20th Highest paid manger – 25% win rate

If you remember a few weeks ago there was a a report that at £2M per year Alex Mcleish was the 20th highest paid manger in EUROPE.

Of course to a lot of us this is simply obscene money for him and way way over the top for a mediocre manager that Mcleish is. When you look at the official PREMIER LEAGUE STATS for his record it is simply a shocking one.

Played W D L GF GA Pts Win %
133 33 49 51 143 193 148 25.0

Some may excuse him by saying he has only managed Blues, but that is no excuse. Other managers have had equally limited resources but at the size of club of Villa this is simply not good enough for us. OK in some ways I am very bored of typing this, maybe you are very bored of reading this but the message has to get through to Randy Lerner.

When Lerner came to the club he claimed to be the custodian of the club and not the mere owner. If this is the case then us as fans, the lifeblood of the club are speaking in one clear voice what they want. Stop the spin, stop the defence of Mcleish, manager so in awe of Man U he made us sound like a small little club. Lerner just get on, pay the money and get rid of Mcleish then employ someone to find that young manager who can work with the youth and bring the very best out of them.

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133 comments on “20th Highest paid manger – 25% win rate

  1. lerner put investment in and can’t fault that – unfortunately although mon did good for us he failed in getting the return by not getting 4th for any of the seasons – understandably he has to cut his costs down now. lerner is to blame for his management decision for mcliesh only really – even last season when we didn’t have much points i knew without any doubt we would do enough to finish in a respectable position and thats what we did. i don’t care if young and downing were at vp last season – they contributed but weren’t the main reason we finished 9th – we played good football and attacked people like arsenal

    if you take out the attacking ingredient what are you left with?? oh, thats right plenty of draws and losses…. hmm lets check the table

    ohhhhh we have plenty of draws and losses – hmmm how come we have that i wonder>????

    • But how much of his own cash did he put in???
      David Conn
      The Guardian
      It requires a close reading of Lerner’s company structure to see how the investment is made, coming in loans, at least for the year to 31 May 2008, with Villa themselves paying off the interest.

      The money to Villa is routed from Reform Acquisitions, which borrows it from Lerner’s holding company in Ohio. Interest is charged, at 2% above inter-bank lending rates.

      • i think if early on in the season our goal was to push for the euros – which you can’t just lightly say that publicly to fool everyone – then mcliesh will be gone. we need some investment but getting the right manager is the most important thing on the agenda i think

  2. Indeed it is villa4life. However failings at the very top, Lerner, Faulkner and the half-arsed board that we have, cannot be allowed to continue. Not if we want to progress that is.

    We need football savvy individuals involved, or the decline will continue. But yes, I’m in full agreement that the manager situation needs to be addressed, however Lerner and his cronies cannot escape blame and criticism.

  3. lets not be down hearted, on the funny side Hughes is 13th on 3m. on the sad side Antonio Conte on only 1.3 million. Anyway at 21% win rate AM is at least setting club records eh, and we are still in the running for breaking the premier league record for fewest goals in a season.

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