Hoping for Blackburn to lose, is that how low we have fallen

I was away yesterday and only really caught up with the games later on.

What does it say when the first results I look for are QPR and Blackburn ? What does it say when that is all some fans are looking out for ? Have the club so successfully lowered our expectations to this ?

So reading a comment from Cowans about the game today it was negative and defeatist

“No one can promise a result”

Well sure I don’t expect that but I expect to hear coaching staff say we will go for a result, that would have been the case a few years ago. Under Ellis I often commented his greatest trick was to lower expectations when it was going bad so the pressure would deflects off him. I have seen one guy on H&V often claim Ellis was still in control. Whilst he may be totally wrong in one respect Lerner is now turning into this.

I have supported Lerner all the way but he has learnt from Ellis all the tricks of the trade. How to split the support, make sure no one can organise. He has ensured some groups have been neutered and under his wing, he has made sure the PR spin is all pro Mcleish. For example the Fergie comments saying Mcleish is doing a tremendous job, what planet is Fergie on ?

It is all so depressing to see what the targets are now and the excuses for that. I expect to see Mcleish mention white pieces of paper with names to be signed, it is 2006 all over again and only Lerner can turn it around. Let me remind you, before MON took over (we knew Ellis was gone then) we had just sold 7K of season tickets.

20 comments on “Hoping for Blackburn to lose, is that how low we have fallen

  1. I know its bad we need to let them know how we feel by not buying season tickets

  2. It is sad when you have to look over your shoulder to see if the results of other teams below are the right way i.e losing.The situation we are in is a combination of things and if we are honest we all know what these things are and the things i am talking about do not just apply to this season or just lie at AMs door it is all a big knock on effect inc AM at the end.It is also sad that the optimism is gone and reality has set in but that was always going to happen as the cost of being a success in the premier league has become a race of only a few partisipents.If youve got no money you arnt going to win trophies.It is time to forget the ghosts of the past as we are not in a situation to equal those achievments of the past untill we are finantially and mangeriallky in a situation to compete on a grander scale.I am talking about expectation levels and reality is it is always nice to know we have a successfull past but that is what it is the past and where we are at right now is not on a par but just our proud history.Im not saying we shouldnt be positive or that we shouldnt go out there to win or compete but our expectations of what we think we are and what we are right now are off the mark.We should have high expectations of who is in charge but also be realistic to what they can acheive under restraints given and the capability level of our manager.

  3. Ferguson’s comment about McLeish doing “a remarkable job” put my mind completely at ease after weeks of worrying and sleepless nights. It’s official, guys, we’re in safe hands. If I was in Lerner and Faulkner’s shoes, I’d be trying to secure McLeish on extended deal asap, because I think this is a worrying sign that Sralex has earmarked McLeish as his successor at Old Trafford. Once the genius of McLeish was allied to the resources of Utd, there’d be absolutely no stopping them; how could anyone else in the Premiership possibly hope to compete?

    • Yea David “Sir Alex Ferguson praises Alex McLeish’s ‘remarkable job”
      Is this some Man U c**ts joke that Villa c**ts don’t get? ‘Cause I’m not fucking laughing Sir Alex.

      • just mates but these guys are so tied up in their own little world, they forget about the fans, we are just the idiots that pays some of the wages, no more I say.

        Regardless of how today goes as well.

        • To right Ian, all wrapped up in their own very well paid insular detached from reality I’m alright Jack worlds. .

  4. Fergie was always gonna say mcleish is doing a gud job as it was him who virtually hired him which says it all. No doubt mcleish will send the team out to wave the white flag so he can repay him. Plus sell him any of our players that fergie mite want without a fight. Pissed of with the whole thing we are a nothing club now. Didn’t buy a ST this year for first time since I supported them in 1972 and not buying one this year either. A lot of my die hard mates who supported villa as long as me arnt renewing for first time either. Theyv had enough of the way football has become and enough of supporting a dross team who had more hope in the old third division than they do now.

  5. And there was me worrying, feel a lot better now sir alex has said that………not!

    • After Sir Alex’s words, and knowing Lerner’s admiration for Ferguson, it wouldn’t surprise me if our Esteemed Owner and his board came out and gave McLeish a vote of confidence in his ability and his achievements so far at Villa Park. In the good old days, that used to be the equivalent of the Mafia kiss of death for a manager. But in our owner’s case, I fear that it would amount to, well, a vote of confidence in Mcleish’s ability and his achievements so far at Villa Park…

  6. So if cowans or any other member of the coaching staff comes out and says were going for a positive result ,would YOU ! believe them?……..thought not.

  7. Let’s hope we get something today, or at least put up a fight.
    Otherwise it’ll just be a thoroughly depressing day.

    Agree Ian, it’s desperate that we’re down to this😦

  8. Who cares about 2day, blackburn lost and qpr to, thats what our seasons about i hav to write a letter praising lerner on the ecellent job he did on appointing mcleish……………not

  9. What a stupid topic to talk about! Of course this is how low we’ve fallen, state the f***ing obvious why don’t you, WE’RE SHIT!

  10. We might not be relegated but, without a doubt, we are the worst team in the whole division, managed by the worst manager and forgotten by our owner.

    Not one of our players, possible bar Given, would find a place in the any of the top dozen teams, they are dross and that includes the seasoned pros and kids. None of them are fit to be Villa players in any other time except this god awful time.

  11. I have kept my council on this now long enough.

    There are 2 schools of thought unfortunately .

    1 The Fans.
    As football fans the tactics are awful. From fluidity to negativity in 9 months! Ok GH was a mistake in hindsight but given time he still knew tactically when to attack and when to be negative. Yes it’s called tactics, but in essence it’s a black art. This pile of rubbish and results are proof is so sad to see . So the point is the fans who I am one, if seeing daring and attacking football with some negativity to defend a defendable lead actually would go home happy, win lose or draw. Problem is we know and so does every team know what we are going to do! Nick one, then defend for your life . This is not Aston Villa, prepared, this is Aston Villa Unprepared and tactically naive.

    2) forget football Aston Villa is a business.

    If Luckily we do not get relegated AM will get an extended contract. Why? Cut the weekly wage bill , sustained premiership status!
    General , Lerner will see that as total brilliant business! It’s unfortunately a banking mentality.

    Bottom line forget the fans protect the investment. Football has gone at Villa Park, business rules!

  12. Dont worry Villa fans, your safe anyway, its between my lot QPR, Bolton and Wigan for last exit door spot and im worrying much more than you after yet another away loss, YOUR SAFE 100%

  13. I think What SAF meant was “McLeish has done a remarkable job at villa, Im not aware of anyone around that could have taken a team as exciting as Villa and turn them into a complete shower of unimaginative shit. That truly is ‘remarkable'”

  14. Completely agree with column. Supported Villa since the first season of the prem (when we were actually good), and I’m feeling like I’m seeing the death of my team! I hope the idiots running the club don’t think we’re ‘too big to go down’ cos theyre wrong. Watched most of our games this season, either at Villa Park or on tv and I’ve never seen a worse Villa team. Please Lerner do the right thing and get rid of Mcleish and communicate with the fans, cos if you don’t you’re gonna lose us! The fans are the soul of any club and you’re ripping the soul apart! AVFC til I die!

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