t want to come) – just look at his record, success for him is finishing 14th. How about Benitez, oh already turned it down – he wanted 40M for transfers. We will get the manager we deserve trust me, a Megson or a McCarthy. At least will have another manager to moan about following on from DOL, GT, MON, AL……..none of ’em any good according to our armchair experts who still think it’s 1992.

    • Arthur I would dearly love to come back with a witty retort because this protect Mclown tow the party line thing is becoming just a little tiresome and after much pondering the only thing that springs to mind is fuckoff.

      • Steady the ship and employ a manager who has just been relegated, give him a 1.2m pay rise and then watch his first 3 signings flop….play shite, boring football then wonder why you have to employ telesales companies to try and get your loyal supporters back… Arrogant attitude and i am not a mug so wont renew until mctwat has gone

    • 3-0 against Arsenal 4-0 against Man U, signing Alan Hutton, Heskey in midfield and gutless display after gutless display oh and how many games have we won, shit I’ve justed realized we do have a good manager, ArthurN you KNOB!

    • ArthurN you are deluded, Lerner has made two piss poor appointments and the true villa park faithful will never accept this clown

    • “The fact is the Villa fans are very fickle and have inflated expectations”

      As soon as the F word was used I stopped reading and what is wrong with high expectations ?

    • He managed to finish 3rd with Rangers, which is as good as getting relegated! Have to agree though, his signings haven’t been all that bad so far, with the exception of Hutton.

  6. Hi BillyWalkerShirt it’s a shame you didn’t manage the witty retort you so dreamed of – maybe you set your expectations too high on that front too? It must be a sad existence unable to express oneself……

    • Allright Arthur, things a little on the slow side in the ticket office this morning son?

    • Arthur with regards to your earlier post the phrase “arse and talking out of” comes to mind, just to refresh your memory these are your words “with virtually no funds” Well Artie boy here’s something from the Mirror for you to put in your crack pipe and smoke;
      McLeish defends his £26million ‘duds’
      Owner Carson Yeung has questioned if he has got value for the £26.3million spent on new players since his takeover in October 2009

      £26.3million = virtually no funds?? Get your facts straight before you go blathering like the addlepated fool that you are.

  7. Arthur
    Aisde from the fact you are a grade A dork, a few facts. After th initial protest about mcleish coming, those fans are the ones that stayed away. Everyone else gave mcleish a fair crack of the whip, I don’t recall in the first 3 months of the season too much boing or any anti Mcleish chants. Fans have turned on him BECAUSE HE IS FUCKIN USELESS NOT BECAUSE HE CAME FROM BLUES!!

    No=one would care less if we were in the position newcastle are now, they guy is just a drain on the club and the club itself is in a right state, heads in the sand ignoring the disaster they have created.

  8. All the fans should just get on with supporting the team, support has been shocking with very little atmosphere. Even when we went down in 87/88 the atmosphere was encourging. Getting behind the team will have a more possitive affect then moaning and groaning. This is written in the view that things are wromg in all areas of the club from Chairman down to us the SUPPORTERS we do sometimes still live in the early 80’s 90’s when we where lucky to have some great players . Times are changing in football and we have to excepet unless we are brought by a multi billionare we will have to be happy with the odd CUP and playing in the PREM. VILLA TILL I DIE

  9. I think this could be said more last year than this, Big Eck is our worst nightmare and any change from him would be an improvement. Last season a lot of fans really turned on GH, I was not one of them, I could see what he was trying to do and understood where he was going. Gary McAllister was a last minute appointment that was probably the wrong choice.

    Be careful what you wish for when we moaned about Houllier because this season is the worst i have ever seen I dont think it can get any worse than this i have not seen a decent match all season and that is what is frustrating me the most, the appalling tactics that just dont work. Get rid of this clown now and promote the tea lady if you have to it really cannot be any worse than it is

