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125 comments on “MON vs Mcleish – No Competition

  1. Shit manager that guarantees shit results.

    Hound him out!

  2. Firstly surely it makes sense to compare both of their first seasons, where O’Neill hardly shone.

    Secondly you yourself said the other day we should stop talking about MON, granted the scumbag is coming back this weekend but still.

    Thirdly the sides do make a difference, we were clearly better then. McLeish has still had a bit of a mare.

  3. Thats like asking would you rather have a beer or be electrocuted.

    No effin choice, anyone or Mcleish and anyone is better.

    Inept fooka

  4. my mother could manage villa and she doesn’t even know that we are claret and blue!!

    although the media haven’t said much about it – i think it would be just plain bad business to keep mcliesh here another season. they want NEW season ticket holders just as much as renewals and at the minute they can’t even keep business.

    I’m hoping and preying that lerner will prove he has got a brain and does the right thing – faulkner and lerner will be loved by getting rid of mcliesh then

    • Yes, but do you trust these two incompetents, Lerner and Faulkner (surely Krulak has no input?) to replace McLeish with a manager capable of getting us back on track? I sure dont.

      Anyway, McLeish is going nowhere. He’ll still be with us come August, whether we are kicking off in the premier league or the championship.

  5. Martin O’Neill is a top notch manager, McLeish most certainly isn’t. ‘Nuff said.

  6. MON gave us top 6 MON gave us passion MON gave us Hope MON was his own man, he left because he felt he could no work with Lerner, Lerners response two useless yes men in Houllier and McTwat and the most disappointing season i can remember and i have been going to villa park for more that 40 yrs, It was the board’s job to oversee MON spending and yes some of his signings were questionable but the same could be said of every single other manager, I would swop McTwat for MON any day of every week

    • Well Said Sir. You echo the sentiments of most sane Villans.

      The results/league position that MON’s management gave us, will be a long, long time coming again.

    • MON plays the law of averages just like Clough, he forms a group of players and hypes them up just like Clough, he alienates and splits dressing rooms just like Clough. 6th was his absolute achievement and we were never ever going to get Champions League football with his style of play of results. Lerner wasted his trust on him and anyone on here who says we played vibrant technical attacking football under MON is deluded. Yes … there was passion, gung ho counter attacking and 3 6th’s with good cup runs was excellent on MON’s CV and good for Villa ….. but that is his limit, if that was the aim then fine, I wouldn’t mind that, but it wasn’t, Top Four and CL was and with all things in dreamland it had to end, as financially it was pure football suicide to keep spending and letting costs spiral out of control, with a very average squad. When Lerner took over he should of appointed a well respected football man to run affairs and appointed an up and coming manager to use all of Villa’s academy and reserve set up to build a stable future and philosophy for the club. The best football we have played was the last 8 or so games last season when Houlier’s way really clicked and it should have been continued with a like minded manager ….. the drawback was loads of very average deadwood, bleeding Villa’s wage bill dry that we couldn’t sell and that was a lot to do whilst rebuilding. Lerner doesn’t understand English and European football, if he had we would be like Chelsea are now and Arsenal 5 years on, proper European clubs from the roots up. McLeish is a just cost cutting phase and no way on this planet can him and Faulkner continue with this guy …… McLeish looks worried at the moment and keeps making remarks to ’40 points’ …. I think this is the minimum target set in his contract … if it is then i hope we stay up on 39 and get someone like Di Canio, Martinez or even Lambert in .. young passionate managers with the tactical and technical ability to compete. We wasted a lot of years and money on MON and he did OK, McLeish wouldn’t have don it on treble the amount MON had so why let him try next season with less ?? Lerner has to get it right now, 6years on and we are where we started with hundreds of millions down the drain !!! .. UTV

      • But V’man unlike Brian Clough he wasn’t one of only 4 managers to win the league title with 2 different clubs and provincial at that and first league titles in the clubs histories to boot. Niether did he win and retain the European cup, unlike Clough, no Clough and MON, never in the same breath.

        • I agree …. i wasn’t comparing him to Clough, just stating that he gets his managerial style and ways from playing and learning under Clough. He will never be Clough.

          • Yes mate see where your’e coming from a sort of poor mans cloughie, a poor imitation of the real deal.

    • Mon also gave us Dunne, warnock, beye (FFs) salufou, shorey, sidwell, knight, Davies, harewood, Maloney, reo joker, heskey (again FFs) Luke young, all average joes at best signed on high wages and we are still paying for having that dross now. And to add insult to injury he sold Cahill for a pittance FFs and gave ridgewell and Gardner who is half decent to the scum. Il credit him for young and downing but not milner as that was a no brainier even dol would have signed him if he could. He has wasted lerners money with his dross signings.

