Mcleish allows Alex to stroll to the title

Well exactly has we all predicted, sums up the game when it appears I stepped over a limit for tweets !!

No one expected us to get anything, but if you watched the game you will know just how much in control Man U were. I am not talking about Barcaesque control but so much more physical. Despite a team line up of actually quite big players we looked dwarfed by the size of the task in front of us, we were pygmies.

This is all down to one man. If not for Given we may have lost by 6 or more, Man U were in total control. I know Mcleish has the excuse all ready for him. we could debate young’s ‘Dive’ for a while and there is no doubt it will feature heavily with Mcleish but we should not let him get away with that. Frankly to play Bannan on the right makes nonsense of Fergie’s claims of Mcleish doing a ‘remarkable’ job.

On twitter though I ranted about a Mcleish signing and have done since we signed him. Hutton is just a dreadful dreadful right back and his signing should say it all about Mcleish. Lichaj showed far more than Hutton and the sooner he plasy right back the better. As for another kid – Weimann , well he did very for me, clear MOTM and way above gabby in performance. What has happened to Gabby ? has the past two season sucked his lifeforce out of him ?

So Mcleish gives his pal a comfortable win and we got what we knew. But did that look a team even with injuries etc playing for the manager and club and the fans.


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95 comments on “Mcleish allows Alex to stroll to the title

  1. cometely agree. I was sat in with Man U fans – none from Manchester and embarrassed. our defending was a joke. my god – how have we got so bad? AM is clueless in allaspects.

    • you know its bad when i sit and watch it with ^ of my house mates of which one supports man u and they dnt even take the piss becuase they know having to watch that every week is enough. I have never left a game early or stopped watching but if it wasnt for 5 others enjoying watching man u then i think wud have been reaching for the remote!!

  2. Fergies ” progidy” strikes again…..thank god Blackburn, Wolves et al are shite

    • Spot on. The only thing keeping us up are the 2 or maybe 3 teams who are even worse. Next year it will be worse – the teams coming up, Reading and W Ham and maybe Soton are not as bad. We are Fooked if it continues. I was at Old Trafford on Sun, sat in with Utd fans, and we were tuly awful. McLeish is a joke.

  3. yorke implied the correct thing basically saying ye we have young players etc but its no excuse basically – he couldn’t blame the manager as he’s in TV but he defo hinted it!

    he has to go – i don’t care how he just has to go – he is killing our great club – even if you are just about business – you can see declining figures in attendance – that alone should make you act.

    i can’t see him being here in the summer – for the long term protection of his business, he MUST know that he needs to act by now definitely

    • Mcleish will be here next season and certainly not going for the forseeable future at least. I’m not renewing my season ticket next season and iv had since 1971-72 season when in old third division. Lerner dosnt give a toss whether we renew or not as tv money is all that matters. The only thing that wud hurt Lerner is if we went down and he won’t let that happen eg bent signing. As long as we are 4th from bottom that is all that matters to him.

      • attendance is the most important thing for sure – lets hope most people won’t renew. if mcliesh is here i won’t even bother looking to see how we are doing in the league until i see the news he is gone

      • Yeah but isn’t tv money based on the % of expected live games? Sky arnt really gonna want to show us much next season are they!

  4. Yet another pathetic performance, think that makes it 7 wins in 33 games now. We have turned into the laughing stock of the premier league, just like the cleveland browns are in the US. Lerner is an absolute disgrace and I think its fair to say we are in a worse state now than in O’Leary’s last season- so much for Lerner’s 5 year plan and bright future. The reality is that Lerner is a spoilt rich kid who hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, doesn’t communicate with the fanbase and doesn’t even bother to attend any games.
    As crap and clueless as Mcleish is, he didn’t appoint himself. The blame and pressure should be placed on the board and Lerner. Regardless of Mcnegative, the club will never move forward with this regressive board. Our only hope is new owners, although that possibility looks very slim to say the least.

    • Posted earlier Sam 15 from 70 including his time with the noses.

      • U are fucking kidding! HOW is this bloke in a job? He must know Jedi mind control!
        Anyone hear Fergie afterwards? He said Villa fans should show McTwat more rspect and he’s done well this season!!! Well f**k Fergie, that twat has stiched us right up. Respect for that prat!!! Strewth!!!

        • Did Ferguson really say that? I am staggered, if that is the case!!! Why doesn’t Ferguson appoint him as his No2 then? No effin chance.

          Looks like the City of Manchester are trying to kill Villa, by firstly nicking our best players, congratulating Lerner on appointing the worst manager in world football and then having the nerve to say we should show more respect to him!!!!!


        • I heard Fergie, I used to respect the bloke, but now i think he is a prick. Who is he to tell the Villa fans what they should or should not be doing. Shown his true colours there. Man is a Twat

  5. Every time dwight Yorke comments on our game he states the obvious why the f#*k can’t the top brass at villa see it and the local press jump on the band wagon , we have a crap management team in place from the directors to the 1st team !! Embarrassing !!

