FULL TIME – Manchester Utd 4 vs Aston Villa 0 – Oh so Predictable

So at least in one way we have no expectations today so anything decent will be treated like magnificent victory.

FULL TIME – Nani gets the goal to make the score we all knew and predicted. thats the thing with Mcleish does not surprise you at all

86 – MU had enough now, knows nothing can harm us but at least Carruthers is showing positive signs of developing

81 – Given stops a riot of a score once again, at reflex saves no one better. No goals from set piece yet

73 – Rooney scores with ease, this really could have been so much more, Ireland off for Carruthers, bit 15 mins for him

71 – I guess it is slightly better, Mcleish has the excuse made and will ignore how the actual game was

66 – Heskey has a decent header which was tipped over for a corner, you know no threat then !

63 – Why clark came on again not sure, looks concussed and now subbed by Heskey

60 – Faulkner looks bored, I am of this, it is only 2-0 but anyone watching this knows how little fight we have put up. clark back on with a bandage and still no subs

57 – Clark has a nasty head injury from a clash with evra, looks shook up

51 – Mutton now gets booked for a challenge on young, of course with Hutton it was late, mistimed and ball left 20 mins ago

49 – Scholes booked for a nasty swipe at Gabby, if he comes off today will not be too bothered.

17:05 – Second half KICKS OFF and man motivator Mcleish has made no changes

HALF TIME – Oh so predictable, Hutton having a shocker, Lichaj should be a LB and put Baker at LB and nothing at all up front except for MOTM Weimann who has been great

43 – so predictable, young gets ball, Hutton (Mutton) fails to block yet another cross and nothing the CD’s could do about Wellbeck scoring

38 – Still all MU and Gardner got a booking for nothing, game is so soft now

33 – How is this still 1-0 ?? Given against MU forwards it seems some good saves and less I say about Hutton the better.

26 – Still all MU but Weimann impressing up front and set up Ireland for a curling shot

18 – Well all Man U but from a decent Bannan free Kick at least Clark got an header in

10 – Many saying a young dive but I think not. Lets ignore how dreadful Hutton was done by the typical young movement

6 – Young jinks past a statue of Hutton and clear trup by Baker, Rooney scores easy

30 secs – And weimann gets through and at least forces a save, weimann on the left, Gabby up front

16:02 – Kick OFF and here goes

15:56 – Sky have the lineup with Bannan and Gabby on the wings, Weimann up front on his own

15:52 – Near KO now and so glad Wilkins is not on the commentating team but of course Gary Neville will be, urrgghhh

15:04 – Team News and no real shocks

VILLA: Given, Hutton, Collins, Baker, Lichaj, Bannan, Gardner, Clark, Ireland, Weimann, Agbonlahor.

Guzan, Johnson, Delfouneso, Heskey, N’Zogbia, Cuellar, Carruthers.

N’Zogbia not started since twitter gate and maybe Cuellar should have started but doubt it.

14:00 – With two hours to KO no leaks of any team news and KARL_VILLA has not posted. So whilst we wait look at this footage when we believed we could get something there and did. This of course was with a team that never understood the concept of an ‘elite’.

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126 comments on “FULL TIME – Manchester Utd 4 vs Aston Villa 0 – Oh so Predictable

  1. Anyone else think that the lack of confidence has even spread to Given?
    I’m really not convinced by him at all lately.

  2. Gabby has had another pathetic game!

    Just doesn’t look interested at all.

  3. 7mins for Zog? Why bother?

  4. N’Zog on for 10 mins?

    You utter wanker, AM.

  5. Y did he leave gabby on ?

  6. Does Alan smith honestly believe we can beat Sunderland or Bolton and we will be ok ?? I’ll have what he’s drinking !

  7. The protests should begin now ! No point worrying about it upsetting the players they are playing poor anyway. We need this clown gone now ? Let the players play for stan without him dragging them down

  8. i turned off before half time.turned it back on to see heskey come on????isnt he claiming a pension.Three fuxkin nil i thought 2 but obviously gave to much grace.Im really tired of watching the villa at the moment loss draw loss draw draw draw loss er does win come into the mix somewhere.lets hope we buy some better players for next season and get rid of dunne,collins,cuellar,warnock,makoun,agbonlahor,heskey,ireland

  9. bullshit

  10. Given shit for that one, imo.

  11. Total anti football.
    I’m so pissed off at that, even though Manure were good.

    AM out, simple.

  12. Wrote this off as a defeat anyway but I just cannot believe we constantly provide no competition against the bigger teams.

    We’ve been lifeless this season and need that dick head sacked soon… McLeish Out!

  13. At what point do you stop accepting being mugged off by the one you love?

    That’s how I currently feel, do I still care = Yes, Am I going to waste any more time on them with McNutsack in charge = NO.

  14. OK, we were v poor but I’m just going to mention one or two positives, well one anyway.
    I thought Carruthers looked good when on was dynamic, attack minded and seemed to liven up the rest of the time.
    Just one final thing on the second goal, both CD at fault for just leaving the ball when it could have easily been cleared.
    Otherwise another capitulation.

  15. We were utterly dire today Mcleish has to go come the end of the season, He has tried and failed badly once this season is over and we are safe he simply has to go one way or the next…Nuff Said.

  16. Something has got to give here now.next week could be the worst atmosphere down the villa for many a year. and Mon will.have that lot well fired up.

  17. another poor performance, gabby was isolated as ever so had no chance. Curruthers looks a touch of class he needs to start, he looks confident which is more than can be said for the rest of the team. The village idiot mcmuppet was inspirational again

  18. mcliesh will be here next season – the media aint even slated him at all – thats never a good sign as it puts no pressure on the board. in fact the media are thinking he is doing ok – i can’t quite believe it to be honest.

    i can’t bare the thought of this manager in charge – i love attacking football so i can’t accept this manager i don’t believe being defensive it only causes lots of draws and losses? how do i know that? look at us now

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