  7. as i said on another post – euro was the goal, 9th was the baseline for mcliesh to maintain at least i reckon. i don’t believe they now think avoiding relegation is now acceptable for him to keep his job – if i lose sales every month for the next 12 months – my bosses aren’t going to keep giving me slack – i would be out the door quicker than you can say “mcliesh is a good manager”

    he looks defeated and deflated and depressed already – almost like he knows he is going i think.

    kendrick flies all this back in my face though by saying he will be here next season – which to me, is suicide in every way shape and form

  8. Its Unfair to Compare SCAM against anymanger as he has been a complete failure everywhere
    How About Ellis or RL
    Ellis every time and i did not like him

  9. Comparisons can only be made when you have the same team and same opponents. Re N’Zogbia, come on, no one complained when we signed him, so do not blame AM for him. Some times some of you just want to be negative nothing else. Do you remember Young and Downing’s first season? Yes it is true that AM tactics most of the time are frustrating, but could we put some of the blame on some of our players as well? Do we have to blame him for last Sunday’s goals that were so comical, especially the first two? Do we have to blame him if our players are not capable of keeping possesion, some thing that has been around for years? I have read thousand times that AM is stupid to play Heskey, and yet for those who watched the last couple of matches it seems that he offers a better option than Gabby. By the way , last sunday at Old Trafford, our supporters location was a total disgrace. Next time round, at Villa Park their supporters should be seated on the Holte End roof. Well done to all those present for the non stop support, made it an enjoyable outing apart of the result.

    • When it comes to Zog I can’t remember him having to track back and defend for Wigan quite at much as he has to here. To be fair to him I’d moan about the situation. He’s an attacking player wanting to get in the FRance team. Attack Mcdoodle Attack !!

  10. MON walked out on Villa the day before the season starts with all his first team back staff. Respect for Aston Villa and Fans would have been to give 3 months notice and allow the club to find a proper replacement walking off like that as a spoilt child is unforgivable . Makes him the worst manager in Villa history UTV

    • although i totally agree – i think every villa would happily swap mcliesh for MON any day of the week regardless lol

    • As none of us have the reasons he walked and and as he is regarded as a man with much integrity assume he had little choice but i think he should be given the benefit of the doubt……… i think some fans were furious when he left but that just show how much they liked him

  11. The results are statistically massively different. A 2% variation is statistically significant, you can not lose a match you have a clean sheet in and MON had nearly 39% vrs 21% according to your own figures.

  12. Not sticking up for AM but those stats are like comparing apples and pears when you consider MON had spunked approx £100 million to secure 6th spot!! Why not do a calculation that includes £ per each of your stats? Probably because it will highlight the fact that we are where we are as a club due to the mess left behind by MON. Do you really think if we had an Ancellotti or Mourinho that we would be challenging for titles with a match squad containing 10 young academy/reserve players?

  13. MON had spent over 100million on players and some of his remains ie dunnosaur and warncock have been a complete shitheap this season.what money has mcleish had.You cant compare the two because oneill had spent a rake load of money and got the players he wanted to suit his style mcleish has had about a 5th of that.You cant compare the two because young has gone he is a disgrace cheating against us mans a joke,downing gone reo coker gone so our player status has depleted.i admit mcleish should up his game or go.loyalty oneill had none for us when we needed it,respect for us oneill ha none he wasnt leaving when he was getting all of ASTON VILLAS MONEY to spend he is a big part to blame for our position right now so oneill rot in hell you whelching,club leaving,money taking,respect and loyalty laking peice of shit 6th 6th so fuxkin what he disgraced and disrespected our club.

    • Smudge and JD I couldn’t agree more. Too many of us villa fans bought into the mon hype he pissed millions up the wall and like smudge says even a mourinho couldn’t do much the pile of shit Wev got left. When it came to finishing 4th mon bottled it and convinced his players they were tired then they started to believe it themselves. Also remember it was easier for him than Am coz he had millions more to spend and spurs and man city were not as good as they are now. Mon is not the messiah we are all making him out to be and Sunderland will find that out next season.

  14. Everyone keeps saying mon walked out on us but did he really ?? Everyone seems to forget he won the tribunal and walked away with a muti million pound pay off ,no way would he have won that had he walked out on his own accord ,this was constructive dismissal on villas part ,god I bet they wished they’d handled the whole affair better now .im sorry but I wish mon was still with us jumping up and down on the touch line,than that excuse of a manager we currently have !

    • well said sir

    • This is interesting and often underestimated fact. Public question, did MON really walked out by his own will?

      • Yes he did no way would randy get rid of a manager a few days before the season. Tribunal win means nothing oj Simpson got of with murder and we all no what happened there. He just had good lawyers end of.

