Cameron wants Mcleish Out

Right I make no apologies for this but this is a good bit of fun.

Dont we need cheering up so on VT villaajax posted THIS

Regular Villa fan of course (ha ha ha)

Seriously though we need to sort all this out. It is clear that Mcleish is staying at this point and few of us want this. Do the players seem to be playing for the manager ? Fans are no fools, we understand it is a young team but there is just that something missing. If playing for Mcleish we would see that extra 5% for him, to prove us all wrong, to prove they really want him to stay.

Again Mcleish has mentioned his target of 6 points from the next 5, ask yourselves why 40 is so damm important, it is not about escaping relegation, 40 would not be needed, maybe 35 ?

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54 comments on “Cameron wants Mcleish Out

  1. Well said Dave!


    Ive seen sunday league team attack more than the villa at the moment look very clueless going forward. if he doesn,t go at the end of the season we will def be in trouble next season.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    McLeish out!

  4. The players look out of sorts. None of them are connecting under this manager that is so obvious. Even his own signings look lost.

    We are shit and it is because of the manager, shit shit tactics, shit football, and making an average team look shit.

    Fuck off McLeish

    • This manager is amazing, he takes one of the best keepers in the premier league and makes him look alienated and shot of confidence, pre-injury he takes a 20 goal a season striker and starves him of service and again, makes him shot of confidence, he takes a bright prospect in Albrighton, slags him off in the press and again ensures confidence is lost, he then takes an under performing “legend in his own mirror” and makes him captain, I’ve had my fill of this clown, and Gabby, if you’re going to wear the armband, then at least show some hunger for it, you may well be “untouchable” but a few of us can see right through it.
      AM OUT!

  5. How many more times mcleish is going no where for the foreseeable future at least. He will be here next season and as long as he keeps us 4th from bottom then he has succeeded in lerners eyes. We can call for his head everyday but it ain’t gonna happen. So either accept him or don’t go.

    • oohah, I know that you’re right, I know that they won’t sack him, Christ, he’s even actively bringing players in..but it is a big thing to just stop going, you know that yourself mate, though I have to admit, I am really considering it this time around.

    • Lol i suspect its going to be interesting summer.. will you be still going ohh ahh

      • Sasa and utv I will just pick and choose matches next season. Up until this season have been a ST holder since 1972 in the old 3rd division. So have done my time. I have never felt as bad as this about club in in 3rd division there was hope. Will def not be renewing again for next season until Lerner gets rid of mclown and shows some ambition. All my mates who have been ST holders since the 70s have had enough also and won’t renew this season either. Never known it this bad.

  6. Villa=Poor. Ireland, Gabby (sorry to say this), Hutton, Gardner and few other pretenders =Poor. The only little bit of goodness was Sam Carruthers and his cameo. Villa will go down if they don’t beat (NOT DRAW) Bolton. Mcleish out, Lerner out, Paul Faulkner out. Kevin McDonald might as well step forward if the youth are the way forward. AGHHH!

  7. Ian surely it’s time now for you use your site to lead the protests for the removal of Mcleish and Lerner. Gabby at best a championship player very lazy. Gardner Bannon look out of their depth. Gardner may have potential but playing in a side like this will effect his confidence. Bannon is over rated.

  8. What is going on in training? Do they train? We are need to be much more fluid. We need a Clear leader in our team, a lethal striker who can maybe create chances for others from time to time. We need a well do you know what as I write this we need a fucking team? What the fuck happens to us?? Where are our players? This is such poor management! I am sick to my back teeth of this! I want to see a new manager and at least six new players all well before the start of next season. That said I want Collins, Ireland and dunne out as I believe they are running there mouth of to much! How about this for team

    Libyan. Samba . Cueller baines

    Snodgrass. ki sueng yung makoun nzogbia



    These players would cost next to nothing with others player going out. Shouldn’t imagine huge wages. Plenty of creativity. Solid leader in snodgrass and given. Would even say Bentley is positive on the pitch! I know that team will make some of you jump at me but it’s a sensible attempt to sort out. I know you would think baines is unlikely but I think everton will take money. That team would need some solide subs like CDM and another winger and defender. Subs for striker wieman and gabby

  9. No mention of Heskey Lads ? from the game I was watching he was better than most, Oh and not a mention of Hutton, dear o dear the worst full back in the game. and have to say Dwight Yorke was bang on with his assessment of the match Villa are two big a club to have a manager like the prat we have. (sorry devastated) you did say Hutton he backed off ever time from all players, not even a challenge of any meaning in the game from him. OOhahp yes your right he will not go yet, not till 6 games into next season, thats when they will wake up about him.

    • Fair play for that challenge Hutton did on young thou he bottled it after that. Even thou I don’t rate Hutton he is the type of nasty player we need we are too nice a team and need a few nasty bastards. Mcleish will get at least to Xmas and as long as we are 4th from bottom or better he will stay.

  10. If Cameron dislikes him I now love him.

    • If Cameron opened the floor to the house of commons prior to prime ministers questions to discuss the reasons why mcleish should be sacked, I would do the unthinkable and vote tory next general election!

  11. We want mcleish out we want mcleish out we want mcleish out

  12. I’m failing to see the funnier side of football at the moment – good effort though ‘eh – it’s down to the fans to lift the sprits of others – mcleish and lerner are incapable of such tasks…

  13. We need to take our club back whos with me?

  14. It doesn’t add much to the debate in practical terms, but I’d love to know just what’s going on in Lerner’s head at this time regarding McLeish. Does sheer distance from events induce a sense of detachment from our plight, and its effect on the Villa faithful?
    Does he feel that his choice has been the disaster everyone predicted, but sheer bloodymindedness (not to mention the matter of more compensation) prevents him from wielding the axe? Is he indifferent to the utter mess McLeish is making on the playing side, and sees him as being useful and reliable, as long as the cuts he wants can be pushed through? Is he genuinely naive enough to fall for the line punted by Fergie (and likely as not, Faulkner too) that McLeish is doing “a remarkable job”, and will take us forward to a great footballing Renaissance, given time?
    Goodness only knows what Lerner thinks about McLeish, and he doesn’t seem inclined to unburden himself to his suffering public any time soon. Personally I would like to know the answer to just one question. Just how bad will things actually have to get before Randy Lerner takes his head out of his arse and addresses the problem he caused in the first place?

  15. Lee Dixon: Mcleish is doing a good job…….yeah right…..I give up.

  16. Why isn’t there a huge debate in the press and on the radio as to “what is happening at Aston Villa” and a national slating of McLeish, like what happened with Villas Boas?

    This needs to happen to wake Lerner up out of his coma.

  17. The fans will end up looking like the “bad guys”. The press have already turned around to say “they havent given him a chance” etc… they have made up they’re minds. The owners, manager, backroom staff and press all know what is better for our own football club than outselves.

  18. It’s about to get worse chaps.

    Here comes MON and his Black Cats to hammer another nail into our coffin.

    Oh the irony of it all.

    • Truly a prognosis so repulsive that the mere thought makes me feel sick. You just know the little runt would LOVE to rub our noses in it.

  19. Never thought I would see the day that I agree with that pompous fool!
    Watched the game thinking that if only we cd get someone decent in charge, with so many young players having gained such invaluable experience, we really could have a good future!

  20. don’t know what else to say – people who i thought had valid opinions saying he’s doing a good job? we was drawing too many games since the start of the season with our full strength sad – that is proof in itself. i wish they hadn’t gotten injured so he had nowhere to hide

    i give up i have a horrible feeling we might still go down too

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