  6. A fully fit villa full of confidence probably would of lost today?? I’m not worried about that. My worry is…. Letting Ho of the older players to clear the wage bill I do agree with!! However, its a massive risk because what sort of player would want to come to us at this point in time? We are in serious trouble next year,the teams coming up look strong, the team directly above us is 7 points clear of us?? Really really worried? What is our squad gonna be next season

  7. what i do find extremely coincidental is that the cleveland browns have the same owner and the same discruntled fan base across in usa and here thousands of miles away yet same shit going on.We are struggling really badly my great grandad and my grandad will be turning in their graves my dads fuming and so will his brothers be and im just upset and can feel it in my gut that this isnt villa.i know we are post successfull team and havnt won anything for a while but always looked like competing but not today or for a while.My mind has always said give someone time as villa will have a clearout in the summer long time coming and new players arriving but will that change the way mcleish sets out his stall i now think not.Im never one for jumping on bandwagons and always look at the facts weigh things up for a long time before making my mind up.we looked dead in parts lacking in ideas and shouldnt look as bad as that even though against the champions im going to have to say mcleish out.

  8. clark was as much to blame for penalty as young instead putting foot in out just like the hokey pokey he should have tackled or left it ,second goal no matter how young in expierenced you are that ball should have been in the stand and it would have would have helped with better communcation amongst the players it could have easily 0-0 at half time. bannans ok but needs to know when to past and when not to past,.we have to many defenders in the side who not comfortable bringing the ball out of the defence hence to many balls kicked to nowhere which leads to being back on defence,this where i fall out with mcleish thats his kind of football which as no place in premier league now dont get me wrong the long ball can be useful sometime during game but not to player like player like gabby he his hopeless with his back to defender heskey is find in that role but hes bit long in the tooth , we have got a lot of young players coming
    through who will be able play the passing game plus the skill to be force to be reckoned with and if the scouting network can find a few gems like newcastle /spurs did who knows where we can go and don’t forget bent has knack of getting into space when the ball his on the floor.but for this to work we need a new coach to make it work

    • So do you trust McDimwit to nurture & get the best out of the finest academy in English football? They have been bought up to play a certain way – on the ground, this manager will knock the stuffing out of them if he is allowed to.
      Sack him quickly & appoint a young manager with vision (Rogers at Swansea, Lambert at Norwich) it can be done. Poyet or Lee Clark would do for me, but what cannot be overlooked is we are in desperate need of someone on the board with a football brain. Little, Big Ron or Graham Taylor need to be appointed as Director of Football or something similiar, because the current occupants are clueless.

  9. Sunderland game we need to act, protest needs to be done and all of you turn up, for the stake of the club

  10. right this muppet is now saying he is targeting only 6 points from our last 5 games when there is 15 to play for, how on earth does he expect to get them when we have only 8 points from the last eleven games, he is clueless out of his depth and does no how to use and manage the kids how they should b i.e played in correct positions,

  11. Can you find Ashley Young? ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ o-|-< ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ ìۃ

  12. Maybe it would be good if we go down, at least there wouldn’t be Mcleish anymore.

  13. Lets get him out we need to sort out a penition for us to sign and send directy to lerner saying we will not buy any more things from you until mcleish has gone

  14. Depressing. Never in my 25 years of supporting the football club have i had such a heavy heart. I feel that I have “lost a close friend” – may the soul of my beloved Aston Villa Football Club rest in peace….

  15. Remember the outrage when Houllier stated he saw us as a 7-12 placed team? – Oh for the dizzy heights of 12th now this f’kin jockstrap has had his way!!!!!

    • Makes you think, what if he was still with us . Makes you appreciate honesty.

    • According to the delusional twits running our club, we should be in uefa cup competition next season at least – and with a dirty mcleish signing like hutton in the side we haven’t a hope in hell of qualifying for that via fair play!

      I’m outaged by mcleish and grant patrolling the dug out – i resent them more and more with each passing day…

  16. mlciesh is going to be here next season – the media don’t seem to be on his back at all, kenny dalgish gets stick and he’s won a cup! its quite unbelievable. i feel in pain everyday as i look on the net for the gimpse of hope that mcliesh is gone.

    some of the sky sports guys think he’s done good job? god how bad does it need to get for him to be considered bad?? 7 wins in a whole season is SIMPLY BAD!!! FACT!! some of these guys talk rubbish they really do

  17. Right now I’d welcome back Deadly and DOL in a flash.

  18. “the young lions have come to the Theatre of Dreams, the champions, a world class side…” : A McLeish.
    He makes us sound like a bunch of part-time non-leaguers who’ve had our day out in the sun as a result of the fortunes of a cup draw, an experience for which we should be profoundly grateful. What a cock.

  19. I have lost the will to live……..we are fucking shit, no, we are far, far beyond shit. Every time I chat football with the boys I just don’t want to say anything, at least not about the Villa. If there is any banter I don’t get involved…I don’t even feel the right to mock mates who support lower league clubs. It has even got to the point that if we lose to a side one of my mates support I have to start texting them in order to get the piss taken as they just cannot be bothered….because we are so shit.

    There is nothing redeemable about our club at all, we are going one way and very quickly. If not this season we will go down next and the worse thing is we can all see it, every fucker that knows football sees it but the powers that be refuse to do anything to halt this alarming slide.

    Any potential our kids have will be destroyed along with their confidence as we sink lower and lower, loss after loss. There is no saviour, nothing will change and we are fucking doomed!!

    Back to the jack………..only way I’ll sleep after forking out for that passionless, anti-football……AGAIN!

    Fuck McLeish, Fuck Lerner, Fuck our first team squad Fuck Fergie, the media and anyone other fucker that seems determined to point out what a wonderful job this c@@@ is doing and how lucky we are to have him.


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