      • His hand was forced. That should be obvious to all, even before he won the huge payout as directed by the tribunal. They (the tribunal) could clearly see through and beyond the Lerner/Faulkner bullshit and bluff.

    • MON is a very intelligent man and knows the law very very well … The tribunal was to protect his personal interests and his CV as he put the case in motion instantly on leaving, gagging Villa from telling the facts. The talk around Villa is that the problem started when Faulkner arrived to manage the books and everyday running of the club, also I’ve heard repeatedly from people connected with BMH that Milner and him had a huge fall out over extra fitness training outside the club as he never allowed players to train hard to minimise injury and there was also player discontent within the club with the dressing room in two halves, one half favourite brown noses, one half shunned for not being as he wanted. His walkout was premeditated and timed to cause maximum damage to Aston Villa Football Club …. anyone who can still idolise this nasty little man is deluded.

  15. Everyone keeps saying MON walked out on Villa thats because he did. The board was shocked he did that , so were the Fans. Irrespective of his feelings the professional thing to do was hand in his notice and start the season with the club. He didn’t do that and the club has been suffering since . UTV

  16. JD VILLA you are talking nonsense. MON was forced out or Lerner would not have paid out. secondly you spout on about Lerners millions and money wasted, yes granted some poor purchases all managers make errors, why havent you mentioned the players sold and the millions recouped by. Lerner to off set the outlay Milner Barry young downing. Next time get the facts. Lerner out Mcleish out

    • what did oneill ever win and what did oneill do to repay lerners loyalty after he spent all that money and won nothing.And where was his loyalty when he was told youve won nothing we have to recoup the spending.i tell you where it was out the villa gates mate

      • Agreed JD mon bottled the carling cup and mcleish tbf won it a year later with a much inferior team. Mon did nothing for us taking into account wot money he spent and he didn’t have man city Newcastle and spurs to worry about. Even dol got us to 6 th in his first season FFs.

    • Ted MON was on a one year rolling contract, renewable on assessment of 358 days …. which was when he left …. the tribunal was to protect his own interests and gag Villa, nothing to do with him being sacked/forced out. Full stop.

  17. And i dont spout its just my opinion and i am a villa fan cant stand oneill mate he won nothing wasted money and fuxxed off absolute prick.

  18. Well i suggest we organize a proplar protest and boycott and we need every villa fan to do this, a march on the borad is needed we hav our facts and figures to back us up so were not fickle, if you dont ur helping villa to go down to dethps of football we need everyone together mcleish out

  19. JD why have you ignored my comments? Is it because you can not rationalise the obvious. Lerner as sold us out. Lerner is the cause he has recouped outgoings. It seems to me Lerner thought he could make money by getting Villa into top 4 he invested to make money then Man City came along, Spurs invested along with Liverpool, Lerner changed tact still with the intention of making money, he sold sold sold sold refused to invest for two and half years until relegation threatened. He has now employed a third rate manger to take the flack and deflect away from him. Lerners aim is survival only. That is success for him. He will take sky’s money and strip what ever assets are left. Ask yourself why did Lerner pay MON. Lerner is arrogant and refuses to engage with fans LOOK AT HIS AMERICAN FOOTBALL team it can’t be s coincedence that supporters are voicing the same issues. Ask yourself where has the general gone. Lerner out

    • lerner has had to pull in the purse strings big drop from the dizzy heights of the nearly man oneill and everyone wants blood.I dont ignore anyone ted and i do not insult people either.I am totally for villa being a success again but not if it violates villas future moneywise.You dont just think that the plug was pulled because oneill overspent as randy would have a budget but he trusted oneill to deliver on his spending and he didnt win a thing.People harp on about oneill but he didnt win a thing all he did was give villa fans a glimmer of days gone by and gave players to much money.he overspent and failed didnt even win a cup.

  20. the fans were behind MON but have been on McLeish’s back – these stats seems to show the negative effect that this can have on both manager and team….

    I hope MON gets the reception he deserves at the weekend after totally shafting our club then walking away. Wait until he gets into the transfer market again – Sunderland fans be afraid, be very afraid – overpriced average English players…

    • Just look at the Sunderland papers, MON interested in Karl Henry and Steven Fletcher from Wolves, Warnock and Cuellar from us!! I said to my mate, who is a Sunderland fan, that they’ll have a good start under MON, play behind the ball and play counter attack tactics and once they’ve played all the other teams once they’ll be shafted as everyone will set up to play deep to avoid counter attacks and they’ll be lots of 0-0 games as MON has no plan B – he’s said I’ve been spot on and last 2 home games have been 0-0!!!

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