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125 comments on “MON vs Mcleish – No Competition

  1. I’d just like to add something actually:
    If we had the team that MON bought and the backing of the board, regardless of bad buys, I grunted we would be top 4

    Young, Milner, barry, downing
    Bent and gabby

    The defence was never a long term plan and that could of been changed, but MON new how to build and motivate a team, he never had randys full backing, and randy always wanted the top sales to go, which was proven, Milner never said he wanted to go. He was happy at the villas that was a shitty chairman decision which has left us in this shit predicament we are in now
    In my eyes the only man to blame for any problems down this club is randy Lerner, he has invested heavily but is a business man, and never wanted to loose money.
    In this game you loose to gain, he lost fast and tried to gain even earlier, his own fault, his signings, his sales, his massive loss. Which will be seen next season.

  2. Mon 140 million and win fuck all do dah, i want our 2 rons back

    • Are you absolutely sure about that £140 mill NET?

      I seem to recall £85 mill, which in the scheme of things, isn’t very much.
      Chelsea spent £50 mill on a goal hanger that couldn’t even be a decent paper hanger, after all.

      No doubt someone will mention Spurs, but as usual, totally forget how much money they’d spent previously and the miles better starting base they had (sigh).

      • miles better starting base they had? They were bottom and hopeless when ‘Arry took over.

        £85 mil is more than enough for you to expect some form of success.

        1st 6th spot, good season fair cop.

        2nd 6th our March woes came at completely the wrong time for us (especially the disastrous 5 mins of injury time at home to Stoke) but, basically, we bottled 4th when it was ours for the taking.

        3rd 6th I don’t know about the rest of you but I expected more and felt we underachieved. That muppet Dowd didn’t help but we should have done better in the CC final too……….quite the Amc performance in fairness, 1 up after 5 and then sit on what you got.

        I’m not in either extreme party when it comes to Mon. I think he did alright, football was ok at times, made mistakes in the transfer market and with rotation (can happen) but he underachieved given what he had at his disposal.

        If it were a straight swap between the two would I have him back? In a heartbeat……but if I had a choice, even keeping things realistic he wouldn’t be high up on my wishlist/

        • Spurs had spent megabucks in the two or three seasons before MON took over at the Villa, hence the players were already there in the squad.
          Hence the better starting base.
          The reason they were near the bottom was because the manager just wasn’t working and had lost the dressing room.
          Sounds familiar that, doesn’t it?

    • Yeah but look at this shit MON inherited, it would have cost any manager £140 million to build that team into a top 6 side lets face it!

  3. This debate highlights one of the most depressing aspects of recent Villa history: we now have too many supporters who will never be happy for long. It doesn’t matter what we do, there will never be enough success, investment, big names etc. When MON turned an average side into a challenging one he was criticised when he didn’t “push on”. A cup final was fun but it wasn’t a trophy. Lerner’s investment in the playing side was fine until it had to be curtailed when the financial rewards of major success didn’t arrive. We could be Manchester City and hordes of people would be moaning about blowing the league and missing out on the latter stages of the Champions League, and trying to get Mourinho in.

    It’s easy to be a fan when things are going well. When it’s not going the way you want, going to the games and lifting the team takes effort and commitment. For too long now we’ve had home support that’s very hard to please. There’s no such thing as disappointment anymore – just criticism. We are getting the success this attitude deserves – so many people believe that the answer is in a new manager (like Martinez – Prem win stats 25%), a new owner (under Ellis we would have been relegated by now, I’m sure – as football finances were exploding we were no better than a championship club in commercial outlook), new players, blah, blah, blah.

    This has been a bad season, no doubt. McLeish has played a big part in that, but all managers get at least two seasons for me. Bad stuff happens. Worse has happened to other clubs in recent years, though. I think we’ll stay up this season, but if we continue to be a fanbase that is more take than give, we will be in trouble for years to come. Agitating for change all the time is not the answer. Let’s enjoy being in the Prem, and watching the young kids finally come through. Yes, let’s get depressed by woeful performances and mystifying tactics, but if we withdraw our support until it’s easy to be a fan again then we might just end up where we deserve to be. I want to be proud of our support – it makes a difference.

  4. What a BS comparison don’t get me wrong I hate Mcloser but u can’t compare a manager who spent over 100 million to a manager who is being told he can’t sign a player who is on over 40,000 a week stop wasting ur time with this crap as look at our chairman an board loser

    • Come off it McLeish is spending similar amounts to MON. These people who claim MON had an open cheque book are deluded. and the amount he “spent” keeps being made more and more. Even if you accept it was 100 mil and that none of the players were responsible for us competing for European football, it was 100 million over 4 seasons! McLeish is spending similar amounts if you count Hutton, given, Stevens, nzog, jenas and himself you have 23.23 million this season! That is 1.8 million less that MON averaged, but he finished top 6 and we had quality players (who then showed great loyalty and buggered off). The way MON left was a F’ing disgrace and he did not seem to understand the word “substitute”, but McLeish is not in the same league (as shown by his relegation form).

      • We’re u born yesterday open ur eyes we sold 40 million pounds worth of player before he came so he is still on -15 million

        • Everyone talks 100 mil and you want to talk NET figures? MONs NET spend was 80 million (as 30 million of his net figure you are crediting to AM), 20 million per season. For top 6 premier league (less than the TV revenue!). This season the NET for McLeish is complicated but let’s call it -18 million. So in exchange for our top players we are transformed from top 6 to bottom 6. Pure genius, how could I have doubted AM managerial expertise. The point is he was he has SPENT money he chose how to spend a similar sum to MON and bought poorly. But if we are using net figures arsenal are currently NET -36million, so guess we should only talk net spend = results.

          • So look at net then mon 30 mil per year over 4 years am 17million this year plus having his best players sold something mon never had to deal with. As I said if u read my posts I can’t stand Mcloser but he has no backing from the board and so therefore don’t unfairly compare him to mon. Oh and mon finished 11th in his first year

          • Also 30 mil and 17 are quite far apart when ur counting millions or shall I send u a link to teach u how to count

          • Net 20mil, the 30 mil is roughly the amount of MONs gross spend that AM has been forced to sell. Season 06/07 net spend was 15 million of which 70% was for one Ashley Young. Coincidentally a similar percentage has been spent on NZog by AM this season. I personally would snap you arm off if you offered me an 11th place finish right now. Don’t believe the PR Lerner spouts, remember who won at tribunal where it is the law that matters not PR. The way MON left he should be booed imo but he spent the money made available to him, and just about out performed his spent 7th largest spend 6 position.

          • 1ilisamgrossaswellhalfwhatmomhad

  5. MON was and is a Clown who had money, Mcliesh is a Clown with no money, neither right for AVFC. MON was never good enough for top 4 and never will be, his business skills let him down to much and an eye for a player is poor, Ashley young aside, the rest of his signings were fairly established names and the majority of players he signed were never worth the money or the wages he agreed to pay em, he left us in terrible mess and he is a weasel for exiting when he did. His stats vs mcliesh are pointless, one had open chequebook, the other had to make cost savings. Stupid article.

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