  10. To all those “Pro- Mcleish” clowns out there here’s a NOSE perspective of the man his managment his football and integrity:
    McLeish had enough money to spend to produce a balanced team capable of staying in the Premier League and wasted much of it, despite using business professional terms like ‘due diligence’ about his player search and evaluation. A balanced team capable, that is, not of a top ten finish but of staying up. Have you seen Blues play? I had to pay out a lot of money for tickets to watch a very sound defensive team but one with no creativity, no thrust going forward and hardly any goalscoring capability, you know, or do you?, the best form of defence, attack.
    There are many good managers throughout the leagues who manage on a shoestring but produce capable teams. Look at what Rodgers has done at Swansea, a team called the Barcelona of the Championship. Compare them with the awful, dour team with which McLeish secured promotion from the Championship, another low-scoring season.
    Football is a spectator sport and fans have to be entertained, be given the reasonable expectancy that their team stands a chance of equalising if they go behind rather than the likelihood under McLeish that the game was up. If there is no entertainment then what is the point?
    Finally, you try to make out a case for McLeish’s integrity and strength of character in his decision to resign. If he was going to resign, he should have done it at the end of the season and not after getting the club to sign two players and to do it by email to his Chief executive.

    All sound just a little too familiar????

  11. The last manager to take us down was also a Jock with Ginger Hair

  12. Trev,

    With all due respects mate, to be careful what you wish for then I did not wish for this twat to be incharge. No one can be as bad as Mcliesh.

    I know people will say that Learner can,t be trusted to pick the right man for the job , but I believe season ticket sales will dictate the line he will take and hopefully for the better good of avfc

    I will not be renewing as I didn’t last season untill this manager is removed and all of us should be doing the same.

  13. Ill help end the pro mcleish arguments, mcleish tryed to have talk with a dutch player, his response???
    I dont want to play for villa, their football is boring.
    Great manager when even players can see how boring and defensive he is

  14. Hi BillyWalkerShirt, in quoting the bluenose you have revealed the true source of your frustration. When McLeish came to Villa he ribbed you saying “crap manager” blah blah blah – to wind you up. He forgot of course about – best league position in club history, 1st tropy in 100 yrs, brillaint back 5 that cost nowt. You, like a clown, took the bait. Now blues are doing very well indeed, increasing your frustration, which of course you now direct at the manager. The more you do this, the more your bluenose chum enjoys it, and so the circle continues. What a foolish fellow you are to fall for this.

    • So we should all go and get a ST because really we are angry that our Blue Nose mates are ribbing us LOL. No i think you are wrong, go and send that fax for Paul

    • Thanks for those words of wisdom, I’ll sleep better to night, YAAAAWWWNN!

  15. HI wow ding ding round??????The gloves are definately off today evryone losing their cool LOL.This always happens when fans/supporters are supporting a club with a poor league standing they are not used to.Also happens when fans/supporters see their teams style of play change from attack to defence.Also happens when their team has a shit season with a lack of goals and no ambition to win games.Why is the aston villa team in this situation you ask yourselves and everyone is drawing to the same conclusion AM PF RL.It is not all mcleishes fault it is a combination of things steming back 3 seasons also piss poor over the hill senior players underperforming .Mcleishes only downfall is his style of play and that it doesnt suit the villa faithfull and is not getting results,is at the minute very boring.You cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear and at the moment sows ear is where we find many managers over just the last 3 seasons is a recipe for disaster.Mcleishes style has to change to win games and challenge but to stop the defensive rot it doesnt happen overnight we have been leaking goals like a rusty bucket for a while b4 AM i dont like his style at the moment. His record as a manager is up for dispute as negatives are always easy to find but positives when you are down in the dumps you never see.wikipedia his career its an interesting read and i dont take kindly to people slating a person they dont even know its really childish and below the belt as all he is trying to do is do a job he was employed to do.He is not doing well and i for one want a change at villa if the results continue in this manner but degrading someone is so poor and gutter crawlingly low.

  16. Naughty, naughty Mart (Martin Nicholls). You sure have changed your tune matey, or are you just out to stir the pot (I suspect the latter).

    Its only been what, six weeks or so since you were telling glensider of your anger and disgust at McLeish (weren’t we at Blackburn, or maybe it was Newcastle come to think of it?).

    Dont be such an antagonist.

    We’ll discuss this more at glensiders abode on Sunday, you rogue you.

  17. well there is only one comment on what I actually said. Be careful what you wish for is a warning that if you get rid of a problem you can end up worse. Lerner has a very poor record of making decisions.

    THere is no one on the board who has any soccer experience (Cleveland Brown’s fans would say the same of NFL experience in their patch). So unless there are some board members who actually have managed or administered in the Prem, it is garbage in, garbage out. THe tipping point for LErner was when STEve Stride left the board.

    So while abuse is a great game to play, the focus has to be on a better board room.


    Any takers?

    Trevor Fisher

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